Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Keira is 15 months

Keira Alexis,

You are growing like a weed, like a weed that has just taken off and wont stop growing.  You are turning into such a big girl.  Learning new things everyday and talking more and more.

You are the sweetest little girl and I love when you wrap your little arms around my neck and give me the sweetest hugs ever.  They seriously just melt my heart.  It makes my heart sad that your growing up so fast.  Since your our last baby I want the time to slow down a little bit so I can enjoy your little for a little bit long.

You have the most piercing blue eyes, which I love.  Your hair right now is just crazy and needs to be trimmed.  I love that you have curls in the back, they just make me so giddy.  You finally leave hair clips in and don't rip them out 5 seconds after I put them in your hair.

I love to see your BIG smile each morning when I go into your room to get you.  I love to hear your sweet voice calling for me when you wake up.  It's like music to my ears.  It never gets old.  I love our snuggle time each morning after I get you out of bed.  Some mornings you don't like to snuggle and you would rather play with sissy or sit by yourself and then I'm reminded again that your growing up.

SLEEPING:  You are back to sleeping great again.  You take a nap in the spare room in the pack n play so that sissy doesn't bother you and you can actually get some sleep.  You wake up so much happier that way.  You are down to one nap a day for about 3-3.5 hours.  At bed time you go to sleep in your crib and I usually don't hear a peep out of you.  You go to bed at around 8 every night and have been waking up at 7am.  You started signing "night night" to me when your ready to go to sleep.


EATING: Girl you can eat and I'm not sure where the heck you put all the food you eat.  You are such a good eater and you eat just about anything.  I've found that you don't like carrots.  You eat 3 meals a day and graze through out the day.  With all the eating you do I would think you would weigh more than you do.  You love your food that's for sure.

FAVORITE TOYS: books, books, books & bouncy balls

FAVORITE FOOD: anything and everything except carrots

FAVORITE ACTIVITIES: being outside, drawing on the chalk board and reading books

CLOTHING: 12-18 months

SLEEP: 8pm - 7am with a nap from 12-3

WORDS: ball, sit down, pees (please), bye bye baby, ball, go go, ook (book) {I might be forgetting some}

SIGNING: can sign- night night, more, all done, milk & drink

TEETHING:  This month was pretty rough for all of us, but especially you.  We had a week and a half of shear hell around here.  Where all you did was cry, cry and cry.  It broke my heart to see you in so much pain knowing that I couldn't do anything to make it all better.  But I am happy to say that after that rough week in a half you are back to your HAPPY self and a few of those 6 teeth have poked through.  I'm glad to have my happy girl back that's for sure.

What have you been up to:

* you are trying to jump just like sissy does.  When sissy is jumping you sit there and study her every move that you can get up and try to jump just like her.  You will bend down and spring yourself back up.  You haven't been able to get off the ground yet, but you are highly proud of yourself when your done.  You repeat over and over "own and ump" (down and jump)

* when you don't get your way or sissy takes something from you, oh girl watch out.  You get really mad, scream as loud as you can and then proceed to smack your hand on the ground and then smack your forehead.  Which only makes you even more mad.  I don't understand why little kids do this, sissy did the same thing when she got mad.


* you have been making the silliest facial expressions lately which have mommy and daddy laughing all the time.  You are such a funny little girl, its even funnier when you try to copy the faces that we make.  You've been mimicing a lot lately.

* like to talk on your cell phone a lot.  Most of the time I cant understand a word your saying until you get the end of your "converstation" and say bye bye baby and then throw your phone on the floor.

* you HATE to have your face cleaned off after eating.  You fight me all the way on it and throw your hands up and wiggle and move your head back and forth.

* you can follow simple one or two word commands.  I can ask you to go lay down on the ground to get your diaper changed and you will go lay down.  When its time for bed I tell you to go give daddy kisses and you do.  You listen better than your sister does!

* you can give eskimo kisses, which you love to recieve.  You smile so big when sissy gives them to you, its like it makes your whole day.  Cutest thing I've ever seen!

