Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Keira is 23 months old


Oh man, you are a month away from turning 2!  TWO, I cant even wrap my head around the fact that your 2nd birthday is right around the corner.  I cant believe how fast this year has gone by.  I cant believe all that you've learned and accomplished in a year.  How much you've grown and changed in just a year.  You are such a sweet girl and this past month has become even more attached to mommy.  I love all the attention I get from you, I just hope you don't get really jealous when your little sister arrives and I cant give you all the attention that I give you now.  You have finally started calling Kaylee by her name instead of always calling her Keira.  LOL  You went months calling Kaylee, by your name.  Finally after repeating ourselves like a millions times telling you her name was Kaylee you are now finally calling her by the right name.  It was funny cause when we would show you pictures of Kaylee and ask you who it was you would say "Kaylee".  Silly girl.  You are so smart and have a temper like no other.  Your new thing lately is hitting, which I hope you grow out of fast, you find yourself in time out a lot for hitting Kaylee.
I love you to the moon and back sweet girl and I cant wait to celebrate your birthday next month!
Love, Mommy
SLEEPING:  this month you continue to sleep really well.  This month you've also hit a big milestone, you no longer sleep with a BINKY.  Getting rid of your binks was a lot easier than I thought it would be.  Lets be honest you were pretty attached to that binks at nap and bed time.  But I noticed that is was falling apart so I cut the tip off and gave it to you and you didn't want it.  From then on you haven't even asked for it.  YAY one less thing I have to worry about.  I am so proud of you.  You are still taking ONE nap a day for about 3 hours.
POTTY TRAINING:  I know last month I talked about you being totally interested and actually using the potty and then you got sick.  Once you were all better you haven't been interested in the potty what's so ever.  Which is ok, cause I wasn't forcing the potty training on you at all.  I wasn't planning on trying to potty train you until after you turned 2. 
EATING:  this month has been ok in the eating department.  You use to be such an awesome eater and would eat absolutely anything.  Now you have started to get a little picky on what you want to eat.  You use to eat any veggie that I put in front of you, now I have to try and hide it so you eat it.  You still love all fruits and most meats.  I'm just hoping that once you hit 2 you don't become super picky like your sister and not want to eat anything except a few select foods.
Weight: 23lbs
Height: 34"
Clothes: 24 months / 2T
Shoes: 6
Diaper: 4
Hair: medium brown
Eyes: dark blue

* the tantrums, oh the tantrums!  this month your tantrums have been bad.  sometimes you will cry and throw a tantrum for no aparant reason.  You will go on for about 10-15 minutes before you settle down and realize that your crying for no reason and you come out happier as can be!

* your favorite cartoons are SPONGEBOB & BUBBLE GUPPIES

* you got promoted to BIG SISTER on 10.27.12 and you are seriously obessed with your sister (that's a whole post in itself)
* we picked out the theme and have almost all the decor done for your party.  Mommy just needs to figure out the time, what were going to eat and make your invitations.
* at nap time you sleep in your pack n play in mommy & daddy's room.  The reason you sleep in our room is because you and Kaylee play and it takes you both well over 2 hours to finally fall asleep or sometimes you don't fall asleep.  And baby girl you still need your naps!  So that mommy doesn't lose her sanity you sleep in our room and you sleep really well in there.
* lately you think it's really funny to crawl around the house pretending to be a dog.  You even make the panting noises and stick your tounge out like a dog, its pretty funny!
* as mommy's pregnancy came to an end you become very cuddly and even more attached to me.  You wouldn't even let daddy hold you, you only wanted me.  And I felt bad when I had to pass you off to daddy anyways cause you became to heavy to hold. 
 * I think your 2 year molars are coming in and its been a little rough on you.  Some nights you've been waking up multiple times.  I think its been a little more rough on you since you don't have your pacifier to chew on or to soothe yourself.  We might be going to get you a new pacifier cause mommy doesn't know how she'll be able to handle both you and Kendall waking up at night.  Mommy does need some sort of sleep.  Plus you make it really difficult cause you only like this ONE certain pacifier!

* you have been talking up a storm and also repeating everything, so we have to really watch what we say around you! 

* you love to try and sing the ABCs with Kaylee when she sings it, it's so cute!

* you are in LOVE with your orangie, which is pictured in all these pictures. You cannot take a nap or go to bed at night without him.  You carry him around the house and sometimes he even runs errands with us.

