Friday, June 29, 2012

Bumpdate: 22 weeks

How far along? 22 weeks
Weight Gain/Loss: not sure my next appt is Monday July 1st (I'm gonna guess in 4 weeks I've gained 2-3lbs)
Maternity clothes? nope.  I did go out and get more yoga pants because they are way more comfortable to wear than anything.  I did also make a trip to Target to get some longer tank tops and a maxi dress, love it!
Stretch marks? no new ones!
Sleep: sleep has been ok.  it could be better.  I wake up once to pee and some nights it has been taking more over an hour to fall back asleep.  I'm not sure why it's taking me so long, I'm tired.  Usually when that happens I wake up and I'm so tired the rest of the day.  Then chasing the girls around makes me even more tired and I need a nap by noon!
Best moment this week: ordering some baby stuff from WalMart (new breast pump, bottles and a carrier).  Always feeling kicks are the best!  Baby girl got some new clothes.

Miss Anything? being able to walk around and not get out of breathe.  Carrying Keira makes it even worse.  I miss having more energy as well.
Movement: lots more movement this week and kicks are getting stronger
Food cravings: root beer floats
Belly: It seems like it's gotten a little bigger this week but I don't know!

Anything making you queasy or sick: Not really.  Some mornings I wake up feeling neasous and feel better after eating breakfast.
Gender: GIRL
Labor Signs: None.
Symptoms: Belly Button in or out? In
Wedding rings on or off? On
Mood: Happy / Tired
Looking forward to: Finalizing our name (we have it narrowed down to 4 and I'll share those on Monday).  Kaylee starting pre school this fall at Montessori (August 27th).  A relaxing weekend, I'm getting fabric and I'm hoping to make some baby blankets and burp cloths this weekend!
How the girls are: the girls have been ok.  It seems like they are back to the hate side of their love/hate relationship.  Kaylee is picking on Keira all day almost everyday.  Keira will be playing quietly by herself and Kaylee will come up and steal her toy and run off screaming "haha".  Such a brat.  They are both starting to notice my belly more now that it's getting bigger.  We refer to the baby as "baby sissy" for now.  Hopefully we'll have a name for our new little girl by the end of next week.  Maybe we'll put all our names in a hat and then pick it out! 

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Keira is 19 months old

Keira Alexis,

You just keep getting closer and closer to turning 2 and frankly its making mommy sad.  I'm sad that your growing up in what seems like the blink of an eye.  But I do love to see all the new things you learn and figure out what you like and don't like.

Being able to watch your little personality shine through, is amazing.  You are such a funny little girl.  This month your voice level has been turned on HIGH and we are trying really hard to get you to talk quieter in preperation for "baby sissy", it doesn't seem to be working.  You also like to scream at the top of your lungs whether your excited or mad. 

Your turning into such a big girl and your talking so much, your starting to show more sass than normal and those "terrible twos" might be starting with you early.  Which if it is lets hope it ends before sissy gets here!  I can wish right.  But you are such a joy to have around and I couldn't imagine not having you in our family.

Weight: 22lbs
Height: 33"
Clothes: 18-24 months
Shoes: 5
Diaper: 4
Teeth: 12 (still working on your canine teeth)

* You've really enjoyed playing the with Mr. Potato Head and making silly faces on him.
* You are still loving your books
* You really love your babies and you go to bed each night with all 3 of them now

* I'm a big sister now
* ABC book

* chicken nuggets
* raspberries
* cheese


* you like to play in the dirt
* you like to dance
* you like to play with cars
* you like to rough house with sissy

* you don't like having your diaper changed, you try to run and hide
* you don't like when sissy takes toys away from you when your nicely playing
* there are 3 foods that we found you don't like (onions, cabbage & carrots)
* having your binks taken away

This month you've just taken off with new words your saying and I'm so mad at myself for not writing them down like I had been in prior months.  You are starting to put together more sentences.

