Wednesday, February 8, 2012

One Year Molars

A year and a half ago when Kaylee was getting her one year molars it was nothing compaired to Keira getting her one year molars.  O.M.G! 

This is how Kaylee was while getting her molars in

this is Keira while getting her one year molars
Little Miss has been so UNHAPPY all week
She cries ALL DAY everyday!
Her molars make her SAD
All she wants to do is SNUGGLE with mama only!!

I wish I could something for her.  She has been wearing her amber teething necklace which seems to help her out a little bit.  I've been giving her tylenol cause she's had a fever.  She has been knawing at that point finger all week, I'm surprised she hasn't knawed that thing right off!  After her medicine she usually will be semi happy and will play.  I feel bad and wish her teeth would all just pop through all ready.  Keira is NOT a good teether AT ALL!  So it's been a tough week around here for all of us!


It's been rather trying on me.  I cant even go to the bathroom withouth Little Miss screaming her head off cause I left.  Her crying when teething isn't the regular cry its the ear piercing scream.  It hurts my ears.  On top of that, Kaylee has been acting out and testing her limits.  She hasn't been listening and hasn't been playing nicely with Keira, which only makes things worst.  This morning has been going good, it is only 9am so things could change!  But Keira has been smiley this morning and Kaylee has been listening, but like I said it's only 9am a lot can change!

Today is daddy's first full day back a work since Christmas.  So we're adjusting to not having him here to help me.  I've gotten so use to having him here that it's going to be wierd not having him around all day.  The girls know that he's not here too.  When Keira came downstairs this morning she walked around the house calling for "daddy".  So hopefully we have a good day today and I'll be trying to do lots of different things with the girls today to keep them busy. So here's to hoping we have a good day.  The sun is out today, yesterday it rained all day!  Maybe if it warms up more we'll take a trip down to the park.


 In the 3 hours that Kaylee has been awake she's had to use the bathroom 6 times.  Within the last 20 minutes we've been to the bathroom 3 times.  I don't know what's wrong with this kid today.  Everytime we're in there she only pee's a little bit.  Is this normal?!


In other news I'm having a problem with the girls sharing a room.
I started having problems at nap time.  Kaylee sleeps in a big girl bed and Keira still sleeps in her crib.  They sleep on oppisite sides of the room.  But at nap time Kaylee would climb out of bed and take Keira's blanket and binks.  She would then proceed to play with Keira and then she would end up taking ALL of the clothes out of the 2 dressers.  I would end up going upstairs multiple times to yell at her and that didn't change anything.  So the solution was to take the pack n play and move it into our spare room (mind you our spare room is full of random stuff).  And nap time now has been great, the girls sleep so good and wake up happier.  But now I'm having this same problem at bed time!

This is where I have the problem, I don't know if I should move Keira out of that room or leave her.
The past few nights I haven't had to go upstairs to tell Kaylee to stay in bed.  But that doesn't mean that things are fixed cause she didn't get out of bed for 2 nights.  I don't want Keira to sleep in the pack n play all night, I feel bad cause that thing doesn't look comfortable to sleep on at all!  We have so much random stuff in that spare room that there isn't enough room for her crib.  A lot of the girls old baby toys are in the spare room (jumperoo, swing, car seat and a desk)  I just don't know if I should leave it the way it is now or if I should try to clean out that room and set Keira up in there.  Any advise??


  1. Poor Keira! Meyer was exactly the same way cutting his molars. You just feel so sorry for them!

  2. I feel your pain!

    As far as them sharing, I probably would first try to discipline Kaylee as far as staying in her bed. She's old enough to know to stay in there, so I bet if every time you had to go into her room to tell her to get in bed/lay down/etc. you took one of her toys out of her room with you, she'd catch on quick. She's start seeing all of her favorite toys leave the room (and you could put them away somewhere) and before long I bet she'd start staying in bed! Just an idea.

  3. poor baby!!! :( I am not looking forward to the teething stage at all!
    as far as the bedroom thing, i agree with the other comment. of course, my baby is only a baby so i don't have experience with her, but i did used to teach preschool and i found that you have to let them know you mean business and have consequences! hope you get it worked out!!

  4. Poor baby! I hope those molars pop through soon! Parker has always had a tough time with teething too.

    No advice on the sleeping situation....but I hope you find a solution soon!!!

  5. Poor Keira! I hate that she is in so much pain and I know you hate not being able to do anything for her! I hope those molars come through soon!

  6. Oh no..poor baby!!...and poor mama, hang in there!!

  7. Oh poor baby, I don't even know where we are with E's teeth. It feels like she has them all, but I am sure there are more to come- I think she has 16 as of now! Hopefully she feels better, E really enjoys eating small chips of ice when teething... we just break it up really small for her and she sucks on it and drools everywhere, bt I think it helps numb it.

  8. My advice for the bedroom issue is to make a sticker chart where she add a sticker if she stay at bed. At the end she have a prize or just a one on one time with you or go to a special place for her.