Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Keira is 15 months

Keira Alexis,

You are growing like a weed, like a weed that has just taken off and wont stop growing.  You are turning into such a big girl.  Learning new things everyday and talking more and more.

You are the sweetest little girl and I love when you wrap your little arms around my neck and give me the sweetest hugs ever.  They seriously just melt my heart.  It makes my heart sad that your growing up so fast.  Since your our last baby I want the time to slow down a little bit so I can enjoy your little for a little bit long.

You have the most piercing blue eyes, which I love.  Your hair right now is just crazy and needs to be trimmed.  I love that you have curls in the back, they just make me so giddy.  You finally leave hair clips in and don't rip them out 5 seconds after I put them in your hair.

I love to see your BIG smile each morning when I go into your room to get you.  I love to hear your sweet voice calling for me when you wake up.  It's like music to my ears.  It never gets old.  I love our snuggle time each morning after I get you out of bed.  Some mornings you don't like to snuggle and you would rather play with sissy or sit by yourself and then I'm reminded again that your growing up.

SLEEPING:  You are back to sleeping great again.  You take a nap in the spare room in the pack n play so that sissy doesn't bother you and you can actually get some sleep.  You wake up so much happier that way.  You are down to one nap a day for about 3-3.5 hours.  At bed time you go to sleep in your crib and I usually don't hear a peep out of you.  You go to bed at around 8 every night and have been waking up at 7am.  You started signing "night night" to me when your ready to go to sleep.


EATING: Girl you can eat and I'm not sure where the heck you put all the food you eat.  You are such a good eater and you eat just about anything.  I've found that you don't like carrots.  You eat 3 meals a day and graze through out the day.  With all the eating you do I would think you would weigh more than you do.  You love your food that's for sure.

FAVORITE TOYS: books, books, books & bouncy balls

FAVORITE FOOD: anything and everything except carrots

FAVORITE ACTIVITIES: being outside, drawing on the chalk board and reading books

CLOTHING: 12-18 months

SLEEP: 8pm - 7am with a nap from 12-3

WORDS: ball, sit down, pees (please), bye bye baby, ball, go go, ook (book) {I might be forgetting some}

SIGNING: can sign- night night, more, all done, milk & drink

TEETHING:  This month was pretty rough for all of us, but especially you.  We had a week and a half of shear hell around here.  Where all you did was cry, cry and cry.  It broke my heart to see you in so much pain knowing that I couldn't do anything to make it all better.  But I am happy to say that after that rough week in a half you are back to your HAPPY self and a few of those 6 teeth have poked through.  I'm glad to have my happy girl back that's for sure.

What have you been up to:

* you are trying to jump just like sissy does.  When sissy is jumping you sit there and study her every move that you can get up and try to jump just like her.  You will bend down and spring yourself back up.  You haven't been able to get off the ground yet, but you are highly proud of yourself when your done.  You repeat over and over "own and ump" (down and jump)

* when you don't get your way or sissy takes something from you, oh girl watch out.  You get really mad, scream as loud as you can and then proceed to smack your hand on the ground and then smack your forehead.  Which only makes you even more mad.  I don't understand why little kids do this, sissy did the same thing when she got mad.


* you have been making the silliest facial expressions lately which have mommy and daddy laughing all the time.  You are such a funny little girl, its even funnier when you try to copy the faces that we make.  You've been mimicing a lot lately.

* like to talk on your cell phone a lot.  Most of the time I cant understand a word your saying until you get the end of your "converstation" and say bye bye baby and then throw your phone on the floor.

* you HATE to have your face cleaned off after eating.  You fight me all the way on it and throw your hands up and wiggle and move your head back and forth.

* you can follow simple one or two word commands.  I can ask you to go lay down on the ground to get your diaper changed and you will go lay down.  When its time for bed I tell you to go give daddy kisses and you do.  You listen better than your sister does!

* you can give eskimo kisses, which you love to recieve.  You smile so big when sissy gives them to you, its like it makes your whole day.  Cutest thing I've ever seen!

