Tuesday, April 30, 2013

2013 Summer Bucket List

Summer is right around the corner and I knew I wanted to make a list of all the fun things we could do this summer.  We have a busy summer in front of us, Kaylee's 4th birthday, Kaylee graduating from PreSchool, our family beach vacation and the biggest of all for us this summer is when our family makes the move to TEXAS.  This summer I'm excited for us to make some new family memories in Texas.  I've looked up some fun things to do once we move and here are just a few...the botanical garden, San Antonio Zoo, Sea World and many more fun things.
So here is our fun Summer Bucket List...

What's on your summer bucket list!?

Monday, April 29, 2013

Kendall: 6 months old


Baby girl you turned 6 months on April 27th, how is it that we are already here?  How is it already been 6 months? A half a year old, I still cant believe it.  These six months have just flown by in the blink of an eye.  You are such a good baby and you really only cry when your hungry.  Your facinated with your sisters and are always watching what they are doing.  Thank you for making the adjustment from 2 to 3 so easy.

I love you to the moon and back sweet girl!

SLEEPING:  we've had a few rough nights, your teething and your not the greatest teether {just like your sister Keira}.  Other than those few rough nights you are a great sleeper.  You wake up on your own around 7-7:30 {sometimes your woken up earlier by your lovely sisters} and you go to bed each night around 8:30.  You are taking 3 naps a nap.  Once in the morning around 9 for about an hour.  You take your long nap at the same time as your olders sisters at 12:30 for 2-3 hours and then one more hour nap around 5.  The only thing I've noticed is that your wanting to be rocked at your 12:30 nap, I'm not sure why, but I usually cave in and rock you cause I don't want your crying keeping your older sisters awake.  It only takes you 10 minutes of being rocked and your out!  You still get swaddled for your naps and bedtime {you still love it and sleep the best that way}

EATING: you are a little piggy and love your milk that's for sure.  In the morning when you wake up you get a 6oz bottle and then every 3 hours after that you'll eat 5oz bottles and then at bed time you'll drink another 6oz bottle.  When you turned 4 months were tried baby food and you weren't really ready, so I waited till a little after you turned 5 months and we tried again and you are doing much better.  You actually open your mouth each time and more of the food stays in your mouth than not.  You absolutely HATE sweet peas {both your sisters favorites} the 2 times I've tried giving it to you, you've cried.  You do LOVE sweet potatoes, peaches and pears.  At 6 months we will be doing jar food for breakfast, lunch and dinner and maybe even letting you try some puffs {not sure if mommy is ready yet!}

Weight: 14lbs 10oz {20%}
Height: 26" {75%}
Clothes: 6 months
Diapers: size 2
Shoes: when you wear them Newborn
Hair: dark brown
Eyes: dark blue
* Your most recent obsession is spitting {blowing raspberries}!  Yes spitting, somtimes even at 3am.  I dont ever remember your sisters doing it but you do it all the time.  I think it's funny but you do make a huge slobbery mess when you do it!
* When your sisters come over and talk or sing to you, you usually start cooing back at them and then they get a kick out of it!
* Sitting in your bumpo and being able to check everything out
* You like playing in your exersaucer, you like it even more now cause you can spin the chair around and reach all the toys.

* Being in your car seat.  You are ok with sitting in it as long as were in the car and the car is moving or if your sleeping in it!
* Loud yelling or screaming from your sisters
* Sleeping on your tummy.  When I put you in your bed to nap unswaddled you always roll on your belly and then end up crying cause you don't like it but you wont roll back over. {silly girl}

* You got your ears pierced! {4.2.13} while mimi was visiting. {it's kinda of a tradition that my mom goes with me to get the girls ears pierced.  She takes pictures and then videos the process.  I love that I have them to look back on}

* When you lay on your tummy your trying to scoot around!  I can see your little feet trying to push you along, STOP IT!  In the 1st week daddy was gone you started doing so many new tricks!

* You love to lay on your belly and play with toys, you've even started reaching for your toys.  You like it best when your in your bumpo, you can play with your toys easier!

