Thursday, June 28, 2012

Keira is 19 months old

Keira Alexis,

You just keep getting closer and closer to turning 2 and frankly its making mommy sad.  I'm sad that your growing up in what seems like the blink of an eye.  But I do love to see all the new things you learn and figure out what you like and don't like.

Being able to watch your little personality shine through, is amazing.  You are such a funny little girl.  This month your voice level has been turned on HIGH and we are trying really hard to get you to talk quieter in preperation for "baby sissy", it doesn't seem to be working.  You also like to scream at the top of your lungs whether your excited or mad. 

Your turning into such a big girl and your talking so much, your starting to show more sass than normal and those "terrible twos" might be starting with you early.  Which if it is lets hope it ends before sissy gets here!  I can wish right.  But you are such a joy to have around and I couldn't imagine not having you in our family.

Weight: 22lbs
Height: 33"
Clothes: 18-24 months
Shoes: 5
Diaper: 4
Teeth: 12 (still working on your canine teeth)

* You've really enjoyed playing the with Mr. Potato Head and making silly faces on him.
* You are still loving your books
* You really love your babies and you go to bed each night with all 3 of them now

* I'm a big sister now
* ABC book

* chicken nuggets
* raspberries
* cheese


* you like to play in the dirt
* you like to dance
* you like to play with cars
* you like to rough house with sissy

* you don't like having your diaper changed, you try to run and hide
* you don't like when sissy takes toys away from you when your nicely playing
* there are 3 foods that we found you don't like (onions, cabbage & carrots)
* having your binks taken away

This month you've just taken off with new words your saying and I'm so mad at myself for not writing them down like I had been in prior months.  You are starting to put together more sentences.

* dog
* cat
* monkey
* frog
* pig
* cow
* bee
* horse
* bird
* chicken / rooster

* hair
* eyes
* nose
* mouth
* tounge
* belly / belly button
* feet

* bubble guppies
* spongebob

* we went on our first family vacaction to the beach and you loved every minute of it.  I cant wait to go back again next year and see you play.  My little beach baby.  Although you didn't go in the water cause it was way to cold, you loved playing in the sand and sometimes throwing it at people.

* you've been telling mommy when you have pee pee in your diaper and you told me that you had to poop.  So we sat on the potty and you actually went poop.  When sissy goes potty you always have to go in there with her and watch.  Mommy is deciding whether to try and start potty training you right now or if I should wait a little longer.

* I think you might slowly becoming a daddy's girl.  You use to be all about mommy and only mommy.  Well recently you've wanted more of daddy.  I'm still #1 but daddy is almost up there with me.  You do love Grandma too and sometimes would rather be with grandma than anyone

* your not the best to take to resturants anymore.  You don't like being confined to sitting in the high chair you want to be out running around.  So when we were on our beach vacation it became a little tricky taking you out.  We chose resturants that might be loud already and we would fit right in.

* you've really started to notice mommy's ever growing belly. When mommy or daddy ask you where "baby sissy" is you point to my belly. At first you would lift your own shirt and point at your belly. You like to lift my shirt and gives my belly kisses, so cute! I think your going to be a great big sister, I was a little worried about you but I think you'll be just fine.



  1. She is just too cute for words! I love this post!

  2. This is precious! What a happy little girl! :)

  3. Happy 19 months to Keira! She is just so cute! It is hard to have them grow up so fast though, isn't it?!

  4. Happy 19 Months! Way to go using the Big Girl potty! :) We need to get started on that... I have a feeling it's going to be a challenge!

  5. happy 19 months! she is just darling!

  6. Happy 19 months! Her and Brielle weigh the same amount---but my peanut is a good 3 inches shorter lol. Cute pics :-)