Thursday, January 28, 2016

If you need me I'll be in my teepee

"You are our greatest adventure"
Teepees, feathers & arrows have become my new obsession!
So when Rhinestones & Tutus posted a picture of this fabric I knew Kendall needed it and we had to have it on the Manhattan top.  These tops can be customized to any fabric you want, so I picked these fabrics and love how it turned out.  I love being able to find pieces that go great together, we paired it with our favorite distressed jeans from Farm Fresh Denim and a pop of color with the pink moccs from Mommy Makes Moccs but you can dress it up and add an adorable cardigan.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

She is EPIC!

Kendall is 3 years old and is a spit fire!
She is stubborn, loving, playful, funny, sweet, full of personality, independent, cuddly, & a total mommy's girl.... she is E P I C!
Over a year in a half ago we stumbled upon small shops on instagram, what does that mean? We support the small shops on instagram, shops that hand make clothes & screen printing.  We love shopping small because more times than not you'll get never before seen clothes and you wont be twinning with every one in your town.  Plus supporting stay at home moms and awesome shops is amazing.  We have formed some great friendships with shopping small and for repping for all these shops I post about. 
A couple months ago I found Honey Bee True Co and fell in love.  I purchased a shirt for myself that I had customized to my liking.  You get to pick your shirt style, color and since she hand paints all her items you get to pick the paint color too.  I picked a cranberry v neck tee with silver sparkle glitter that read "No Days Off" (perfect for every parent, cause face it we don't get any days off).  After falling in love with my shirt I knew I needed more of these in my life and my girls.  So when Kendall's EPIC shirt arrived I fell in love, it's a dark grey shirt with gold paint and it's amazing, the shirt is so soft, which is awesome for those picky toddlers.  I also have one more custom tee on the way to me from them, its a black tee that says WIFEY on it in hot pink glitter.  I cant wait to get it.
So if your looking for some one of kind custom tees then head over and check out my girl.  Here pieces are amazing and she is the sweetest mama around!

Headband Danica's Chic Bowtique
Glasses Subsidy Shades
Shirt Honey Bee True Co
Harem pants Urban Comfort Apparel
Moccs Mommy Makes Moccs



Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Mommy, look I can ride my big girl tricycle

I always know when winter comes that we'll be more than likely be stuck indoors, where I start to get cabin fever and my kids think of the house as there personal wrecking yard!  I feel like I clean up there toys and then as soon as I'm done cleaning they are taking said toys back out!  It drives me bonkers...

I'm sure that it hasn't helped that I'm 3 weeks post hernia surgery and am slowly gettting back into the swing of things.  No lifting anything over 10lbs for another month, be careful vacuuming, try not to do to much or my poor tummy starts hurting and then I'm sore the next day.  I know this has been a little hard on the girls.  You would think that with ALL the toys they got for Christmas that they would play nice and quietly together, haha wrong!  The past few days they have been pretty bad, I've had to yell a lot to be good, to stop fighting and I may have lost it a few times.  They feel bad for making mommy upset but then they go right back to being naughty. 

It also doesn't help that we've been stuck inside for 4+ days due to it raining.  So when we had a break in the rain you best believe I bundled the girls up and we headed outside to ride bikes & scooters.  We spent a good hour outside to wear them out and I think it worked cause after we came inside and they took a nice nap!  The fun part was that Kendall was finally big enough to start riding her tricycle, so of course it had to be documented.  At least for the next few days we'll have a break from rain so we'll be bundling up and spending time outside.


