Sunday, January 3, 2016

Our best 15 moments of 2015

2015 went by fast just like every year seems to.
You always start your year with resolutions or goals you'd like to accomplish throughout the year, which lets be honest we don't usually keep.  Life ends up happening and our goals change. 
I decided I'm not going to set goals like workout more or eat right.  I've decided to be more PRESENT this year.  I want to make sure to put my phone down more and be present in each moment with my kids and family.  I don't want to miss something special.  Yes I would like to work out and eat right but I'm not going to get crazy about it.  If I work out then hey I work out.  I want to #embracethecamera and be in more pictures with my kiddos.  I'm usually the one behind the camera and I want to be able to look back and say "I was there too".

2015 was pretty good to us, I did have a low with the loss of my grandpa which I'm still trying to accept.  I cant believe that next month it will be a whole year since he's been gone.  A whole year since I've heard his voice, got a text, received snail mail with pictures, a card just because or his awesome advise or just good conversations.  I miss him everyday but I'm beyond grateful for all the amazing memories I have with him. 

Here are my 15 favorite pictures & memories from 2015



  1. That's a wonderful resolution to make!!!

  2. Love them all! The girls are getting so big! Why does Kendall look so grown all of a sudden! I think that is a terrific goal. I never make "resolutions". I like the "embracing" aspect of things much better. Happy 2016!!