* I think dance classes are in your future.  Sister likes to get down.  You love to dance and will dance to pretty much anything.  You and sissy like to dance together.

* You like to put toys or sometimes even crackers into everyone's shoes.  Sissy went to put her rain boots on the other day and found crackers in both boots.  Daddy has stepped into his shoes to find little toys blocking his way.

* We've been working on body parts with you and you know where: eyes, nose & hair are

* you like to make your Jessie doll dance.  Your Jessie doll is becoming your new BFF.  Anytime we have movie night Jessie can be found right by your side or if your walking around the house she's usually clutched in your little fist.

* you love to play with your mega blocks and build big towers with sissy and then knock them all done right after, which pisses your sister off so much.  But you laugh and keep knocking them off!

* you have a HUGE fascination with bouncy balls.  You have a lot of different sized bouncy balls and you like to carry around the biggest ball.  You like to bring the ball to someone and have them throw it so that you can go get it.  It reminds me of playing fetch, but you love it!

* you went to your 1st Ice Show and did pretty good.  I still think you might have been a little to young still.  The first part of the show you were very antsy and wanted to walk around and then towards the second part you finally made a home on my lap and watched the rest.

* you get so excited when daddy walks in the door each day from work, running a short errand or just coming in from being in the garage.  You love your daddy that's for sure.  It's so cute to see and daddy really likes it when both you and your sissy go running up to him call his name.

* you spent 5 days without daddy cause he was out of town doing work related stuff in Texas.  This is the second time that daddy's gone away for a long period of time.

* you love love love your books.  You read your books off and on all day long.  You love the little mini books and are so happy that you can carry more that one in your hand at a time.  You've started babbling while looking through your books.

* you love to looks at your self in the mirror.

* mommy still gives you and sissy a bath in the kitchen sink, its huge and more convient for me.  Hopefully in our new house we get a big sink again or just a better bath tub without slinding doors!

* you can climb up and down the stairs like a pro but its still makes mommy nervous everytime!!

* on Monday's when I ask you "where are you going today" you know that your going to Grandma's house.  You get so excited to see Grandma every Monday and then you get mad when Grandma comes and only takes sissy on Fridays.  But don't worry your alone time is coming soon with Grandma.

* you are constintly on the go, you have so much energy and don't sit still for more than 5 minutes.

* you wrestle around with sissy but don't like when she climbs on top of you and you cant get away!

look at those lashes!!

Baby girl these 15 months with you have been so much fun and yes sometimes not so fun.  But I wouldn't trade any of it for the world.  You are such a sweet girl with a fun little personality that shines all the time.  I couldn't imagine not having you with me, it feels like you've always been a part of our family.

This stage with you has been so much fun seeing all the new things your learning and watching your little imagination at work when playing with your toys.

I think your going to to be my little book worm and that's ok cause mommy was a book worm when she was younger.  In our new house you and sissy will for sure have a little reading nook.

Thank you for being such a sweet girl and for being such an easy going baby that likes to entertain herself but at times still likes to be snuggled.  Mommy still enjoys our snuggle times and I'm not ready to give them up yet, so keep the snuggling coming!
We love you to the moon and back sweet girl!

and this photo shoot is a wrap!

Comparison of Kaylee & Keira @ 15 months old

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Tuesday Tidbits

1.  Daddy got home last night at 9:45, I was so HAPPY to see him and snuggle with him and kiss those lips (sorry).  Those 5 days seemed so long.  The girls were so excited when he went into their room this morning to surprise them.  As soon as Kaylee saw him she yelled "daddy, your home.  I missed you" and Keira just kept saying "dada dada".  We are all so glad to have daddy back home!  He has to work a half day today and when he gets home we're going to take the girls to the park with my dad.  I have a new found respect for single moms and military families.  I realized how much Jason helps me and I'm so thankful for him.

2. I'm so mad, I sewed Keira a pair of the same ruffle pants as Kaylee.  Keira's are a double ruffle bottom.  I printed the 12-18 month pattern but I'm so mad cause the pants are way to tight.  I knew I should have printed the 24 -2T pattern.  Oh well I guess I'll have to make them again.

