Thursday, June 30, 2011

Summer Fun - bath in the sink

Yep that's right 2 summer fun activities done in one day!

Summer Fun Activity #3 - Take a bath in the sink
I've only given Keira a bath in the sink and it was one time.  Well today I thought it would be fun to have both girls take a bath in the sink together.  I know I could have been asking for trouble, like a BIG water mess all over the floor!  But much to my surprise no BIG water mess and the girls had FUN together.  Kaylee enjoyed taking the cup putting water in it and pouring it on Keira's head.

I love summer time and getting to do FUN and NEW things with the girls.
Here's our list of Fun Summer Activities to do as a family or just me & the girls together
  • make a fort
  • water ballon fun
  • bake cupcakes
  • wash the car
  • play frisbee
  • hopscotch
  • fly a kite
  • have family movie night
  • run through the sprinklers
  • blow bubbles - DONE
  • have a family picnic
  • side walk chalk art
  • play at the beach
  • go to a museum
  • watch a firework show
  • plant flowers - DONE
  • go to the park
  • take a bath in the sink - DONE
  • finger paint
  • take fun family pictures


yes she does have a mohawk, sometimes daddy cant resist putting a mohawk on her!

Summer Fun - Swinging together

Our summer fun activity for today was suppose to be playing with bubbles, but it didn't go so well
I couldn't get any pictures of the bubbles and Kaylee hasn't quit figured out that you dont put your mouth on the she had the bubble stuff all over her mouth instead.  She did get a bubble machine for her birthday, its a little ladybug and I thought she would love it and chase the bubbles around but I was WRONG....she was kinda afraid of it!  So that fun activity went down the drain!

Summer fun activity #2 - Swinging Together
So I decided we'd have sister time and have them play on the swings together cause well both of them LOVE the swings.  Swinging together for them had lots of laughs and big smiles!

Maybe later this afternoon after nap time we'll make our way to the pool to do some swimming.  Daddy will be home from work early today and its suppose to be around 88.


Wednesday, June 29, 2011

7 Months Old


Mommy cant believe how fast you are growing up.  You change everyday and your little personality is really starting to shine through.  You are such a sweet girl.  I love that when I walk
by you, you raise your arms to be picked up and when I pick you up you wrap your arms around my neck.  It's just the sweetest thing.

You are a mommy's girl for sure.  You smile at anyone that talks to you, your such a happy girl.  Your personality is so different than your sister's at this age.  It's fun to see the size difference between you & your sister and the different things that each of you do at 7 months.  Where does the time go?!  I wish it would slow down just a little bit but I am enjoying every minute with you, watching you grow into the beautiful little girl.

You've had a few first's this last month.  Mommy documents everything cause I don't want to forget anything
  • ate your 1st saltine 6/9/11
  • splish splashed in the pool for the 1st time 6/14/11
  • said your 1st word...which was MAMA 6/16/11
  • ate your 1st cheez it 6/23/11
  • introduced you to puffs, which you LOVE

You've started to show some signs of seperation anxiety.  When mommy leaves the room and you cant see me you start to cry until I come back and then your happy as can be.  Looking back your sister had seperation & stranger anxiety.  Which you don't have the stranger anxiety, you will go to just about any family member and not cry.  Other than mommy your other favorite person is your sister!  You just adore her and love everything that she does.  Sissy acts silly and it makes you laugh uncontrolably!  It's the sweetest thing to watch the two of you interact together.

SLEEPING:  While your sleeping is getting better, it could ultimitly be better.  I know your teething right now so your sleep routine is all messed up.  You go to bed between 8:30 & 9.  You will wake up again around 2:30am, mommy has tried to just give you your pacifier and hope that you go back to sleep but you spit it out and start to cry.  Some nights you will take the pacifier and some nights mommy doesn't have the patience and I give in and give you a bottle.  Once you drink your bottle you fall right back to sleep until around 7:30am

NAP TIME:   You take your first nap at 9 and sleep for about an hour and then you take your second nap around 1 and sleep for 2-3 hours which is nice for mommy cause you & sissy take naps at the same time!


EATING:  You are such a good eater.  You drink 6 6oz bottles a day.  You eat a whole jar of stage 2 baby food, such the little porker!  You love your food and bottles.  You are also doing really well eating tables foods like crackers & puffs.


On June 1, 2011 you started going to Grandma Sid's house with sissy.  Every Friday you and sissy leave around 5pm and head to grandma's for a couple hours to have a good time.  Grandma tells me that you swim, play in the grass, while watching sissy play baseball & you love going for walks.

You've started to army crawl & scoot backwards.  You are trying so hard to get into the crawling position and you are SOOOO close.  You do get mad when you cant do it!  I'll give you a week or so and then you'll have it.

My favorite picture!

Weight- 18lbs 10oz
Height- 27 1/4"
Clothes- 6 months & 9 month sleepers
Diaper- 3
Keira did really well at her dr appt today.  The dr said she is right on track and that everything looked good.  She only cried a little bit when given 3 shots!  Poor baby, she is now sleeping!

Comparison picture 5 - 6 - 7 months.  You've grown up and changed so much in just 3 months.  I cant wait to continue to watch you grow and watch your bond grow with your sister as well.

I love you baby girl
Love Mommy

* * * *

Kaylee's 2 year stats:

Weight- 27lbs
Height- 34 1/4"
Clothes- 2T
Shoes- 6
Diaper- only at nap/bed time
Panties- 2T/3T
Kaylee only needed one shot and she did really well and didn't even cry, she just yelled OUCH OUCH OUCH.  Dr said everything with her was good as well and was advanced in talking for her age.  My little smarty pants!

Potty Training Update:  This week has been AWESOME!  She has done so well.  We've been accident free for 3 days now.  She's woken up in the morning and after nap all week DRY!  Nap time/Night time potty training might be easier than I thought.  I'm going to get the plastic training pants just in case she has an accident but I am such a proud mom.  I didn't think it would be this easy.  YAY my big girl is potty trained, the next step is going out in panties!  One step at a time.