Monday, January 11, 2016

Weekend Shenanigans

The weekends seem to come and go way too fast, am I right?!
The week goes by so slowly and once the weekend hits, it comes and goes in the blink of an eye.
I'm still recovering from hernia surgery but I was going a little stir crazy being in the house for almost 2 weeks.  So Friday night the girls headed to grandma and grandpa's for the night and mommy and daddy went to hang out at a friends house.  It was so nice to get out of the house, even if that meant we were going to someone else's house to hang out.  I was still able to get out and talk to someone other than my wonderful children.  The first week of recovery was a little rough, I was in pain, I couldn't get comfortable, I felt helpless, I couldn't stand straight up without my tummy hurting, my lower back was hurting because I couldn't stand straight up.  The second week came with a little more relief but my husband has to go out of town for 3 days and I was worried how things were going to go with just the girls and I.  I made it through and with the help of my wonderful aunt, who took the girls to and from school for me.
Saturday morning came and that meant mom and dad get to sleep in cause the girls are at grandma and grandpas.  Our Saturday tradition is go get starbucks and hang out.  We went and go starbucks and then my husband headed out to go help a friend and I decided it was probably time to take down our Christmas stuff.  If I could leave up our Christmas tree and d├ęcor up all year round, believe me I would.  I love the twinkly lights, the way you feel more cheerful with all that stuff set up.  My it's January 9th and the time has come, so until next Christmas.  Now it's time to decorate for Valentine's Day.  The girls returned later in the afternoon, right at the perfect time, naptime!  They got home played for a little bit and then went down for a nap.  After nap time they played a little bit more, we ate dinner and then headed to a friends house to watch Super Cross.  Where we got home way past bedtime but had lots of fun.
Sundays mean that it's the final day to just hang out and do nothing if you don't want to.  The final day to stay in your jammies all day if you want.  We got up, made our shopping list and headed to WalMart to go return some stuff and grocery shop.  The girls got to pick out some new, with the money we got from our return.  They picked out new sleeping bags, Kendall added twins to her ever growing baby doll collection and Keira got a Barbie doll, Kaylee wanted to save her money and get something bigger once she earns more money from doing chores.  After doing grocery shopping daddy dropped Kendall & I off at Home Goods to walk around and spend my Christmas gift card while he took the older girls to PetsMart to get new tags for the dogs.  I scored some good finds at Home Goods, I mean I could have a field day in that store.  We got home ate lunch and the girls went down for a nap, while I relaxed on the couch with my feet up.  Today was the most walking around I've done in almost 2 weeks and it may have been a little to much.  After the girls woke up from nap time we just chilled around the house.  Each of the girls did there own thing quietly which was nice while mommy and daddy watched a movie.  Keira played on the ipad by the fire, Kendall played Legos and Kaylee watched the movie with us.  Even though the weekend passed by to fast it was still a great weekend.

As part of my goals this year I'm going to do Project 52 with the girls, where I take a picture of them once a week and at the end I will make them a book so they can look back and see how much they've grown.  On top of that I'm also going to step out from behind the camera and get in the picture with them.  I don't have enough pictures with my girls unless it's a holiday so I want them to be able to look back on pictures of us together.  I missed it last week so this week was our first week and I already love the picture we took today.
Week 2/52

Monday, January 4, 2016

Snow Day

I'm so mad/upset, I had this whole Snow Day write up and for some reason blogger didn't save it and deleted everything that I had written!

The day after Christmas most people, including ourselves are recovering from the craziness of Christmas.  You can usually find us nestled on the couch having a family movie day and organizing the insane amount of toys and clothes.  But this year we changed it up and decided to head up to the mountains to have a Snow Day.  My father in law has a cabin in mountains and we go up often in summer and do hikes so with the new snow we decided to have some fun in the snow instead.  The girls have seen snow on our visit to CO last year but they've never gotten the full snow experience.  Putting on the multiple layers, the cold snow hitting there faces and sledding!

On the drive up I loved watching the excitement and pure joy on there faces as we saw all the snow, watched the snow falling off the trees and watched people sledding on the side of the road.  Once we made it, we were greeted by grandpa and the enclosed sled for the girls.  The girls put there layers on and we all piled into the sled to head up the hill to grandpa's cabin. 

The first thing the girls did when they got out of the sled was jump right into the fresh powder.  Snow covered faces, lots of giggles and eating more snow than they should have made for the perfect start to our family snow day.  We drank lots of cocoa, multiple sledding rides, snow ball fight amongst the sisters, lots of pictures taken and we even built a snowman!  All in all I would say the girls had a great first snow experience!