Monday, June 6, 2011

Weekend Recap

We had a pretty low key/relaxing weekend
The weather was crappy and raining
So most of our weekend was spent inside playing, watching movies & cleaning!

Daddy didn't have to work this weekend so it was nice to have him home so we could all hang out
Saturday was a relaxing morning spent doing a whole lot of nothing, which sometimes is NICE!
Big girl ready to eat breakfast

Look what my girl can do....such a BIG girl!  Stop growing up so fast, PLEASE!

I didn't take to many pictures on Saturday cause we were spending quality family time together, which was LONG over due.  Daddy has been working a lot and even working on the weekends so when I heard that daddy didn't have to work all weekend, it was music to mine & the girls ears.

* * * * * * *

Sunday was spent much like Saturday, lots of quality family time.  Sunday morning wasn't very nice out so we hung out inside playing and watching disney movies (gotta love netflix)

But this weekend was much needed.  I love being able to spend family time together
The girls read books together and played in Kaylee's princess tent.
My little one is usually dressed but I was in the process of putting her pjs on for bed and Kaylee wanted to play with her.  So she's usually not naked all the time.  But her little baby rolls are just to stinkin cute!!

* * * * * *
My parents have been back home for a week now and boy do we miss them!
She sent me the pictures that she took while she was here!

While she was here I took Keira down to get her ears pierced.
She did really good and only cried for like 10 seconds
Kaylee had a great time with her Uncle Justin!

In the mall on our way to get Keira's ears pierced!

 Before ears pierced

After ears pierced

Sibling love with my brothers.  While my mom was down all she wanted was to get a few good pictures of all of us together.  But for whatever reason when we all sit down to take pictures we always goof around instead of being serious!  LOL

I love this little girls gorgeous blue eyes!


  1. I guess I didn't realize you had so many brothers--that must be why you had daughters, to balance things out! :-)

    The picture of them holding hands in the mall is just adorable!


  2. Sounds like ya'll had a great weekend. I LOVE all of the pictures - your family is SO cute and those baby rolls are the sweetest!

  3. Oh that baby rolls are so cute, and I love those big blue eyes!! They are precious- sounds like a wonderful weekend!