3. I have 2 new books that I just ordered that I'm excited about.  I ordered The Hunger Games which I'm excited to read cause of all the awesome reviews I've seen floating around here in the blog world.  My Hunger Game book will be here on Friday.  The other book I preordered was BLOOM from Kelle Hamptom.  I am beyond excited to read this book, she is such an inspiration and I love reading her blog and see the beautiful pictures of her adorable girls.  BLOOM's release date is April 3rd.  I also ordered 2 Easter books for the girls for their Easter baskets.

4.  Our beautiful weather has left us for a few days!  It's suppose to rain all day tomorrow....BOO!  But on a brighter note it's suppose to be back up to 70 by the weekend and the forecast for next week will be AWESOME!  So awesome that we'll be spending a lot of time outside cause it's suppose to be in the mid 70s.  Bring on spring/summer!!!

5.  I have become slightly obsessed with nail polish and painting my nails something new every week.  I've been pinning a bunch of new nail colors to try and maybe if I get a little more adventerous I'll try a design.

6.  After reading Becky's post about making a list of 25 things she wanted to do with her daughter before she turned 2.  I love that idea and I'm going to be making one for us.  I would love for us to do more fun things as a family. I would love to take the girls fruit picking, go to the aquarium, the childrens museum, the beach and park fun.  So I'll be making a list of things to do with the girls as a family that hopefully we can get done before Keira turns 2 in November. 

7.  I am anxiously awaiting to hear news from the breeder saying that Kona is having her puppies.  This is her last liter and we're hoping for lots of puppies this time.  1st liter = 7 puppies, 2nd liter = 6 puppies & 3rd liter = 5 puppies (put she stepped on one and it died).  So I guess we'll see next week.

8.  I finally heard back about my evaluation form from school in order to get my certificate.  I'm confused on all the writting that was written all over it and so I had to send them an email to get some clarification.  I finshed all my required classes in December and hopefully I can get this all figured out soon.  AHHHHH!!

* Sorry no cute pictures of the girls....check back tomorrow to see some adorable pictures of my littlest munchkin, she'll be 15 months old tomorrow!!!  She's growing up way to fast, that's for sure!

Monday, February 27, 2012

Soaking up the sun & a hair question

Sunday {February 26}  The girls were up way to early this morning at 6:30.  I heard Keira in there babbling and then screaming cause Kaylee probably took something from her.  Then Kaylee came into our room at about 7.  I called and talked to daddy for a little bit before heading into the girls room to find that Kaylee had taken all of Keira's clothes out of her dresser and threw them all over their room and in Keira's crib.  This is like a once a week accurance!  I'm gonna have to put baby locks on the dresser so Kaylee stays out!  So I proceeded to fold all the clothes and put them all away.  I then tried on some of Kaylee's 24 month shorts to see if they would fit Keira, there a little big but they'll work.  YAY.  We then headed downstairs to eat some breakfast and watch some Fresh Beat Band.  The girls then argued and fought over toys.  What a great start to this Sunday.  At 10:00 I was ready for it to be nap time!

Kaylee is getting really bad about sharing, she thinks everything is hers and when Keira comes over to play she'll lay on top of the stuff so Keira cant get to it and then she'll push her away.  Then Keira proceeds to scream at the top of her lungs.  This happens multiple times a day.  AHHHHHHHHHH.  Lets just say that I am so happy that daddy will be home tomorrow night!  Plus I am excited to have mommy alone time next Saturday.  I'm going to a bridal shower and then at the end of March is the bachlorette party.  Lots of exciting things are happening this year.

At 10:30 we headed outside to soak up more of the beautiful weather.  It was a little cooler today than the past 2 days.  We went into the back yard and the girls played on the swing set.  Kaylee went down the slide and Keira swang and then they both swang together.  We then made our way to the front yard to play cars and dig in the dirt.  Kaylee even showed off a new trend she's trying to set.  Sagging for little girls!  I don't know what's up with her pants.  LOL  After playing outside for an hour in half we came back inside had some lunch and then the girls went down for a nap.  I finished sewing Keira's double ruffle pants (photo shoot coming soon).