* dog
* cat
* monkey
* frog
* pig
* cow
* bee
* horse
* bird
* chicken / rooster

* hair
* eyes
* nose
* mouth
* tounge
* belly / belly button
* feet

* bubble guppies
* spongebob

* we went on our first family vacaction to the beach and you loved every minute of it.  I cant wait to go back again next year and see you play.  My little beach baby.  Although you didn't go in the water cause it was way to cold, you loved playing in the sand and sometimes throwing it at people.

* you've been telling mommy when you have pee pee in your diaper and you told me that you had to poop.  So we sat on the potty and you actually went poop.  When sissy goes potty you always have to go in there with her and watch.  Mommy is deciding whether to try and start potty training you right now or if I should wait a little longer.

* I think you might slowly becoming a daddy's girl.  You use to be all about mommy and only mommy.  Well recently you've wanted more of daddy.  I'm still #1 but daddy is almost up there with me.  You do love Grandma too and sometimes would rather be with grandma than anyone

* your not the best to take to resturants anymore.  You don't like being confined to sitting in the high chair you want to be out running around.  So when we were on our beach vacation it became a little tricky taking you out.  We chose resturants that might be loud already and we would fit right in.

* you've really started to notice mommy's ever growing belly. When mommy or daddy ask you where "baby sissy" is you point to my belly. At first you would lift your own shirt and point at your belly. You like to lift my shirt and gives my belly kisses, so cute! I think your going to be a great big sister, I was a little worried about you but I think you'll be just fine.


Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Our Family Beach Vacation Part III

Thursday: We woke up bright and early on Thursday to get ready for our big fun day at the aquarium!  Daddy went out to get some muffins and hot chocolate while I got the girls and myself ready.  We ate and met up with grandma and them.  We loaded up in the car and drove an hour away to the Monterey Bay Aquarium.  This was the first time that the girls had been there and they LOVED it.  It was so cute to see them get so excited over all the fish and sharks.

Our first stop we made once we got into the aquarium was the penguins cause they were about to have a feeding and thought that the girls might like to see that.  There were so many people there and the girls were less than impressed with it so we decided to move on and see some other stuff.

Once we looked at everything there was to look at at the aquarium we decided to head to Bubba Gumps for lunch, everyone was hungry.  We ate outside under the warmth of the heaters and enjoyed a nice lunch.  We then left and grandma wanted to go into this HUGE candy store and get some candy, so she ran upstairs to get some candy for herself and brought some candy yogurt raisins for the girls....which they loved!  We then loaded up into the car and made the hour drive back to Capitola.  We made it back around 2 and put the girls down for a much needed nap. 

We woke them up around 4 and freshened up and just the 4 of us headed out to look at some shops on 41st street.  We had a good time walking around and hanging out as a family.  Grandma and Grandpa had a date night that night.  So for dinner we found a Taco Bell near by.  Got some dinner and then headed back to our room.  We ate dinner and then relaxed with the girls.  Kaylee thought it would be fun if they threw the sheet over her, daddy and sissy and pretended to be ghosts.  Keira didn't really want to do it.  Once 8pm hit the girls were in bed and I was in my jammies relaxing and watching TV.  The best part was that daddy gave me a massage!

Friday: The day had fianlly arrived, check out day.  We woke up around 7:30am and I started packing up all of our stuff.  We would be meeting his mom around 9am to go to breakfast before heading back home.  I got the girls and myself ready while daddy loaded the car up.  Once we were ready we decided to walk along the beach one more time before we left.  We were on the beach about 15 minutes before Grandma sent daddy a text saying they were ready early.  So we met up with them and went to breakfast.  The girls were good and once breakfast was done we went back to grandma's room so that we could say our good byes and thank you's.

We had a great time and I cant wait to take more family trips in the future.
Hope you enjoyed our beach vacation pictures
I will get back to my regular blogging starting tomorrow
THURSDAY = Keira's 19 month post
FRIDAY = 22 week bumpdate
MONDAY = Our name ideas for baby #3