Saturday, June 18, 2011

Saturday Morning Scene

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What are you doing this Saturday Morning?

Saturday Morning Scene

For starters I wish I was still sleeping!  I had a HORRIBLE nights sleep and it wasn't because of the baby.  I don't know why but I would fall asleep and then wake up every hour on the hour.  Then at 3:45am the baby did wake up so I gave her a bottle and thought she'd go back to sleep, boy was I wrong!  She stayed awake for an hour and finally fell back to sleep at 4:40am.  Then my oldest woke up at 7:45am so I'm up for the day.  SUPER TIRED and wanting to crawl back into bed.  The little one is still sleeping.

So we're downstaired watching cartoons and Kaylee is playing some music.  
Daddy had to go to work for a little bit and then the rest of our Saturday will probably be spent in the pool!
We have to run to WalMart to get Kaylee new floaties and maybe a blow up raft to play with in the pool.

At nap time when the girls go down, Mommy is going to take a nap too!
Have a great weekend


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  1. She is beautiful! Hope you get some rest and enjoy the rest of the weekend!