After waking up from their nap the girls played, Kaylee slipped on a pillow and busted her lip.  So I grabbed some ice and she iced it on the couch while I finished up with dinner.  I decided to make a recipe I found on pinterest and it turned out pretty good.  Crock pot chicken ceaser sandwiches with fries.  Keira also got sported her first set of pig tails.  After dinner we watched Grease and Kaylee shook her booty and then wanted to draw daddy a picture and text it to him.  I am so proud of her, she is getting so good at drawing people.  She drew the picture all by herself, the only thing mommy helped with was daddy's hair and I wrote what she wanted to say.  After that we talked to daddy for a little bit and then I put the girls to bed.  We had a much better day today.  Hopefully tomorrow will be good, its suppose to rain so maybe we'll work on some St. Patty's Day projects.


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Monday {February 27}  YAY today daddy comes home.  The girls will be in bed by the time daddy gets home so they will have to wait till Tuesday after work to see daddy.  The girls and I have missed daddy that's for sure.  The girls are not going to Grandma's tonight cause they have other engagments so mommy will not be getting my 4 hours of peace like I normally get.  Oh well.

The girls let me sleep in till 7 this morning which was much needed.  Even though I got to sleep in a little bit Kaylee decided to be bad and take all of Keira's clothes out of her dresser again!  This kid is killin me, if she hasn't figured out I hate doing laundry and putting clothes away and she thinks its funny to take ALL of the clothes out and then make me put them all back.  So I left the mess to deal with it later and we came downstairs to eat breakfast and watch cartoons.  Not sure what the plans are for today, except to clean up the house cause it looks like a tornado ran through it.  The girls have their toys all over the place and its only 9am.  It's suppose to rain today so maybe we'll paint or do some coloring, I need to find things to keep the girls busy.  While the girls played I decided to make a spring/Easter wreath.  I ordered the girls each a Easter book for Easter and one of them arrived today and the other one plus my book The Hunger Games will be here Friday.  Not sure why they didn't ship them all together.  I also preordered Bloom by Kelle Hamptom.

I also recieved an email from the breeder today saying that Kona is doing good and that night after we dropped Kona off she fell down her stairs in her garage and broke her ankle in two spots!  She is doing ok and getting a hard cast put on it.  But the exciting news is that Kona should be having her puppies next week.

The girls helped me cleaned up the all their toys and did some house cleaning so that the house didn't look like a total mess when daddy comes home tonight.  After cleaning up the girls had a snack and then went down for a nap.  Nap time went by way to fast today.  Kaylee was up by 2 after I had just finished getting ready.  I was in the mood to straighten my hair and take it out of the bun that it's been in for what seems like forever.  I usually wash my hair and throw up in the bun, well my head was starting to hurt really bad from wearing it like that so much.  So I'm thinking maybe this weekend I'll go down and get my hair trimmed and get my side know when I asked you all for some hair help months back and then never got it done.  Well I'm motivated to get it done and I want to dye is again.  But as I was browsing pinterest the other day I came across a hair cut and color that I loved...what do you think?  I'm not going to get the bangs striaght down I'm going to get sweeping bangs but I like the layers and color.  When my hair is straightened its about the length of hers.
What do you think?!

After Kaylee woke up we came downstairs to watch cartoons while we waited for sissy to wake up.  She wanted to take some silly pictures of us with my phone.  She likes when we take silly face pictures together and so do I.  Looking back at them in my camera roll on my phone they make me laugh & smile.

I didn't really talk to daddy that much today.  He sent me a text saying her was headed to the airport and then he sent me another text saying that his bag weighed 5lbs more than what its suppose when checking.  I guess he better leave some of the those truck parts behind.  LOL  He has to make a stop on the way home in San Diego to change planes and he'll land in Sacramento at 8 and his parents are picking him, so he wont be home till around 9.  I'm wondering if I should let the girls stay up that late so they can see him if I don't let them stay up they have to wait till 5 tomorrow to see him after work.....decisions decisions!!