* you can count to 5
 * you still LOVE reading books, I often find you in your room by yourself with all your books scattered all around you reading them all.  I'm so glad you like your books.

* you love to be outside and go for walks

* you are my little dancing queen, I think dance classes are in your future.  And you have some rythum for being so little!

* Mommy is letting your bangs grow out and when you don't have a bow or clip in they cover your eyes and you cant see.

* you are still loving your puzzles and can do them pretty quick!

* every night before bed you have to make sure to give Kaylee a hug and a kiss good night, its so cute.  Some nights you like to doddle and give Kaylee kisses over and over.

* some mornings when I go into your room in the mornings I will find you pantless and diaperless!  When you pee pee you will take your diaper off.  Mommy now has to put you in onesies when you go to bed so you cant take your diaper off!

* you love the movies Madagascar 3 and Ice Age 4

* you are obsessed with shoes, you like to put on anyone and everyones shoes

* you like bath time

* SHAPES YOU KNOW:  circle, heart, star, diamond, oval, square and rectangle

* COLORS YOU KNOW: blue, black, purple and sometimes red.  We are still working on all the other colors

* you are still very much a mommy's girl!


Friday, October 26, 2012

39 week bumpdate & a false alarm...


How far along? 39 weeks - 7 days to go!
How big is the baby? Kendall is the size of a small PUMPKIN
Weight Gain/Loss: no weight gain for the past 2 weeks (35lbs total gained this pregnancy so far)
Maternity clothes? Now that the weather is getting colder, I'm wearing my one and only yoga pants that fit and I've been wearing Jason's shirts cause they are kinda the only thing that fits...yes I say kinda cause they are a little tight. Unless were going out I will wear my maxi skirt and my tank.
Stretch marks? nope
Sleep: this week has been not so great in the sleeping department.  I've been woken up many times during the night due to contractions or having to go to the bathroom multiple times.  I cant wait for this sweet girl to come so I can get some sort of sleep
Best moment this week: at my appt on Monday 10.22.12 I was 3CM & 50% effaced.  We made a trip to the hospital for a false alarm on Wednesday 10.24.12 where I was 3CM & 80% effaced. (more on the false alarm below...)
Miss Anything? I could go on and on with all the things that I miss.
Movement: her movements have slowed down but she's still getting a few good jabs in!
Anything making you queasy or sick: not really....


Labor Signs: Contractions for the past 3 days and losing my mucus plug!
Symptoms:  leaking boobs, tired, contractions and mucus plug
Belly Button in or out? In the middle (its not really in but its not out)
Wedding rings on or off? off
Mood: becoming very IMPATIENT and EXCITED
Looking forward to: meeting this sweet girl!  After having contractions for the past 3 days I'm serving this little girl her EVICTION NOTICE!
How the siblings are doing: The girls have been spending a lot of time with grandma with all the false alarms and me not feeling great.  They are both excited to meet their little sister.  Kaylee asks on a daily basis if sissy is here yet and when she's coming.  Keira has been cranky this week and crying for no reason.  I think her 2 year molars are trying to work there way through.

Let's go back to Tuesday night 10.23.12 around 11:00pm when we headed for bed and I started having some contractions, nothing consisten but there.  They didn't hurt, more annoying.  I fell asleep and was awoken here and there through out the night from the contractions and having to go pee. 

I woke up around 7:30am on Wednesday morning 10.24.12 having contractions about 10 minutes apart.  I thought yes this might be it, today might be the day.  I got the girls up, got Kaylee ready for school and then made them breakfast.  Grandpa showed up at the house around 8:15 cause he was taking Kaylee to school for me.  The girls finished eating and Kaylee went potty before getting her coat on and leaving for school.  During this time I was contracting every 10-15 minutes.  I got a text from Jason's mom saying she was back in town (she was in court) and call if I needed anything.  I told her I was still contracting and she told me she would come get Keira so that I could rest or shower or just have some quiet time.  She got to our house around 11:15am hung out for a little bit and then left to go pick up Kaylee from school and head back to her house.  Still contracting they were a little closer together now but nothing consistent.  Jason called around 12:30 to say he was on his way home.  I rested, took a shower and finished some cleaning around the house.  Jason got home around 2:30, we watched a movie while I contracted every 8 minutes.  While the movie was playing I swear I was up every like 5 minutes to go to the bathroom.  This didn't really seem normal to me and I thought maybe I was leaking fluid.  I talked to my mom cause she was calling to check on me and she suggested I call the advice nurse and ask her what she recommended I do.  By this time its around 5:00pm.  I talked to the nurse who asked me a BUNCH of questions and based off my answers told me to go to L&D to be checked out.

