Thursday, June 30, 2011

Summer Fun - Swinging together

Our summer fun activity for today was suppose to be playing with bubbles, but it didn't go so well
I couldn't get any pictures of the bubbles and Kaylee hasn't quit figured out that you dont put your mouth on the she had the bubble stuff all over her mouth instead.  She did get a bubble machine for her birthday, its a little ladybug and I thought she would love it and chase the bubbles around but I was WRONG....she was kinda afraid of it!  So that fun activity went down the drain!

Summer fun activity #2 - Swinging Together
So I decided we'd have sister time and have them play on the swings together cause well both of them LOVE the swings.  Swinging together for them had lots of laughs and big smiles!

Maybe later this afternoon after nap time we'll make our way to the pool to do some swimming.  Daddy will be home from work early today and its suppose to be around 88.



  1. What fun pictures!!! They will cherish those forever!

  2. Oh my goodness...look at those cuties! Those pictures make me smile! :-) Summer days are so fun!

  3. your littlest is loving the swinging! look at that amazing smile!