We are just hanging out the rest of the day watching movies and mommy needs to figure something out for dinner, I have my menu but it was suppose to be chicken and we just had chicken last night so now I need to think of something else.  I hate thinking of dinner ideas and I have to do it all over when I make up my menu for this week and my shopping list.  I wish I could have someone grocery shop and make up my weekly menu for me!  Maybe even someone to just come in and make dinner for me while I'm at it!!

I'll be back Wednesday for my regular scheduled blogging broadcasting!

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Our 5 days without daddy - Part I

I'm going to be documenting our 5 days without daddy so when he comes back he can see everything we did while he was gone! So here is Part I Feb. 23-25 and then Part II will be of Feb 26-27.

Thursday {February. 23} - Daddy left bright and early to head to the airport to board a plane and fly to Texas for 5 days.  He'll be doing a little bit of working and a little bit of playing.  So the girls and I are staying behind to fend for ourselves with the help of my brother.  Daddy use to go on air shows quite often and was gone for 5 days at a time, but when I had Keira he decided that he would only do home shows so that he didn't have to be away from us.  So this is the first time in 14.5 months that he'll be gone for this long.  Bye daddy we'll miss you while your gone for these 5 days.  Since the weather is suppose to be nice I'm hoping to get out of the house and have some fun with the girls.  Maybe since daddy gets to go have fun we can talk Uncle Josh into doing something fun with us too.

Once Daddy left I tried to go back to sleep but that was shortly interupted when I heard a little voice say "mommy you awake".  So Kaylee came in and I turned the TV on for her and she watched TV while I closed my eyes until I heard Keira about 45 minutes later.  We then got up and came downstairs, ate breakfast and then the girls played while I caught up on my blogs.  I then joined the girls and we colored on the chalk board, Kaylee showed off her basketball skills and I did Keira's 15 month photoshoot and she was a character today.  After that we collected some toys and made our way outside.  It was a beautiful 70 degrees today so I knew we had to soak it all in.  The girls enjoyed running around and being free outside.  We came back in at around 11:45 for I could get the girls ready for their nap.  The girls took a great nap and while they were napping I started working on ruffle pants for Kaylee and I got a call from Daddy saying he landed in Texas and he would call me later. Kaylee's pants turned out TOO CUTE!! (post coming soon)

Once the girls woke up from their nap they had a snack and then played some while I tried to figure out what to have for dinner.  We had chicken, rice and yummy.  After dinner the girls watched some cartoons before heading to bed.  I relaxed on the couch watching some TV before I headed upstairs to go to bed.  I contiplated all day if I would snag Kaylee out of her bed to come in bed to sleep with me.  I decided against it and I would be ok sleeping by myself.  I hate sleeping by myself, when you sleep next to someone for 10 years its hard when their not there.  First day without daddy went good.  Ask me that again in a few days and see if it's still going good without him!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Friday {February 24} The girls let me sleep in til 7:30 which was a nice change from Kaylee coming in the past 2 days at 6am.  Although I was awoken by Keira at 4am whining....I waited before going into their room to see if she would stop which she did.  But mommy on the other hand spent the next 45 minutes trying to go back to sleep after that.  I'm a little tired today.  We'll probably be heading outside again since it'll be such a beautiful 70 degree day again.  Maybe we'll head down to the park.

Once I got the girls up we came downstairs to eat breakfast and watch some cartoons before we went back upstairs for me to give the girls a bath.  I hate the bathtub in the master bathroom cause it has doors on it that are in the way when trying to wash the girls.  But the girls have fun so that's all the matters.  After bath time we got dressed and came back downstairs to hang out and figure out what were doing the rest of the day. 

