Monday, February 27, 2012

Soaking up the sun & a hair question

Sunday {February 26}  The girls were up way to early this morning at 6:30.  I heard Keira in there babbling and then screaming cause Kaylee probably took something from her.  Then Kaylee came into our room at about 7.  I called and talked to daddy for a little bit before heading into the girls room to find that Kaylee had taken all of Keira's clothes out of her dresser and threw them all over their room and in Keira's crib.  This is like a once a week accurance!  I'm gonna have to put baby locks on the dresser so Kaylee stays out!  So I proceeded to fold all the clothes and put them all away.  I then tried on some of Kaylee's 24 month shorts to see if they would fit Keira, there a little big but they'll work.  YAY.  We then headed downstairs to eat some breakfast and watch some Fresh Beat Band.  The girls then argued and fought over toys.  What a great start to this Sunday.  At 10:00 I was ready for it to be nap time!

Kaylee is getting really bad about sharing, she thinks everything is hers and when Keira comes over to play she'll lay on top of the stuff so Keira cant get to it and then she'll push her away.  Then Keira proceeds to scream at the top of her lungs.  This happens multiple times a day.  AHHHHHHHHHH.  Lets just say that I am so happy that daddy will be home tomorrow night!  Plus I am excited to have mommy alone time next Saturday.  I'm going to a bridal shower and then at the end of March is the bachlorette party.  Lots of exciting things are happening this year.

At 10:30 we headed outside to soak up more of the beautiful weather.  It was a little cooler today than the past 2 days.  We went into the back yard and the girls played on the swing set.  Kaylee went down the slide and Keira swang and then they both swang together.  We then made our way to the front yard to play cars and dig in the dirt.  Kaylee even showed off a new trend she's trying to set.  Sagging for little girls!  I don't know what's up with her pants.  LOL  After playing outside for an hour in half we came back inside had some lunch and then the girls went down for a nap.  I finished sewing Keira's double ruffle pants (photo shoot coming soon).

After waking up from their nap the girls played, Kaylee slipped on a pillow and busted her lip.  So I grabbed some ice and she iced it on the couch while I finished up with dinner.  I decided to make a recipe I found on pinterest and it turned out pretty good.  Crock pot chicken ceaser sandwiches with fries.  Keira also got sported her first set of pig tails.  After dinner we watched Grease and Kaylee shook her booty and then wanted to draw daddy a picture and text it to him.  I am so proud of her, she is getting so good at drawing people.  She drew the picture all by herself, the only thing mommy helped with was daddy's hair and I wrote what she wanted to say.  After that we talked to daddy for a little bit and then I put the girls to bed.  We had a much better day today.  Hopefully tomorrow will be good, its suppose to rain so maybe we'll work on some St. Patty's Day projects.


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Monday {February 27}  YAY today daddy comes home.  The girls will be in bed by the time daddy gets home so they will have to wait till Tuesday after work to see daddy.  The girls and I have missed daddy that's for sure.  The girls are not going to Grandma's tonight cause they have other engagments so mommy will not be getting my 4 hours of peace like I normally get.  Oh well.

The girls let me sleep in till 7 this morning which was much needed.  Even though I got to sleep in a little bit Kaylee decided to be bad and take all of Keira's clothes out of her dresser again!  This kid is killin me, if she hasn't figured out I hate doing laundry and putting clothes away and she thinks its funny to take ALL of the clothes out and then make me put them all back.  So I left the mess to deal with it later and we came downstairs to eat breakfast and watch cartoons.  Not sure what the plans are for today, except to clean up the house cause it looks like a tornado ran through it.  The girls have their toys all over the place and its only 9am.  It's suppose to rain today so maybe we'll paint or do some coloring, I need to find things to keep the girls busy.  While the girls played I decided to make a spring/Easter wreath.  I ordered the girls each a Easter book for Easter and one of them arrived today and the other one plus my book The Hunger Games will be here Friday.  Not sure why they didn't ship them all together.  I also preordered Bloom by Kelle Hamptom.

I also recieved an email from the breeder today saying that Kona is doing good and that night after we dropped Kona off she fell down her stairs in her garage and broke her ankle in two spots!  She is doing ok and getting a hard cast put on it.  But the exciting news is that Kona should be having her puppies next week.

The girls helped me cleaned up the all their toys and did some house cleaning so that the house didn't look like a total mess when daddy comes home tonight.  After cleaning up the girls had a snack and then went down for a nap.  Nap time went by way to fast today.  Kaylee was up by 2 after I had just finished getting ready.  I was in the mood to straighten my hair and take it out of the bun that it's been in for what seems like forever.  I usually wash my hair and throw up in the bun, well my head was starting to hurt really bad from wearing it like that so much.  So I'm thinking maybe this weekend I'll go down and get my hair trimmed and get my side know when I asked you all for some hair help months back and then never got it done.  Well I'm motivated to get it done and I want to dye is again.  But as I was browsing pinterest the other day I came across a hair cut and color that I loved...what do you think?  I'm not going to get the bangs striaght down I'm going to get sweeping bangs but I like the layers and color.  When my hair is straightened its about the length of hers.
What do you think?!

After Kaylee woke up we came downstairs to watch cartoons while we waited for sissy to wake up.  She wanted to take some silly pictures of us with my phone.  She likes when we take silly face pictures together and so do I.  Looking back at them in my camera roll on my phone they make me laugh & smile.

I didn't really talk to daddy that much today.  He sent me a text saying her was headed to the airport and then he sent me another text saying that his bag weighed 5lbs more than what its suppose when checking.  I guess he better leave some of the those truck parts behind.  LOL  He has to make a stop on the way home in San Diego to change planes and he'll land in Sacramento at 8 and his parents are picking him, so he wont be home till around 9.  I'm wondering if I should let the girls stay up that late so they can see him if I don't let them stay up they have to wait till 5 tomorrow to see him after work.....decisions decisions!!

We are just hanging out the rest of the day watching movies and mommy needs to figure something out for dinner, I have my menu but it was suppose to be chicken and we just had chicken last night so now I need to think of something else.  I hate thinking of dinner ideas and I have to do it all over when I make up my menu for this week and my shopping list.  I wish I could have someone grocery shop and make up my weekly menu for me!  Maybe even someone to just come in and make dinner for me while I'm at it!!

I'll be back Wednesday for my regular scheduled blogging broadcasting!


  1. Love the hair!

    Kaylee is really good at drawing people--I've never even tried that with Raya before...I should try some time.

    Jealous of your nice weather!

  2. Poor Keira with her busted lip! I know that had to hurt. I love the hair cut and color- I think it would look great on you!

  3. Yay for your husband coming home! It's so tough being a solo parent and I have utmost respect for those who have to be in that situation.

    Great outside pictures. It looks like the girls really enjoyed their time!

    And I love the hair color and cut. I'm so jealous that your hair is that long. I'm growing mine now and it's taking forever! I say go for it!

  4. So glad hubby is coming home tomorrow! I have no solutions for the dresser problem, how frustrating!

  5. I really love the haircut you have chosen! I think the bun is a mom thing. That is the first thing I do when I get out of the shower too, is throw it up into a bun! I'm in need of a cut and color too =)