So we threw some last minute stuff into my hospital bag, just in case we were staying.  We made some phone calls and then left to make the 20 minute drive to the hospital.  Once we got there we checked in and waited to be taken upstairs.  Once upstairs they took my weight and then set me up in a room.  The nurse told me to pee in a cup and change into a gown.  They hooked me up to the monitors and checked my bp which was a little high 130/85.  I was nervous!!  I was kept on the monitors for about 30 minutes before the midwife came in to talk to me.  It was the same midwife that delivered Kaylee, I loved her she was awesome!  It was funny cause Jason & I had been talking when we got upstairs saying that it would be cool if she was there!  It was about 6:30, the nurse came in and said she was going to order me dinner cause the cafeteria was closing at 7.  Before dinner arrived they were gonna do 3 different tests to see if my water had broke.  Dinner arrive at 7 and it was meatloaf, mash potatoes with gravy and broccoli.  I don't know if I ate it all cause I hadn't eaten anything since 12 or what but I ate it all.   After I was done eating Jane (the midwife) came in to tell me that my water hadn't broke and since I was contracting every 2-3 minutes for the last hour she was going to check me.  She checked me and I was dilated 3CM and 80% effaced.  So I thinned out but my cervix didn't change.  She suggested that I walk the halls for an hour, then be put back on the monitors to see if the contractions would become closer together and then check me again.  I agreed to walk the halls.  Jane told me if I didn't change any after walking the hour she would send me home.  I was hoping since I was contracting so good in the room that it would continue and I would make some change.  While walking around my brother and his gf got there with food for Jason.  While walking the contractions actually seemed to slow down.  It was 8:45 and we headed back to my room to be put back on the monitors.  My contractions had slowed way down to like 6-8 minutes apart.  I was disappointed cause I knew that we were probably  headed home.  The midwife came in to check me and I hadn't made any change.  She also told me that she wasn't going to do anything to jump start my labor as much as she wanted to deliver my baby cause I was only 38w5d.  So sadly I got redressed and we headed home.  On the way home and once we got home I was still contracting every 6-8 minutes.  We headed to bed around 10:30 and it felt like I was up every 2 hours going pee and being woken up by some of the contractions.

Thursday morning came and I thought after all the contractions I was having the night before and that morning that yesterday was the day.  The girls spent the night at Jason's moms so she dropped Kaylee off at school and then dropped Keira off at home.  We hung out with daddy cause he took today off and we watched movies.  During this time I was having some paintful contractions.  Jason's mom called around 11am to check in and see if anything had changed, nope no change contractions were still all over the place and not consistent.  Since Jason was home we all went to go get Kaylee from school.  Yesterday I noticed I hadn't been peeing as much as I was on Wednesday afternoon.  But every time I went to the bathroom there was mucus with red in it. (sorry TMI).  I became discouraged that anything was going to happen since my contractions pretty much stopped.  Walking doesn't speed up my contractions it actually slows them down.

As of today I am 39 weeks and I know she'll come when she's ready but I'm more than ready.  I'm just disappointed and getting discouraged that its not going to happen.  I've been contrating but it hasn't been anything consistent.  And the lower back pain is a killer, it feels like back labor.  So I'm hoping my next baby post will be me introducing her and not doing a 40 week bumpdate!!

Thank you again for all your thoughts, well wishes and prayers.  They mean a lot to us.  We are just very much ready to meet this sweet girl!!!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Baby Kendall Update...