* You love when we play peek a boo

* I've noticed your showing a little seperation anxiety when I leave the room.  You'll cry if you cant see me anymore and as soon as you can see me you stop!

* I've started to introduce sign language to you.  I know you cant do them yet, but I feel like you can never start to early.  I am only teaching you 2 signs {night night & milk}

* This month you got to meet Mimi, Papa, Uncle Jake & Uncle Justin for the first time.  Yes you've seen them when we skype but its not the same.  Mimi just loved all over you {and your sisters too}

* At 5 months still no teeth, but you have been a drooling machine and I'm just hoping they are coming soon {you've been cranky}

* You sat up unassisted for the first time the other night! {4.11.13} and you sat there for about a minute before falling to the side.  When I sit you up I usually will put your boppy behind you so if you do fall to the side or back is doesn't hurt

* You can take your binki out of your mouth and your trying your hardest to put in back in your mouth.  Sometimes you get lucky and actually make it in your mouth.

* You love playing with your feet. 




Friday, April 26, 2013

Currently & an IPhone dump

I'm watching... Phineas and Ferb and watching the older girls play nicely with there train set.

I'm reading... Nicholas Sparks, The Last Song.  I just started it so I'm not sure if I like it or not yet.

I'm listening to... Pandora {phillip phillips radio}

I'm thinking about... getting my wisdom teeth pulled on Monday 4.29.13 and how I am absolutely NOT looking foward to it.  I am soooooo afraid of the dentist.

I need to... get everything ready for the girls and I, we will be spending 2 nights at Jason's mom so she can take care of me and the girls after my dentist appt.

I'm creating... awesome stuff for Kaylee's pool party birthday in May!

I'm cooking... we are having lasagna for dinner...YUM

I'm shopping for... things for Kaylee's birthday party

I'm organizing... all of baby Kendall's clothes that are too small {newborn through 3-6 months}  I will be selling them, if your interested in seeing what I have let me know.

I'm proud of... my sweet guy.  He is working hard in TEXAS and the girls & I are very proud of him.  We also cant wait to see him hopefully soon.

I'm looking forward to... my guy coming home soon.  It's been 3 weeks today since he's been gone and we are missing daddy a lot!

I'm loving... my sweet girls and of course my sweet guy

I'm very greatful for... my family but most of all Jason's mom for all the help she's given me while Jason's been gone and for taking care of the girls & I after my dental work

Our plans for this week... well it's friday, so that means Kaylee & Keira go to grandmas house to spend the night.  Saturday morning I will be dropping Kendall off at grandma's cause I have to go do some manditory work at Kaylee's school {she goes to a private school} and Sunday I will be getting everything ready for Monday.

* * * *

Thursday, April 25, 2013

A mother's love for her kids


There's no perfect way to be a good mother.
Each situation is unique.
Each mother has different challenges, different skills and abilities, and certainly different children.
What matters most is that a mother loves her children deeply!


A mom thinks about her kids even if they're not with her.
A mom loves her kids in a way they'll never understand (until they have their own!).
A mom will be there for her kids when no one else will.
A mom loves her kids even when they neglect or hurt her.
A mom will catch a grenade, take a bullet, stand in front of a train & ask God to take her instead
A mom loves her kids to the moon and back and more...


Wednesday, April 24, 2013

ww: baby's 1st pony tail

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

I have the best job ever!

I have the best job ever!  It's a 24/7 job with no sick days, but I wouldn't change it for the world.  The job of being a stay at home mom is one of the best and most rewarding jobs out there.  Being able to witness all the joys and struggles that my kids face daily, it makes me happy to know that I'm hear for them each step of the way.

I was able to witness one of the many things I look foward to as my girls grow older together.  Watching the 3 of them together, playing so nicely just made my mom heart explode with love.  Now that Kendall is able to sit up, the girls think it's the best thing ever.  They will drag their toys over by her so she can "play" too.  The girls were so gentle with eachother while the baby was near, there was no fighting at all and it was just pure joy all around.

Even though I have the best job ever, there are those days that I want to run and hide in the bathroom and have 5 minutes of alone time, I want the fighting to stop and for them to just get along and I wish that there were more hours in the day to get everything done.