We just hung out the first part of the day inside the girls played nicely today and went so much better than yesterday.  On Thursday Kaylee was testing her limits beyond belief.  But today was a lot better, thank god!  The girls went down for a nap and I just relaxed.  I wasn't in the mood to sew so I just sat my lazy ass on the couch and watched TV.  After about 3 hours Kaylee made her way downstairs and since it was so gorgeous outside I took Kaylee and some chalk and we went and had some fun.  While Kaylee was playing, UPS made a stop at our house to drop off the girls flower girl dresses and OMG do they look so adorable in them!!  We are all in Jason's brother's wedding in April.  After the UPS guy came we came inside and Keira was awake.  We had a snack before Kaylee left to go to Grandma's for her Friday over night stay.  I made pizza for dinner, Keira & I watched a little Jurassic Park before it was bedtime.  I put her to bed and then changed the chanel to watch Say Yes to the Dress.  I relaxed, talked to the hubby before he went to bed (since he's 2 hours ahead) and then I made my way to bed.  Hoping these next 3 days fly by.  The girls enjoy when I talk to daddy cause they get to talk to him too.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Saturday {February 25} Kaylee spent the night at Grandma's so it was just Keira and I until Kaylee got back home.  Usually when Kaylee spends the night at Grandma's Keira sleeps in till 9-9:30 but not this morning, she must have been to excited and wanted to see mommy cause she was up at 6:30.  A little to early for mommy so I let her play in her crib for about 30 minutes before I went in to get her.  We came downstairs ate some breakfast and watched some cartoons.  She's such a slow eater when she watches cartoons in the morning.  Since Kaylee got some mommy time alone yesterday to play chalk while Keira was still napping it will be nice to have mommy time with Keira.  We played with blocks, built towers and read some books....the girl LOVES her books.  Kaylee got home about 45 minutes before nap time.  I talked with Jason's mom for a little bit, I wanted to put on Kaylee's flower girl dress and show to Jason's mom to see if she thought it needed to be altered and while I started to take Kaylee's clothes off she threw the BIGGEST tantrum, I mean this was tantrum of all tantrums!  It could have been due to her waking up at a quarter a 6 that morning or maybe she was just being a stinker.  So I managed to get her dress on his mom said it looked fine (she was screaming and stomping her food the whole time).  Grandma said her good byes and I was left with 2 grumpy kids.  I put the girls down for a much needed nap and had some lunch.  My intention was to lounge around and watch TV while they napped, well I got bored and headed upstairs to make some ruffle pants for Keira.  I was having problems with my sewing machine for some reason and was only able to get one of the legs done before I got super frusterated and stopped for the day.

The girls woke up from their nap and I thought that once Kaylee took a nap she would be in a better mood but NO, yesterday she tested her limits beyond belief and was NOT listening at all, was being mean to Keira and wasn't sharing at all!  Yesterday was a rough day!  We ate some dinner and watched a movie with Uncle Josh before I put the girls to bed.  I had to go upstairs once cause Keira was screaming up there, when I got up there her leg was stuck in between the bars.  Kaylee had taken off her jammies and her underwear.

FUNNY STORY:  This last week when we go to bed I go in and check on the girls, well I've been getting a surprise everytime I've gone in there.  Kaylee goes to bed fully clothed, well to my surprise I open the door and the kid is buck naked and passed out.  So somewhere in a 2 hour period she takes all her clothes off and then passes out!  This kid kills me! 

Any advise on how I can keep her clothes on??????

After putting the girls to bed I came back downstairs and watched Lion King with my brother.  I ended up falling asleep on the couch since Keira woke me up at 6:30.  I was beat, so I headed upstairs to bed.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Kaylee's new ruffle pant outfit

During nap time today I worked on an outfit for Kaylee.
I'll be making Keira an outfit just like this with different fabrics.
I cant wait to see both of them in their outfits.

After Kaylee woke up from her nap I got her dressed into her outfit &
we headed outside to take some cute pictures.
I had to brib her and tell her if she took good pictures I would give her a granola bar.
She kinda coroperated and I took her pictures.

I made the ruffle pants, her necklace shirt was inspiration I found on pinterest
 and then a rosette hair clip to match.