On Thursday 10.18.12 I went an had a growth u/s done cause Miss Kendall was measuring 34 weeks (I was 37w3d).  So what I thought was a good u/s turned into "let me call your dr, your baby is measuring small and your fluid is low".  All that ran through my head was "again".  I had this same thing with Keira.  So the tech called my dr and she said "she would just see me at my appt on Monday".  So I left and was anxious all weekend wondering if Monday 10.22.12 would be the day that I would meet my little girl or what would happen.
So fast foward to Saturday night we went to bed around 10:30 and at around 11:00 I started getting some contractions, I tried to get comfortable.  My contractions were coming every 10 minutes for about an hour and then they stopped!  BOO...they then continued to come off and on into Sunday morning.  Once I got up on Sunday morning they were gone.  So I took it easy all day on Sunday.
Monday morning came and grandma came to get the girls like she normally does.  Jason has the day off cause it was raining and at 9:30 I headed to my 38 week dr appt.  They did the usual check up.
Weight: no weight gain this week!  YAY
I've gained 35lbs this pregnancy
Which is fine with them cause my pre prego weight was 114lbs (considered underweight for my height)
Bp: 122/85
Urine: good
Heartbeat: good 150
Measuring: 35 weeks
The dr came in, Id never seen this dr but wow was he amazing (and I'm not being sarcastic either).  He went over everything with me and he even went over my u/s results. 
He said that the report didn't say anything about her measuring small even though the u/s tech said that to me while I was there...relief.  He then told me that my fluid levels came in at 7.75 (suppose to be between 8-18).  So he was going to send me over to the hospital to be monitored and have my fluids checked again.  He said that if my fluids came back any lower than the 7.75 that they would induce me.
After telling him about my contractions I was having Saturday and that I've been feeling a lot of pressure in my pelvic and butt area he decided to check me.
I am dilated
3CM & 50% effaced & -1 station
YAY progress has been made since a week 2 cm in 1 week.
He then proceeded to tell me while he was checking me...
oh she's right there which is why you feel all that pressure and she has NO HAIR!
NO HAIR, really all this heartburn I've had with this kid and she's going to be my only baldy.
I'm now even more curious to see what she looks like, Jason and I have been talking a lot about what we thing she'll look like.  He said watch her come out with blonde peach fuzz and brown eyes. haha
The nurse then set me up an appt to go to the hospital for that same day at 1:00
Once I got home I finished packing my bag just in case we had to stay
Jason got home we ate lunch and then we left to go to the hospital.
We checked in and waited to be called back.
We only waited about 5 minutes in the waiting room before being called back.
For some reason I was really nervous the whole way to the hospital and still nervous once being there.  They called me back and we went into this little room with another couple who was in there for the same reason I was. I sat on the bed and she hooked me up to the monitors, she then gave me this push button and told me every time I felt the baby move or kick to push the button.  She then put another monitor on me to check for contractions.  She then took my Bp which was 112/65, she was like wow you must be really relaxed and I was like "I don't know how it's so low compaired to earlier cause I'm more nervous now".  They did the u/s on the other girl while I was being monitored for 30 minutes.  For the first 10 minutes Kendall wasn't really moving at all and then towards the end she started moving around.  They were monitoring me to make sure that everytime she moved or kicked that her heart rate went up, which is did. 
After my 30 minutes of monitoring was done they moved on to the u/s
She measured 3 of my 4 pockets and guess what my fluids had went up to a 10.5
which means baby has enough fluids and would be fine!
The Rn said the baby must have peed!  LOL
So she called my dr to fill him in and see what he wanted to do next.
He said that was great news and he would see me in a week if I didn't have the baby by then.
The Rn said I don't think you'll make to the weekend.
I was happy to get the good news that my fluids had gone up but to be honest I was a little disappointed at the same time.  I was really hoping that we would be staying and I would get to meet my sweet girl.  But I guess everything happens for a reason.  My mom was really upset cause she thought that she wasn't going to be able to make it.  When I talked to her today she told me that she is going to catch a flight and come out tomorrow, so that she can be here. (she lives in CO). 
Now we wait.....
I plan to do a lot of walking and doing some bow chicka bow wow to get things going
Thank you thank you thank you for all the thoughts and prayers from all you on here and from those who follow me on Instagram, it was greatly appriciated!
* * * * *
I also recieved my new diaper bag in the mail last week and I LOVE it!
I am actually using it right now as my hospital bag.  Its big, big enough to fit all my stuff and stuff for all 3 girls!!
I got it at if your interested and need a big bag!

