Friday, February 17, 2012

It's been a really rough week

If Keira could talk I'm pretty sure she would say FML!
For well over a week in a half this once sweet child of mine has turned into a MONSTER.
It is all due to 6 new teeth coming in, 3 of which are molars.
My god could she be in any more pain!?  She's been running a low grade fever and I've been giving her medicine but I'm not sure if it's really working cause she always feels warm.

I hate seeing her in pain especially when there's nothing I can do about it.
There has been lots of snuggling and trying to keep her calm.
Yesterday I probably should have put her down for her nap at 12 and not let her stay up till 1:30 watching a movie with sissy, cause I think that just added to the maddness!  I never had to deal with this with Kaylee so this is all new for me and this last week and a half I've gained a lot of patience thats for sure.  When your child is screaming at the top of their lungs in pain and your trying to consoul them and nothing your doing is working, its really trying and does test your patience.  But I tried to stay calm and not get worked up cause I know it only makes her more mad.

Although trying to stay composed when your child is screaming in your ear doesn't help either when you haven't slept a full nights sleep in the last 10 days.  These past 10 days has been like having a newborn in the house all over again.  She has been waking up multiple times a night and she wont take her pacifier and just go back to sleep she wants you to hold her and rock her, which I've been doing cause I don't want her to wake up the whole house.  I should be taking a nap during the day when the girls do cause I'm feeling a little like a zombie.  The night before I slept like crap and it showed all day yesterday.  I didn't get out of my pajamas, I relaxed on the couch pretty much all day holding Keira and we watched lots of movies.  My back and neck were hurting from the crappy nights sleep I had and it all around was not an awesome day.  I threw something in the crockpot for dinner, so that I didn't have to worry about making something.  I was in bed by 9:30 last night!

This part of parenting isn't the fun part.
I wish those teeth would just pop through already.
I would like to have my HAPPY girl back.
I miss that big smile!
There's a few times through out the day where she is happy but that's short lived.
These past 10 days Kaylee has been really nice with her, no fighting.

Her poor little fingers are so raw from all the chewing on them that she does.
She's still eating really well which is good.
But as her mommy my heart breaks for her.
So all I can do is give her lots and lots and lots of snuggles and hope that helps a little.
Fingers crossed that my happy baby returns soon cause I'm not sure how much more both of us can take.

This weekend I'm hoping to catch back up on all the sleep I've missed
which probably wont happen but I can dream right?!
Have a great weekend!

(I am happy to say that she slept through the night!  She must have been tired due to only taking a 45 minute nap yesterday.  Hoping it continues and the worst of the teething is almost over!)


  1. awww poor sweet girl! And poor mommy!!! My mom used to soak baby wash rags in applejuice and them freeze them. Then she would hold them while we would suck/chew on them. The cold helps numb and the rag massages the gums! :-)

  2. Poor thing! I hope she starts feeling better soon. I totally understand how mama starts to feel like she's going insane!! Brielle is still teething but thankfully she continues to sleep ok at night.

  3. Poor thing! I hope she starts feeling better soon. I totally understand how mama starts to feel like she's going insane!! Brielle is still teething but thankfully she continues to sleep ok at night.

  4. AWW poor baby. Hope she gets better ASAP.

  5. I'm so sorry girl! I can't imagine how hard it must be for you and poor sweet Keira! Prayers that those teeth come through soon!

  6. Poor baby! She is still beautiful as ever-even when she's crying!

  7. Ugh- poor girl! I am sure you have tried everything, but just in case here is what worked for us- Hylands teething tabs and teething gel, orajel, tylenol, and ice... Hope she feels better soon- I know how exhausting that can be- E got 8 teeth in at once and 4 molars soon after... praying for some comfort for you both!

  8. Poor sweet girl:( I remember these days all too well. You will get your happy girl back soon!

  9. Bless her heart! Popsicles were about the only thing that Cameryn would eat when she was teething. I think she lived off of motrin, hylands teething tablets, and popsicles!

  10. I hope she's feeling better soon! There is nothing worse than teething!

  11. Poor baby! Teething is the worst. I just read your most recent post, and I take pictures of Gracie throwing tantrums too, just so I can show her what a bear she was one day =) Hope she feels better soon!