Monday, May 16, 2016

Kaylee's 7th Birthday Donut Party

Another year has past, your another year older.  Where does the time go?  Some days I wish I could freeze time and keep you this age forever, that is until you roll your eyes and give me attitude and then not so much.  All kidding aside I love watching you grow and turn into the beautiful girl you've become.

6 months before Kaylee's birthday I asked her what type of party she wanted, she named a few different things, before saying she wanted a donut party (every sunday as a family we get donuts for breakfast).  I waited a couple months and asked her again what type of party she wanted just to make sure she didn't change her mind before I started DIYing.  I found a lot of donut printables on pinterest and everything else I got at Target or had at home.

This year we wanted her party to be pretty easy as far as food went, we ordered pizza and made salad. We had some appitizers (chips, salsa, clam dip, fruit and meatballs).  The desserts was the best part of the party according to the kids and even the adults.  It made the party less stressful and allowed more time for us to spend as a family enjoying our girl on her special day.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

The birthday girl on her actual birthday May 13th.
For breakfast each year the girls get a donut tower and we all sing, I love doing this tradition with them and then being able to look back at each year, seeing how much they've grown and changed.
She was so excited cause she got to bring cupcakes to school to share with friends.

We had Kaylee's birthday on Sunday with our family and friends.
The weather turned out perfect, I was a little worried since it was calling for rain!
The kids all enjoyed running from the bounce house to the pool and back again.
I loved the way everything turned out and cant wait to start planning Keira & Kendall's joint party

Grandma and her girls

Uncle Patrick and his gf Joy

Grandpa & Kaylee

The Kiddos (minus 2)

Kendall & her bestie Maddie

Pretty Zoe

Thank you @twistedcandi for the awesome suits

Baby G

Present Time for the birthday girl.
She made out really good this year, lots of Barbies and clothes.
Also some $ to get some cool new stuff

Monday, May 9, 2016

Mother's Day 2016

Mother's Day a way to express even more how much you love your mom or for your kids to express there love for you more than they already do daily.  The day where your kids spoil you and where you hope they behave so you can have a nice day.  A day where you can feel like you have a small break cause there making sure you have the best day possible.

Yesterday was a good day, I spent all day with my kiddos and my hubby and it was nice.  We woke up and went to get donuts and starbucks our sunday ritual.  We met up with my in laws to go on a picnic and hike.  The weather was over cast and a little cooler outside.  It was perfect.  After exploring mother nature we said our good byes and headed to Jason's dads to celebrate his birthday.  We relaxed, watched movies, BBQed, ate cake and watched as grandpa Jeff opened presents. 

The girls were on there best behavior all day and that's all I can ask for!  It was a great day.