Thursday, March 16, 2017

What not to say to Moms of Girls

It may sound like a simple question but if I had a dollar for every time someone asked if we were going to try for a boy, I might be a close to a millionaire by now.  When were out as a family, that question gets asked almost every time, along with if our older two girls are "twins".   I often think "do people ask that question cause they assume I'm not happy with being a mom to all girls and that I need a boy to complete our family?"  It makes it seem like were lacking or missing something in our family because we don't have a boy!   Yes, we are an all girl family and that's how God intended our family to turn out, I don't regret being a girl mom at all.  It wasn't meant to be for us, plus I'm not sure I'd know what to do with a little boy.  You know being a girl mom for the last almost 8 years its been all about bows, dress up, fairies, baby dolls and barbies, which I'm totally fine with. 

At the end of the day I am beyond grateful to be the mom of these 3 little ladies.  Each night after the girls go to bed, I reflect on the day we had, which was probably a little chaotic, filled with fights and tantrums, time outs and fun.  I don't want to focus on all the negative of the day, I want to remember all the fun we had that day, that one on one time I spent with Kendall walking through Target, sitting quietly reading with Kaylee during nap time and coloring with Keira.  Sometime we have those off days and when I sit and reflect on the day I hope that the girls don't remember me raising my voice or having a weak moment in motherhood.  I've always wanted to be a mom and had always prayed I'd get a sister (I ended up with 3 younger brothers) I guess since I wasn't blessed with a sister I was blessed with 3 little girls to have fun with, bond with and love for a lifetime.
Motherhood whether your blessed with all girls, all boys or both is exhausting, thankless and the reason many of us don't shower all that often (I'm going on 3 days).  But motherhood is also magical, fun, adventurous, challenging, and incredibly fulfilling.  A mother's love is the type of love, unlike any other, its unconditional, intense and unbreakable.  A mother's love for her children is something that cant be explained, its just pure joy. 

Being able to watch your littles grow, make mistakes, and that your always right there to help through it.  Some days I didn't realize how hard motherhood would be or that I may cry because I felt like my kids didn't appreciate me.  But at the end of the day when I'm tucking all of them in bed and I hear "love you mommy" it takes all the hardship of the day away.  I love my girls, I love being an all girl mom and I wouldn't change it for a thing.  Well check back with me when there 15 with raging hormones, fighting over make up, clothes & boys, I might different then!  LOL just kidding.


Outfit Details:
Glasses - Heatwave Visual
Black & White dress - Target (last year)
Mint dress - Freckled & Co
Glasses - Target dollar bin

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

At Home Teeth Whitening for Busy Moms

Let's talk teeth a minute...
Growing up my teeth were pretty white but as I got into my teen and adult years they started to yellow, drinking soda and coffee didn't help with that.  I've always been a little self conscious about smiling a lot cause my teeth.  It made me even more self conscious when my own children commented that my teeth were as they called them "dirty", not a good feeling!  I always want to set a good example for them by brushing our teeth together and trying to show them how much I hate the color of my teeth.  I want them to love themselves for who they are, not what teeth look like.  I want them to know that even though my teeth may be "dirty"  that doesn't make me who I am.
So when I was contacted by Smile Brilliant about trying out there teething whitening kit I knew I needed to jump on it.  It would be the perfect time to start whitening and getting my confidence back.  I mean who wants to feel self conscious about there smile, no one.  I like to jump in front of the camera from time to time and I want to be confident and not worry about having to use the whitening tool in my editing program to make my teeth whiter, embarrassing!

When the kit came in the mail, there was a how to guide on exactly what do. 
The steps were detailed and very easy to follow.  I did have my husband help me mix the plaster together and also talk to me for 2.5 minutes to keep my mind off gagging or feeling like I needed to gag once I put the trays in, I even gag at the dentist.  I was surprised that I didn't this time.  I loved how simple the whole process was.
It took about 10 days before I got an email saying that my whitening trays were on there way to me.  Being a busy mom I loved the fact that I was able to whiten my teeth while doing my mom duties.
I was excited to get started once my trays arrived. 
Prior to starting the whitening process I brushed my teeth, took my custom trays out and put a thin layer of desensitizing gel into my tray.  Before putting your trays into your mouth dry your teeth off, place your trays in your mouth for about 15-20 minutes.  After desensitizing I then put the whitening gel into the trays again and then set the timer for 45 minutes.  I found that whitening my teeth at night a little after dinner worked best for me, that down time before bed when your just lounging on the couch.  I try to whiten 3-4 days a week and I've loved the changes so far.  My favorite part is the convenience of doing it in my home and not having to go to the dentist to have it done.

 If you've been thinking of getting your teeth whitened and don't want to pay and arm and leg then you need to check out smile brilliant, it the same process as going to the dentist but at a fraction of the price, score right!

In the month and a half I've been using smile brilliant I've found myself smiling more, feeling more confident and jumping into pictures with my girls and actually smiling, it feels really good.  I feel like my younger self again.  So thank you smile briiliant for making this mama feel great again and making my teeth look amazing at the same time.

If you've been on the fence about whether or not to whiten using Smile Brilliant then check out this article benefits of choosing custom-fitted trays and maybe it'll answer some of your questions.  Also feel free to head to there website and chat with someone.  Check out the video too.

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Monday, March 6, 2017

Live Life in Full Bloom

The last 2 months the weather here in CA has been crazy with a years worth of rain in 2 months, lots of flooding, rock slides, sink holes, land marks being destroyed, I'm so happy that we've been getting a little teaser of spring lately. 
The warm weather meant that the cherry blossoms would start blooming beautifully, last weekend I was so excited to be able to take the girls and go shoot some pictures of them, since last year I missed the cherry blossoms. 

When Ahoy Amigo sent us some of her yet to be released dresses (they are LIVE now!) as soon as I opened the package I fell in love, these dresses are so soft and comfy on the girls.  The girls loved them so much that they didn't want to take them off.  They wore them for 2 days straight, they are just that good.  I love that these dresses can be worn as every day dresses or can be dressed up for any event.  The colors are perfect, the quality is amazing and the fit is true to size. 

Stacie sent us all 4 of her new colors and sent them in a size 6, I asked her if I could put Kendall in one and take pictures of all 3 of the girls, I'm glad she said yes.  Kendall wears a size 4 and this dress was slightly big on her but still fit so adorable on her.  So if you want more of a longer style dress or want it to last a long time size up (Kendall is tiny for her age, she weighs 31lbs and is 40" tall).  For our shoot, we dressed these dresses up a bit with flower crowns and cute flats.  They would also be super cute with sandals, jean jackets and a cute big bow.

We changed up our look a little bit for this yellow dress, Keira added her Minnie Subsidy Shades, her star necklace & bracelet from Crazy 8 and her fun "trendy talk" high tops from Skechers - I think this is a fun look and totally Keira, she picked everything out herself.  I love that she has her own sense of style and that they can express them with these solid colored dresses.  Make sure you go visit Ahoy Amigo  now and go snag one or all four dresses!