But more than not, I ha ve more good days with my girls than not!
I am very thankful to Jason for working so incredibly hard so that I'm able to stay home with our sweet girls each day.


Monday, April 22, 2013

Trying to be strong...

{written on 4.5.13}
Jason left this morning to make the 2 day drive to Texas.
Last night while snuggling on the couch I couldn't help but cry.  Just the thought of him being gone for up to a month before he might be back home, it makes me sad.
 Just thinking about all the things he'll be missing out on...anything new Kendall does, Kaylee graduating from her 1st year of PreSchool, her birthday & possibly our beach trip with his mom.
I want to try and keep our routine as normal as possible.  Still eating dinner at the table each night to talk about our day, movie nights, having fun & reading books each night before bed.

I thought in the begining that this might be really hard for the girls, but I'm thinking it might be a little harder on me instead.  Jason is my rock, he keeps me grounded when my day isn't going that great, he's my best friend, the one I snuggle up with on the couch each night to watch our shows after the girls go to bed.  It's just going to be a big change, I thought I was ready for it, but today came and I'm not sure I'm ready for it.  But I need to be ready cause Jason needs my support right now.  I know this will be hard on him too.  We will try and skype each night or talk on the phone everyday.
I'm not really sure when he'll be back for a visit cause he doesn't have a set work schedule.  That's what makes it a little harder too, not knowing when we'll see daddy next.  It made it easier when he would do work trips cause we had a countdown for when daddy would be home, this time we don't have that.  My hope is that I can hang as a "single" mom and not lose my mind. 

 I would be lying if I said I wasn't scared,
I would be lying if I said that this was going to be easy.

UPDATE 4/21/13
It's been 17 days since Jason left.
The past 17 days have been filled with good & bad days...
The girls have been pretty good, not a whole lot of fighting which has been nice for me.  Kendall has been battling a virus and hasn't been sleeping the best, which means I'm not sleeping the best.

 On Monday 4/8/13 I noticed I started to get a tooth ache and as the days went on it was still there and hurting pretty bad.  By Thursday it had gotten so bad and my face started to swell up a little.  I got squeezed in at the dentist and found out that I had an infection.  I got started on meds and the swelling was gone within 48 hours.  Well guess what that means, I have to get some teeth pulled {did I mention I am highly affraid of the dentist!?}  So I'm suppose to get my teeth pulled sometime this month, let me tell you I am not looking foward to it at all!  I have to get my wisdom teeth pulled {I am being knocked out, that's how affraid I am, I don't want to hear a thing}

Other than that the good stuff is that I've been able to talk to Jason everyday.
While he's working we send each other texts through out the day, once he's off we'll talk.  The girls get to talk to daddy each night right before they go to bed.  I love that were able to talk on the phone.  We've also been able to FaceTime and it was so good to see his face!  I cherish each phone call I get with this guy.

My love for him just grows more and more each day!
You never know how much you cherish someone until your not with them everyday.  I took for granted all those nights that we could have snuggled on the couch, instead we sat in our seperate chairs and played on our phones/computers and watched TV.  So with each visit that he's able to come home, I will absolutely be cherishing all those moments we get together.  It's just so different and hard being away from him, I've been by his side almost everyday for the past 11 years!  I thought as the days went on it would get a little easier but it hasn't. 

I'm trying my hardest to stay strong for the girls.  There are times I just want to break down and cry, I miss Jason more than words can explain.  I am proud of him for going out and doing this for our family.  I wish I had an idea of when he'd be home, it would make all this a little bit easier!  I've been trying to keep myself busy, which I've kinda been able to do, but this week I've felt crappy with teeth.  I've had some major anxiety over getting my teeth pulled {Jason's mom is planning to take me and pick me up and take care of me that first day} but I'm still freaking out over it.  I just cant wait for our family to be back together!

I give moms with husbands/boyfriends in the military a lot of credit.  This "single" parenting while your significant other is away is really hard.  It takes a lot of courage and strength to get through these hard times.

