Thursday, February 2, 2012

Tot School & my 1st sewing projects

I recieved my sewing machine in the mail on Tuesday.  I took it out of the box and set it up in my room and then made a list of stuff that I needed/wanted to get.  So I took the gift card my dad got me for WalMart and we headed out.  Well the fabric selection at our WalMart isnt the best right now cause their making our WalMart into a SUPER WalMart so a lot of construction is going on.  I picked out some Valentine's Day fabric to make the girls a VDay shirt.  Wednesday came and I found this cursive font that spelled out love and decided that was going to be my first attempt, I think I got to ambishious and didn't think it would be hard at all.  Well I was wrong and Keira's shirt didn't turn out how I imagined it.  Let's just say I need lots of practice.  So I changed up Kaylee's design and that one came out a lot better.  Then I had been hanging on to these women's knee socks to turn into leg warmers for the girls.  Those are so much easier to do.  I am going to be practicing a lot so that I can get better.  But I think for my very 1st time sewing I didn't do to bad......LOL (don't laugh at the heart on Keira's shirt)  I need to get use to the foot petal that's for sure!  I'm headed to Joann's Fabric to get more fabric and to Target to get more socks cause they have a lot of new ones and lets face it the girls can never have to many leg warmers!

In other news this morning I put our new schedule that I'm trying into affect.  (thanks to Shawna's blog post the other day talking about getting her girls into a schedule to help with less down time and less acting out.)  I made a little schedule, that I'm sure will change from time to time cause our lives don't follow the schedules we make!  But after the girls ate breakfast this morning I decided to have mommy time with each of the girls.  First up was Kaylee and we played a memory game.  We did it a little differently, I took half the cards and mixed them up, she picks a card and then looks for that card.  So we played a matching game instead.  She likes finding them and gets so excited when she gets a match.  So we played 3 rounds of matching before she lost a little interest.

We cleaned up and Kaylee went to watch a little bit of cartoons so that I could have my time with Keira.  Keira got these stacking blocks that have different shapes that go into them.  She hasn't really played with them so I though this would be a good educational toy for her to start off with.  She surprised me and got almost all the pieces into the blocks.  She would get so excited everytime she got one in.  We will for sure be doing these blocks every day.  We only did one round of these blocks before she was on to the next thing.

We put the blocks away and then Kaylee came in and decided she wanted to play with the blocks with Keira.  They decided to build a tower and it was so nice to see them playing together and Kaylee not yelling at Keira saying "these are my blocks, go away!"  They built the tower a few times and then we came into the living room to watch a counting movie.  Once I started the movie Keira went into her cry fest and has been crying for the last 20 minutes.  She did the same thing last night so I felt around in her mouth and it felt like her little molars are trying to come through.  Heaven help me, she's a terror when her regular teeth are coming in so I cant imagine how she's going to be with her molars coming in....


  1. i think they turned out super cute--you can't see the stitching from far away ;) I can't sew letters on for the life of me...too much turning and manipulating! Leg warmers on the other hand, I've got!! Callyn has those same heart those!

  2. I think that your first sewing project is GREAT. Coming from a girl who can barely are doing awesome!! I'm jealous of your skills.
    Your girls are just so beautiful!!

  3. I think they look fabulous! It makes me nervous just looking at sewing machine, so good for you:) Your girlies can make anything look cute, so it really doesn't matter!

  4. Oh yeah, letters take lots of practice!! And even now I still often choose a thread color to match (not contrast) on wording because it doesn't show every little stitch. So if you are sewing red fabric, use red thread. Then especially from a distance no one will ever notice :-) Also, when I first started sewing hearts I had a hell of a time! But in my head I assumed people just kinda quick sewed along the edge moving pretty quickly and that's not the case. Many times I stop the sewing machine, lift the foot up, readjust the fabric, and then sew again...and I do that start, stop, readjust, thing every couple stitches or so when I'm doing really detailed things! So don't be afraid to start and stop and take your time :-)

    Love the legwarmers!

  5. LOVE the shirts AND the legwarmers!! You did such a great job!!

    Would absolutely love for you to link them up @ Find Your Craft Friday over on my blog!! :) It starts @ 8pm! It's quick and easy, and please let me know if you have any questions...

  6. Your shirts turned out super cute! Much cuter than mine would have been, that is for sure! :) Nice work, mama!

  7. I think you did a wonderful job! And love how you are structuring their day. I am sure the girl appreciate their momma time and it helps pass the time too :)

  8. Okay...I am super proud of you! Both shirts are amazing! I dont know anyone who can make something so cute on their first sewing attempt! Yay for you! Super impressed!

    If that is your first project I am super excited to see what comes next!!