Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 in Review

We celebrated my 28th birthday

We celebrated Valentine's Day

We played outside a lot
We sent birthday love to Uncle Justin

We celebrated Easter
We went out on the boat
Kaylee was the flower girl in Uncle Antheney's wedding

We celebrated Mother's Day
We celebrated Kaylee turning THREE
The girls had a big annoucement to make...

We got a visit from Mimi, Papa & Uncle Justin all the way from CO
Spent lots of time outside soaking up the sun, playing & swimming
We found out we were having another little GIRL
We spent a week in Capitola at the beach with Jason's parents

We celebrated Uncle Josh's birthday
We continued to have lots of fun on the boat
We spent a week at Grandma's while daddy was away

We celebrated Daddy's birthday
Kaylee started Preschool

We planted flowers
Keira got her first cold (bronchitis)

We made our first trip to the ER, Kaylee got her 1st boo boo
We tried to spend as much time as a family together before baby sissy arrived
We welcomed our 3rd beautiful little girl Kendall Morgan
We celebrated Halloween (Kaylee went as Merida from Brave & Keira was Olivia)

We celebrated Thanksgiving
We celebrated Keira turning TWO (she had an Olivia Party)

We celebrated Christmas as a family of 5

2012 has been a great year for us and I think that 2013 is going to be even better.
I cant wait to see what 2013 has in store for us!

We have been so blessed this year and I am so thankful for my family.
Kendall has fit perfectly into right our family and making it complete!


Friday, December 28, 2012

Christmas Eve 2012

We did things a little different this year.
We set out milk and cookies for Santa on Dec. 23rd
We knew we would have a busy Christmas Day so we decided since we would have time Christmas Eve that we would do gifts from Santa then. 
Before the girls went to bed we set out the milk & cupcakes and tucked the girls in tight.
They went to bed pretty fast {which on any normal night they don't go to sleep fast}

Christmas Eve morning the girls were up at 7am and were more then ready to see if Santa had come.
I wanted to get the camera ready to record them as they came running out, well I messed up and that didn't happen.  But they were very excited!  It was so fun to watch the excitment they got open their gifts from Santa.

After opening our Santa gifts the girls played while I took a shower and got ready for the day. 
My dad, step mom, brother and his girlfriend Brittany came over at 12 to open gifts.
But before everyone arrived I wanted to get a picture of daddy with his girls and then a picture of all of us.  I love these pictures!
Rudy's good bye note to the girls!
Keira with some of her gifts {she got a lot books from my dad & us, lego duplo from us & my brother got her that big bear}

Kaylee with some of her gifts. {My brother got her the dress up stuff, we got her the lego duplo's and my dad got her the Leap Frog TAG}

 After spending the afternoon with my dad, step mom, brother and his gf they all left and we got ready to go to Jason's grandparents house for more fun!

The girls had a great time and played with their cousins really well.
We got home after eating a great dinner and presents.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Kendall {2 months old}

Kendall Morgan,

Two months old, where have these past two months gone?!  I'm afraid to blink cause I might miss something, these two months have just gone by so fast.

You have been such a joy to our family and I couldn't imagine not having you here with us.  You are such a chill baby.  You don't really cry unless your hungry or have a dirty diaper.  I absolutely LOVE that you love to snuggle.  I could snuggle with you all day every day.  There are days that I don't want to put you down.  I want soak you all in, the smell of your hair after a bath, the coo's and smiles that just make my day.  You adore your sisters and have started smiling and cooing at them when they talk to you, its the cutest thing.

EATING:  well baby girl we've made it 2 whole months breastfeeding!  This is a big accomplishment for the both of us.  I am so happy that I've been able to BF this long.  We will continue to take it month by month and see how long we make it in our BF journey. During the day you eat around every 3 hours and at night it's been 7-8 hours.


SLEEPING:  Since starting you on your schedule you've been sleeping great.  You take 3-4 naps a day and have slept through the night {8 hours} 3 times now.  Mommy is hoping that this continues cause getting 8 hours of sleep has been great. You usually go to bed around 10pm and have been waking up between 5-6am to eat.  I love my sleep but those nights that you decide to sleep through the night, mommy wakes up to boobies that hurt really bad (can you say super engourged)

CLOTHES:  I am sad to say that a couple weeks ago I packed away all your Newborn clothes.  It was a little bittersweet.  I will not have another baby to wear those newborn clothes.  You are wearing 0-3 & 3 month clothes.  You are in size 1 diapers.  Not sure what size shoe cause you don't wear shoes, you only wear socks or crochet booties.  I am happy to say that socks finally fit your feet.

Clothes: 0-3 & 3 month
Diapers: size 1
Hair:dark brown
Eyes: dark blue

  • This month you are more alert and looking around
  • Wwe started you on your schedule {12.2.12} and it's been going great.  We did modify to something that works for us.
  • You laugh and smile so much in your sleep, its the cutest thing 
  • You flashed me your 1st smile {12.6.12}  its the cutest smile ever!

  • You started "talking" & "cooing" {12.10.12}
  • You get the hiccups every time after your done eating!
  • You LOVE to snuggle
  • I am happy that you have slowly started spitting up less.  You use to spit up after every time you ate.  Some days you don't spit up at all and some days you will spit up a few times.
  • You always fall asleep in the car
  • You met Santa for the 1st time {12.9.12}

  • Your still sleeping in our room in your pack n play.  When I started you on your schedule I moved you out of our bed and into your pack n play.  In our bed you were becoming to restless.
  • You started batting at toys on your bounce seat.  When it makes noise, you get so excited
  • 1st time you slept throught the night 1{2.15.12}
  • You celebrated your 1st Christmas {12.25.12}
  • We got you an early Christmas present, an exersaucer (12.13.12) and you've been in a few times for only a few minutes.  I have to put a blanket around you cause your still to little without one.  You like to listen to the music.  Your sisters come over and push all the buttons and make all the little toys make noise.
  • I dropped you off at Grandma's house twice for an hour to attend Kaylee's Thanksgiving luncheon & for Kaylee's parent teacher conference. 
  • You love bath time 


KAYLEE (left), KEIRA (middle), KENDALL (right)