Hoping this week we'll get an idea of when daddy will be able to come home for a visit!

Friday, April 19, 2013

phone dump {4.19.13}

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Wedding ideas broken down

I've been engaged for a month now and I cant tell you how many countless hours I've been on pinterest searching and getting ideas for our wedding.  I've pinned 249 ideas and that's just on pinterst, that doesn't include the 3 bridal magazines that have many post its stuck to the pages of things I like, ideas and potential venders.

Here are some things that I'm loving for our wedding:

2014 {thinking maybe September or October}


Light grey, blush pink & white

I am in love with hydregeas so my bridal bouquet and the bridesmaids bouquets will be hydregeas.  Our centerpieces we will be using mason jars wrapped in burlap and ribbon with hydregeas and mini candles.

Centerpieces/Decor ideas:

Bridesmaid dress ideas:
Jason & I are pretty simple, so you wont find anything over the top at our wedding.  The same goes for the bridesmaids dresses.

Flower girl ideas:
I love these dresses that I found on etsy.  While looking on etsy there were A LOT of the big tulle dresses, I can tell you right now Jason will not go for that and it's not really my style either. So I fell in love when I found these cute dresses.  I was thinking Keira and Kendall would hold little baskets throwing flowers and Kaylee could hold one of those signs that says "here comes the bride"


Save the Date Invite ideas:
I love the idea of doing the save the dates on a magnet, a magnet is easy cause people can just put it on their fridge on don't have to worry about it falling off.

Wedding Dress Ideas:
Again when it comes to a wedding dress, mine will be simple yet still pretty.  I don't like a lot of bling, I'm not really a lace person.  I love the fit and flare dresses.  While I surf around on pinterest and get wedding dress ideas, I also show them to Jason to see what he thinks, his opinion does matter to me cause I want him to like it to.  My favorites go left to right!

Wedding day hair/makeup ideas:
I'm not sure if I want my hair all the way down or half up half down.  As for my makeup, I know I may sound like a broken record but my makeup will be simple but still really pretty.  I don't wear a lot of makeup now so I don't want to look like a totally difference person on my wedding day.

I love the idea of the groom and groomsmen not wearing jackets.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

ww: sitting up like a big girl

Kendall - 5 months 2 weeks old

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Keira: Potty Training Update

Just like in pregnancy and raising kids, not one is the same.  That goes for the same for potty training each of your kids.  With Kaylee it seemed so easy, don't get me wrong she did have accidents and I wasn't sure I could handle it at times, but after the 3rd day it just clicked and she got it.  We started training with her around 18 months and she wasn't quite ready, so we waited till she was almost 2 and at that time she was more than ready.  I made a sticker chart and we had M&M treats in the bathroom for each time she went.  She would tell me each time she had to go and by the time she was 2 she was potty trained during the day and naptime.  Once she was able to wake up each morning dry for like 2 weeks then I knew she was ready to wear undies all the time.  By 3 she was going to the bathroom on her own and even wiping herself.
Now lets talk about my sweet diaper lover Keira.
Around 18 months, I knew Keira wasn't ready at all to even think about going potty on the big potty.  It was so strange to me that my kid had this huge love for her diapers.  Like a love for her diapers that I've never seen before!  This continued on, after she turned 2 we would ask her if she wanted to wear big girl undies like Kaylee and she would scream "NO, I wear diaper!".  I didn't want to push her if she wasn't ready and I knew she wasn't ready.  I thought she would catch on a lot quicker cause she saw Kaylee going, but NOPE!
With Keira I had to come up with a different way of potty training.  A different way to even getting her to wear undies.  One night after a bath, daddy was able to bribe Keira to put undies on with a cookie.  She wore those undies for 15 minutes before asking to take them off and get her diaper on.  She ran and got a diaper, once she returned to her room, she was jumping up and down yelling "yay diaper!".  Baby steps with the undies.  So we let a couple days pass and we tried it again, after a bath Kaylee put her big girl undies on, Keira put her big girl panties on and we even had Kendall put a pair on, which Keira thought was funny.  She wore her undies for 30 minutes this time.  I thought ok, we're making progress.  Again I let it go and a week or so had passed.  We would talk about wearing undies and we would ask Keira if she wanted to wear undies, sometimes it was yes but most times it was no.
Well something finally clicked and when we would ask her if she wanted to wear her undies she would say yes.  Big progress for her.