Monday, October 22, 2012

Dear Kaylee & Keira,

Girls, where do I even begin...
On Monday 10.22.12 we could find out when your little sister will be coming.
After this appt they might send me over to the hospital to be induced.
Grandma was here to pick you guys up like she does every Monday, but today was different.
Saying good bye to both of you was hard, knowing that I might not see you for 3 days was harder.
Nowing that your little sister could come today....
Makes me both happy, anxious & nervous.  I'm filled with so many emotions right now.
I'm happy to be giving both of you a new little sister to love on, grow up with and be best friends.
I'm anxious about getting settled into a routine with the 3 of you and wondering if I'll be able to handle all 3 of you when it's time for daddy to go back to work.
I'm nervous about how the two of you might react after bringing the baby home.  I'm hoping that you guys wont be jealous and that you both know that mommy & daddy love you both!
What can I say baby girl, you will always be my first born and you'll always hold a special place in my heart cause you were the one that made me a mama!  No matter how old you get, you will always be my baby!  I know you will continue to be the best BIG SISTER ever!  You are so sweet and so caring with Keira and I hope you continue to be that way when Kendall comes. 
Your wee little life has changed me.  The day you were born was like a new beginning for me, a change that will forever lay soft on my heart.  Everything in my life is sweeter cause of you.  The days and fleeting moments with you are only a breath in time.  They linger briefly and fly away on the wings of tomorrow.
You are precious in every way: the sunshine in my day, the joy in my soul, and the love of my life
I love you the moon & back!
You are graduating up to BIG SISTER status.  Even though you are becoming a big sister and that your almost 2 I still consider you my baby.  Watching how sweet you are with your babies makes my mommy heart skip a beat, cause I know you will be a great big sister to Kendall.  I am excited to see the two of you interact together. 
I wish you the strength to face challenges with confindence...
along with the wisdom to choose your battles carefully...
I wish you adventure on your journey & may you always stop to help someone along the way...
Listen to your heart and take risks carefully...
Remember how much you are LOVED...
Mommy & Daddy are so proud of you!
I love you the moon & back!
My wish for all my girls is...
that this life is all that they want it to be.
that their dreams stay big.
that their worries stay small.
that they grow to share a bond that can never be broken.
that they always stick up for each other no matter what.
I just want you girls to know that even though baby sissy is almost here, you guys are still my number one.  I know the first month or so might be a little challenging for all of us, trying to figure out a routine that works for us. But I'm hoping since the holidays are right around the corner it makes it a little easier to adjust cause we'll be doing lots of fun family things. If mommy seems grumpy or tired I hope that you don't take it personal.  I want you to know that even if mommy doesn't get much sleep, I will still try to make each day as fun as possible.  I don't want you guys to feel left out in any way just cause I may be giving more attention to your baby sister the first few weeks.  All 3 of you mean the world to me and I cant wait to start this new journey as a family of 5.  I will admit that I am very nervous and I just hope that I can be the best mom I can to the 3 of you. 
I love you girls to the moon & back...
(I need to go dry the tears that are now flowing down my face)
I'll be back with an update after my appt.

Friday, October 19, 2012

38 weeks and u/s growth scan

How far along? 38 weeks - 13 days to go or 2 weeks! She could come anytime!
How big is the baby? Kendall is the size of a small WATERMELON
Weight Gain/Loss: I have an appt on Monday Oct. 22nd
Maternity clothes? Now that the weather is getting colder, I'm wearing my one and only yoga pants that fit and I've been wearing Jason's shirts cause they are kinda the only thing that fits...yes I say kinda cause they are a little tight.  Unless were going out I will wear my maxi skirt and my tank.
Stretch marks? nope
Sleep: sleep has been pretty good.  Once I fall asleep I'm out until I get what feels like a bad side ache letting me know that it's time to get up and go pee.  This past week I've been getting up twice a night since she is really down in my pelvic and really pushing on my bladder.  I'll go pee and by the time I made it back to bed it feels like I need to pee again.
Best moment this week: at my appt Monday hearing I made some progress, 1.5CM and I'm excited that she'll be here soon!
Miss Anything? I could go on and on with all the things that I miss.
Movement: man this little girl has been kicking my butt this week. Her movements are big and strong and hurt.  She has been rolling a lot and pocking body parts out near my hips which also hurt pretty bad.
Anything making you queasy or sick: I haven't been feeling queasy like I was in the past 2 weeks, which is really nice.  Certain smells make me a little queasy.


