Monday, November 6, 2017

Shine Your Way this Holiday with Crazy 8

This post was sponsored by Crazy 8. All thoughts and opinions are mine

The holidays are fast approaching and I know for me during the holidays I always go a little crazy thinking about outfits for the girls, what will they like, will they be comfortable, will they give me attitude about a certain piece and do I have to worry about underwear showing?  If you have a girl, then you know what I'm talking about.  I love for the girls to coordinate but still have their own style at the same time.  Which is why we love Crazy 8, their holiday collection allows the girls to mix and remix their favorite pieces to fit any seasonal occasion.

Crazy 8 has all the fashion you need to #shineyourway this holiday season.  The girls were so excited to pick head to toe looks that they'll be able to wear this Christmas season.  The older girls love that they can also mix and match their outfits.

I also love that the pieces we picked are able to be worn even after the holidays are over!  I call that a win!  Crazy 8 has become my favorite place to shop for the girls clothes.  The quality is amazing, they hold up really well, even when my girls are a little rough on them (rolling down the grass hill at the park), the shipping is fast, and they have such a great selection of pieces to choose from.  On the pieces my girls chose I love the bright bold floral prints and those velour jeans are everything!  I love the added ruffle detail on the grey sweater with the little sparkle mixed in.  I love that I was able to get their head to toe look all at one place, as a busy mom the last thing I want to do is run from store to store looking for  3 whole outfits.  Don't get me wrong, I love shopping but sometimes I love the comfort of being able to get a whole look all at one place is nice.  I also love their prices, super affordable, especially when you have to buy for 3 girls!

So now that I've showed you our #shineyourway holiday look for each of the girls, head over to Crazy 8 and take a look at more of there pieces and then come back and tell me what your favorites are!  Make sure if you post on IG you use the hashtag #shineyourway so we can see what you pick!

Enjoy the overload of pictures!

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Keira & Kendall's Boho Kidchella Bash

I find that birthday's are kind a like weddings, you start planning and DIYing months or weeks in advance and once the day finally gets here, it goes by in the blink of an eye.  And your left wondering how did the day go by so fast and can I relive it again!  Can I cherish all those little moments over again and again!? 
Keira and Kendall's birthday's are one month apart so they get a combined birthday and so far it's working for us.  It would be too hard to plan a birthday and then a month later plan and have another birthday!  So combined birthday's are it for now, until the girls get a little older.  This year the girls decided on a Kidchella Birthday, with touches of boho.  I had a lot of fun planning this birthday and loved that everything we used I could re use as d├ęcor in my house after, WINNING!  With lunch we made it super easy and ordered pizza and made salad.  For desserts we went with cupcakes, cookies, popcorn with chocolate drizzle with sprinkles and muddie buddies.  We got a bounce house and a big huge shout out to my father in law for getting the new play structure done in time for all the kids to play on.  The girls enjoyed playing with their cousins and friends from school.  It was also an added bonus that my mom and brother flew in to celebrate with us!

The girls got an overload of new barbies, books and money to go get more toys!
All in all it was a great day!