We are not fully 100% potty training but we are wearing our undies for a couple hours a day and sitting on the potty so that she can get a feel for everything.  My hope is that I'll have her potty trained by this summer.  Potty training is hard, not every kid is the same thats for sure.

Here is a little recap of our journey....

Day 1 {3.4.13}
That morning we had lots of errands to run and I knew we would be out for a long time so there was no way I was putting her in undies and braving it out.  After she woke up from her nap, her diaper wasn't very wet I knew it would be a good time to put her undies on.  Having her wear undies in the house makes me nervous only becuase our whole rental house is carpet {besides the bathrooms and kitchen}.  Well I cant very well keep her locked in the bathrooms or the kitchen, so I figured if she was going to have an accident I'd rather be outside if she does.  So we put our undies on and headed outside to play.  We played outside for about an hour before I head Kendall crying.  We came inside, I got the baby up and gave her a bottle before we headed to the bathroom for Keira to try.  She sat there for what felt like hours, but really it was like 10 minutes.  After those 10 long minutes Kaylee and I heard the little trickling of pee pee hitting the water in the toilet.  I waited for the noise to stop before yelling and clapping!  Even Keira got in the on the excitment and was yelling "YAY".  After putting our undies back on we had to call daddy and tell him, before making our way to the kitchen to get a much deserved cookie!  She wore her undies until about an hour before bedtime {7pm} and I put a diaper back on her and her pajamas.  I think day one was a pretty good day.  Wearing her undies for 4 hours and pee peeing in the potty once, I'll take it.

* * * *
Day 2 {3.5.13}
Keira woke up with a wet diaper, not very wet.  She took her jammies off and her diaper and ran to her room to pick out some undies to wear.  I put a thick towel down in her chair {just in case} and got them some breakfast and a drink.  She ate and drank her drink.  She then went to play, we dropped Kaylee off at school, came back home and tried to go potty {she sat there about 10 minutes, but didn't go}.  She went on to play more before leaving again to go get Kaylee.  I know I may be crazy for taking her out with undies on, but she didn't pee pee so that's a win!  She ate lunch and before taking a nap we tried to go potty again {her undies were damp a little}  I knew she had to go but after sitting on the potty for like 10-15 minutes she didn't pee.  I know it's different for her and she may be afraid.  But I am proud of her for even wearing the undies and I'm even happier that she's been able to wear them as long as she has without having an accident.  After nap time she didn't want to put her undies on so I changed her diaper and we put a new diaper on.  Like I said before I don't want to push her, I want her to be totally ready.

* * * *

Like I said we aren't in 100%  potty training mode.  I want to try and make it fun for her so that she wants to go.  She is big on praise.  When she did pee in the potty she got happy that we were clapping and cheering for her!  So I want to make her a potty chart like I did with Kaylee.  With Kaylee she would get to put a sticker on each time she went potty.  At the end of each week for the first month only we would take her down and let her pick 2 things from the dollar section at Target.

After nap time Keira put her undies on and we headed outside to play {I choose to go outside a lot while she's wearing her undies in case she does have an accident, it's easier to clean her up.  We have carpet throughout the house were renting so I would rather not to clean up pee out of the carpet if I don't have to.} She does really well outside and man can this kid hold her pee for a long time!  I just need her to feel comfortable enough to just let it out when she's on the potty.  I think sometimes she gets scared and then holds it in until I let her down and then she'll have an accident a few mintues later, does that mean she's not ready?!

While playing outside for 2 hours this morning she didn't have one accident and sat on the potty twice {no pee pee either time}.  During nap time I put a diaper on her and she woke up wet.  We took her diaper off and put her undies on and headed back outside to play more.

I'm still thinking she might not be ready, she doesn't tell me she has to go.  I don't know I think I'm going to wait a month or so and then try it again and see if she's more ready!