Friday, February 17, 2012

FYI - I just want to clear something up

I just want to clear something up real quick.
In my last post "Its been a rough week"
I would like to just say that these pictures aren't of my daughter screaming and crying in pain.
The pictures where taken of her throwing a tantrum cause daddy took something from her that she shouldn't have had.  I just wanted to clear this up because I recieved a nasty anonymous comment saying...

Anonymous: "ok if my baby girl was teething and in pain the last thing i would want to do is take pics of her what the hell pick her up and console her. Your a mom that is what you are supposed to do "

So I don't wont you guys thinking that I let my child scream in pain while I take pictures of her.
I'm sorry if it seemed like that was the case and I should have said these were her throwing a tantrum 
I'm not a bad mom and I would never let her cry in pain!

Thanks, just wanted to clear that up!


  1. It's always the "Anonymous" commenters that are willing to leave comments like that. Even if she was crying in pain- with teething, consoling just doesn't always help. Those photos could've been taken in a matter of seconds with a SLR camera and those of us that know you know that you are a wonderful, loving mama and would NEVER just let her cry in pain. :)

  2. Wow! I can't believe some people! You are a great mom and it shows through your blog! I think my kids always looked so cute when they cry and I have a ton of pictures to prove it!

  3. Ok seriously, some people!!! Wow...first of all I thought it might have been teething pain, but you could've seriosuly taken all of those pictures in like 10 seconds....haha I know you and I both take TONS of pictures so I thought nothing of it! I wish the people who had the nerve to post anonomyous comments would have the guts to say their name.

  4. gah, I just wrote a big long comment and then blogger wouldnt publish it. But basically, I cant believe someone said that to you (and judged who while using the wrong form of 'your', come on people). I know you are the best momma and I hate that someone hated on you like that!

    PS- love the outfit from today. You are getting so crafty with the sewing machine!