Thursday, June 9, 2011

Playing Catch Up

I'm needing to play catch up with all these pictures I've taken this week
For whatever reason I haven't posted them every day like I usually do

I have TONS of pictures from this week
So you guys get the joy of seeing my beautiful little ladies!

We've had a HOT week here, mid 80s
YAY FINALLY!  We've been wondering where the hot weather went to
And finally this week we got that summer weather we've been waiting for

Monday June 6th-
The girls and I had a relaxing day spent inside playing.  Mommy wasn't feeling to hot.  Daddy was home with us today cause it had rained all weekend so the job site was to muddy to go work.  So we got to spend some time with daddy.

Tuesday June 7th-
Daddy was home again today, YAY.  The weather was nice out and Daddy got the levels and stuff all good on the you know what that means, time to SWIM!!  We played inside in the morning and daddy told Kaylee when she woke up from her nap that she could go swimming.  So Kaylee took a nap and Keira decided to stay awake for a mini photo shoot.


Keira slept while we played in the pool.
Kaylee hasn't been swimming since last year so she was a little apprehensive about swimming by herself.  But I think she'll be a little fish in no time!
Even the dogs enjoyed some time in the pool



Keira woke up from her nap and Kaylee decided she was done swimming so we went to play on the swing set.  The girls swang together, they had a great time!


Wednesday June 8th-
Daddy went back to work this it was back to our normal routine with just the girls & I.
I had a dr appt that morning.  The dr said that my white cell count is low, so in 2 weeks I need to have blood taken again.  She told me I need to try not to stress out so much and relax (easier said than done doc).  I wont lie it can be stressful being at home all day long with both girls!  I try to find fun stuff to do to keep them occupied but there are days that all they wont to do is whine & cry.  And lets be honest when I have both girls crying at the same time and Kaylee throws in a tantrum with it, just makes me want to pull all my hair out and lock myself in my room!  Don't get me wrong I LOVE staying home with my girls but there are those days that they make me feel like I'm going CRAZY!!

After we got home from the drs the girls played, Kaylee skipped her nap.  But to my surprise she did ok and didn't act out at all.  Yesterday was the first day that I've good in a long time.  We just hung out around the house pretending to have a tea party, doing puzzles & running around out back.  It was a nice relaxing day with the girls.
(please excuse Kaylee's non matching outfit...she had cute shorts on but she had an accident in them and insisted on wearing her Dora pajama bottoms)





  1. So many cute pictures! Sounds like y'all had a great week!

  2. Love the one of Keira in the chair with her tongue out!

    And love Kaylee's red polkadot swimsuit too :-)