* I think dance classes are in your future.  Sister likes to get down.  You love to dance and will dance to pretty much anything.  You and sissy like to dance together.

* You like to put toys or sometimes even crackers into everyone's shoes.  Sissy went to put her rain boots on the other day and found crackers in both boots.  Daddy has stepped into his shoes to find little toys blocking his way.

* We've been working on body parts with you and you know where: eyes, nose & hair are

* you like to make your Jessie doll dance.  Your Jessie doll is becoming your new BFF.  Anytime we have movie night Jessie can be found right by your side or if your walking around the house she's usually clutched in your little fist.

* you love to play with your mega blocks and build big towers with sissy and then knock them all done right after, which pisses your sister off so much.  But you laugh and keep knocking them off!

* you have a HUGE fascination with bouncy balls.  You have a lot of different sized bouncy balls and you like to carry around the biggest ball.  You like to bring the ball to someone and have them throw it so that you can go get it.  It reminds me of playing fetch, but you love it!

* you went to your 1st Ice Show and did pretty good.  I still think you might have been a little to young still.  The first part of the show you were very antsy and wanted to walk around and then towards the second part you finally made a home on my lap and watched the rest.

* you get so excited when daddy walks in the door each day from work, running a short errand or just coming in from being in the garage.  You love your daddy that's for sure.  It's so cute to see and daddy really likes it when both you and your sissy go running up to him call his name.

* you spent 5 days without daddy cause he was out of town doing work related stuff in Texas.  This is the second time that daddy's gone away for a long period of time.

* you love love love your books.  You read your books off and on all day long.  You love the little mini books and are so happy that you can carry more that one in your hand at a time.  You've started babbling while looking through your books.

* you love to looks at your self in the mirror.

* mommy still gives you and sissy a bath in the kitchen sink, its huge and more convient for me.  Hopefully in our new house we get a big sink again or just a better bath tub without slinding doors!

* you can climb up and down the stairs like a pro but its still makes mommy nervous everytime!!

* on Monday's when I ask you "where are you going today" you know that your going to Grandma's house.  You get so excited to see Grandma every Monday and then you get mad when Grandma comes and only takes sissy on Fridays.  But don't worry your alone time is coming soon with Grandma.

* you are constintly on the go, you have so much energy and don't sit still for more than 5 minutes.

* you wrestle around with sissy but don't like when she climbs on top of you and you cant get away!

look at those lashes!!

Baby girl these 15 months with you have been so much fun and yes sometimes not so fun.  But I wouldn't trade any of it for the world.  You are such a sweet girl with a fun little personality that shines all the time.  I couldn't imagine not having you with me, it feels like you've always been a part of our family.

This stage with you has been so much fun seeing all the new things your learning and watching your little imagination at work when playing with your toys.

I think your going to to be my little book worm and that's ok cause mommy was a book worm when she was younger.  In our new house you and sissy will for sure have a little reading nook.

Thank you for being such a sweet girl and for being such an easy going baby that likes to entertain herself but at times still likes to be snuggled.  Mommy still enjoys our snuggle times and I'm not ready to give them up yet, so keep the snuggling coming!
We love you to the moon and back sweet girl!

and this photo shoot is a wrap!

Comparison of Kaylee & Keira @ 15 months old


  1. Happy 15 Months! And you take some great pics girl! You really capture her beautiful eyes that are so full of sweetness it seems!

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    I always think Keira looks so tall!!

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  6. She looks so tall! What a happy baby! Its so cute that she loves books so much :)

  7. Happy 15 months sweet girl! We are loving eskimo kisses around our house too:) Adorable as ALWAYS!

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  9. Happy 15 months beautiful girl! She looks like such a fun, happy little girl. Love all the pictures!

  10. your pictures are beautiful! but then you have such beautiful models!!

  11. Happy 15 months baby girl! Seriously you are not joking about the piercing blue eyes, holy goodness! My boys said "heyyyyyyyy" hahahha!

    I love how the girls have different hair colors, its exactly like Vincent and Luke! I am so curious what Jude will look like! Do the girls both have blue eyes? Vincent has dark brown and Luke has bright blue, its so funny!

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