Labor Signs: LOTS of BH mixed with a few real contractions, pressure and discharge
Symptoms: EXHAUSTED, leaking boobs, peeing every 10 seconds (at least it feels like it)
Belly Button in or out? In the middle (its not really in but its not out)
Wedding rings on or off? On
Mood: anxious, excited, nervous, moody, tired and just ready!
Looking forward to: meeting this sweet girl!  I cant wait to see the girls interact with her and just try to get into a family of 5 routine. I cant wait to celebrate all the holidays coming up with my little family!
How the siblings are doing: The girls have been good.  Kaylee has been asking a lot more when Kendall will be here.  She says that she's going to help change diapers (pee pee only), push her in her swing but not let her play with her toys yet cause she's too small.  LOL  Keira has made a huge leap this week, she has been binky free all week!  NO MORE BINKS for Keira.  I had noticed that her binks had a hole on each side so I cut the tip off and since then she doesn't want it.  She has done really really well without it.  She hasn't asked for it once, so proud!!  This week has been a little trying since the girls have been fighting with each other, talking back and not listening.  Wed & Thursday I tried putting Keira back into her room with Kaylee at night time and it was pure hell.  Kaylee would get out of bed and then Keira would stand up and it would take over 2 hours for them to fall asleep.  Instead of me getting upset at them, we went out and got another pack n play.  Keira is back into our room in the new pack n play.  We also got the pack n play for when we go places, so she can take a nap.  Like last weekend when we went to Jason's grandparents for the day, we got it cause we are going back there this weekend and having the pack n play will come in handy.

U/S Growth Scan
37 weeks 6 days

At my dr appt on Monday 10.15.12 we went over the normal routine.  Check weight, pee in a cup, check BP, wait for Dr to come in.  She came in and checked the heartbeat & it sounded good.  She then measured my belly, it was measuring 33 weeks so almost 4cm behind.  Since I've been measuring behind almost this whole pregnancy she called for another u/s growth scan.

Since Jason's mom couldn't take the morning off to watch Keira, Jason took the morning off to take me out to my appt and hang out with Keira.  We dropped Kaylee off at grandma's cause she could drop her off at school for us.  We headed out to my appt.  I checked in and waited to be called back.  He told me he was going to measure everything.  Her head was really far down in my pelvic area but he was able to get the brain measurements he needed.  He measured everything else (stomach, kidneys, heart, legs and fluids).  We weren't really able to get any good pictures of her since she was so far down in my pelvic, but it was nice to see her.

He said ok we're all done.  Before you go let me call your dr.  I asked if everything was ok cause while he was doing the u/s he said everything looked good (guessing they say that cause they don't want to freak you out).  He then told me that she is measuring smaller in certain areas than normal and that my fluid is measuring low as well.  So he wanted to call my dr.  He came out to tell me that my dr will see me on Monday (at my scheduled appt) and we would figure out our next step whether is be to induce or just keep an eye on it.  So these next 3 days are gonna be a little nerve racking cause Monday after my appt they could decide to send me over to the hospital to be induced.  Which means I could be meeting my little girl in 3 days.  I guess we'll see what Monday holds.  I will for sure update on Monday after my appt.  If you guys could keep us in your thoughts, I would appriciate it!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

What's in our hospital bags...

Thanks for all the guesses yesterday on when you think Kendall will arrive, it will be fun to see who gets the closest or heck even right on!

At my dr appt on Monday 10.15.12 (37 w 3d check up) when she measured me I'm measuring 33 weeks, so she ordered me to have another u/s which I go for tomorrow 10.18.12.  I am excited to see our sweet girl again.  They are doing a growth u/s just to make sure she's growing ok.  The dr thinks she's fine and that Miss Kendall hides well when I lay down.  This is all to familiar for me since I had do to these same u/s with Keira.  But just keep us in your thoughts tomorrow that baby girl is growing healthy.  I am also interested to see how much this little one is weighing in at so I can get an idea of what I'm dealing with when it comes to labor time.  At my last u/s appt (34w 3d) she weighed 4lbs 14oz.  I'll report back tomorrow with how my u/s went but I will not be revealing her weight though!

I decided that at 35 weeks or so I should pack Kendall's & my hospital bags and have them ready cause you just never know and if I left it up to Jason to pack it, then we'd be in big trouble! LOL Kendall's hospital bag is totally packed and ready to go and most of my bag is packed (minus the stuff I use on a daily basis that will get put in there before leaving to the hospital).  Its a good feeling to know that our bag is packed and it's one less thing that I have to worry about.  I looked on pinterest and asked people what I should pack cause honestly I was drawing a blank when it came time to pack our bags.  Our bags our in the closet just waiting for when I tell Jason "its TIME!!" 
Let me know if I'm missing anything...
1. a change of clothes & going home outfit
2. socks / undies / sports bra
3. Ipad
4. camera (not pictured, using it to take the pics)
5. phone / charger
6. magazines / book
7. tooth brush / tooth paste / body wash / shampoo / make up remover / makeup
8. wallet
1. 2 outfits ( different sizes N & 0-3) & coming home outfit
2. 2 different pacifiers
3. 2 hats & bows
4. socks & crochet booties
5. blanket & muslin
6. cuddly hippo the girls picked out for her
7. 4 - N diapers (I know they provide diapers but there's are size 1 and big)

{Kendall's whole bag has a pink & grey theme, which was totoally unplanned when I was packing}
1. magazines
2. snacks / drinks
3. phone
4. laptop
(daddy's bag isn't packed at all, as long as he has his phone to surf the internet on he'll be happy, his list is just an added bonus)

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Guess when baby Kendall will arrive

With 16 days or less until baby Kendall's arrival, I thought it would be fun to play the guessing game!  I am excited for the arrival of my newest addition and cant wait to see when she decides to make her grand entrance!
Take a guess on....
Date of arrival
Date of arrival:  October 24th, 2012
Weight: 7lbs 4oz
Height: 20.5"
Time: 4:15pm
It will be really fun to see how close I am and how close you guys get!
Sorry there wont be any prize if you guess correctly, its just for fun and you'll get to know that you guessed right!  hehe
Let the guessing begin and I will let you know who came the closest!

Here's some info on Kaylee & Keira that might help you make your guess....
Kaylee: my water broke at 39 weeks
Weight: 6lbs 15oz
Height: 19.5"

Keira: I was induced at 39w 3d for low fluid
Weight: 7lbs 1oz
Height: 20"

At my dr appt yesterday she checked me and I'm dilated 1.5CM and she thinks that I might make it to 39 weeks.  She is keeping an eye on me a little closer cause my bp keeps going up with the last 3 visits.  She said the baby is really low and head down.


Monday, October 15, 2012

Excuse me, where did my 3.5 year old go?

After taking these pictures and coming inside to look at them on the computer
I asked myself  "where the heck did my 3.5 year old go?"
I mean honestly Kaylee looks like she's 10 in some of these pictures.
Its so crazy how fast they grow up. 
Its even crazier that changing her hair up can make her look older.
On Friday my DSLR camera battery charger came in the mail and I was one happy mom.
That meant that I could finally take some good/cute/infocus pictures of the girls.
On Saturday while Keira took her nap, I put Kaylee in the cute dress that my mom made her and we headed outside to take some cute pictures.  She was actually really excited about them and wanted to look at every picture after I took it.  It was a lot of fun and I am in LOVE with all of these pictures.



* * * *
On Saturday we had a pretty low key day.  It was just the girls & I all day, daddy went out shooting with some friends.  It felt like such a long day cause the girls decided that as soon as daddy left they were going to fighting and argue all morning till nap time.  They both took a good nap and I napped too.  Kaylee woke up and came out to watch some cartoons while Keira slept.  Keira woke up and they watched TV for a little bit and then the arguing and fighting began again until right before daddy got home.  We then had some friends over for dinner and the girls ending up going to bed later than their normal time.  I was able to finish Kendall's coming home outfit and leg warmers, its all packed and waiting for her.
On Sunday, we got up early and we were all ready by 8:30 to leave and head up to see Jason's grandparents new house.  Can I just say I AM IN LOVE.  There new house is beautiful.  It's up in the mountains, as soon as you walk in every window you look out there is an awesome view.  It was so quiet and peaceful there.  We made lunch and enjoyed the beautiful weather and view out on the deck.  I could totally live there.  The girls had a good time.  We left to come home around 4, after Keira had tantrum of all tantrums.  She was beyond tired and was super upset cause I passed her off to daddy (she's getting to heavy for me to hold her)

I mean isn't this beautiful!?