Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Baby Kendall Update...

On Thursday 10.18.12 I went an had a growth u/s done cause Miss Kendall was measuring 34 weeks (I was 37w3d).  So what I thought was a good u/s turned into "let me call your dr, your baby is measuring small and your fluid is low".  All that ran through my head was "again".  I had this same thing with Keira.  So the tech called my dr and she said "she would just see me at my appt on Monday".  So I left and was anxious all weekend wondering if Monday 10.22.12 would be the day that I would meet my little girl or what would happen.
So fast foward to Saturday night we went to bed around 10:30 and at around 11:00 I started getting some contractions, I tried to get comfortable.  My contractions were coming every 10 minutes for about an hour and then they stopped!  BOO...they then continued to come off and on into Sunday morning.  Once I got up on Sunday morning they were gone.  So I took it easy all day on Sunday.
Monday morning came and grandma came to get the girls like she normally does.  Jason has the day off cause it was raining and at 9:30 I headed to my 38 week dr appt.  They did the usual check up.
Weight: no weight gain this week!  YAY
I've gained 35lbs this pregnancy
Which is fine with them cause my pre prego weight was 114lbs (considered underweight for my height)
Bp: 122/85
Urine: good
Heartbeat: good 150
Measuring: 35 weeks
The dr came in, Id never seen this dr but wow was he amazing (and I'm not being sarcastic either).  He went over everything with me and he even went over my u/s results. 
He said that the report didn't say anything about her measuring small even though the u/s tech said that to me while I was there...relief.  He then told me that my fluid levels came in at 7.75 (suppose to be between 8-18).  So he was going to send me over to the hospital to be monitored and have my fluids checked again.  He said that if my fluids came back any lower than the 7.75 that they would induce me.
After telling him about my contractions I was having Saturday and that I've been feeling a lot of pressure in my pelvic and butt area he decided to check me.
I am dilated
3CM & 50% effaced & -1 station
YAY progress has been made since a week 2 cm in 1 week.
He then proceeded to tell me while he was checking me...
oh she's right there which is why you feel all that pressure and she has NO HAIR!
NO HAIR, really all this heartburn I've had with this kid and she's going to be my only baldy.
I'm now even more curious to see what she looks like, Jason and I have been talking a lot about what we thing she'll look like.  He said watch her come out with blonde peach fuzz and brown eyes. haha
The nurse then set me up an appt to go to the hospital for that same day at 1:00
Once I got home I finished packing my bag just in case we had to stay
Jason got home we ate lunch and then we left to go to the hospital.
We checked in and waited to be called back.
We only waited about 5 minutes in the waiting room before being called back.
For some reason I was really nervous the whole way to the hospital and still nervous once being there.  They called me back and we went into this little room with another couple who was in there for the same reason I was. I sat on the bed and she hooked me up to the monitors, she then gave me this push button and told me every time I felt the baby move or kick to push the button.  She then put another monitor on me to check for contractions.  She then took my Bp which was 112/65, she was like wow you must be really relaxed and I was like "I don't know how it's so low compaired to earlier cause I'm more nervous now".  They did the u/s on the other girl while I was being monitored for 30 minutes.  For the first 10 minutes Kendall wasn't really moving at all and then towards the end she started moving around.  They were monitoring me to make sure that everytime she moved or kicked that her heart rate went up, which is did. 
After my 30 minutes of monitoring was done they moved on to the u/s
She measured 3 of my 4 pockets and guess what my fluids had went up to a 10.5
which means baby has enough fluids and would be fine!
The Rn said the baby must have peed!  LOL
So she called my dr to fill him in and see what he wanted to do next.
He said that was great news and he would see me in a week if I didn't have the baby by then.
The Rn said I don't think you'll make to the weekend.
I was happy to get the good news that my fluids had gone up but to be honest I was a little disappointed at the same time.  I was really hoping that we would be staying and I would get to meet my sweet girl.  But I guess everything happens for a reason.  My mom was really upset cause she thought that she wasn't going to be able to make it.  When I talked to her today she told me that she is going to catch a flight and come out tomorrow, so that she can be here. (she lives in CO). 
Now we wait.....
I plan to do a lot of walking and doing some bow chicka bow wow to get things going
Thank you thank you thank you for all the thoughts and prayers from all you on here and from those who follow me on Instagram, it was greatly appriciated!
* * * * *
I also recieved my new diaper bag in the mail last week and I LOVE it!
I am actually using it right now as my hospital bag.  Its big, big enough to fit all my stuff and stuff for all 3 girls!!
I got it at if your interested and need a big bag!


  1. haha...can't wait to see the little baldy! :-) Glad everything is still looking good.

  2. Good news!! She is almost here. Hang in there, i'm sure you know by now you will look back & realize how fast it really did go, even though it felt slow!! I'm so excited for you, i'm patiently waiting for the photos :)

  3. Maybe go eat some egg plant parmesan :)))

  4. Bald baby or not she is still going to be so stinkin' cute!

  5. wait does having a hairy baby give you heartburn? I didn't know that!
    And try Skipploini's prego pizza! I've had it, it's delicious! Closest one to you is probably the one by me in Antioch.Or is Clayton closer?

  6. I had the same thing as you (measuring small and lower fluids) and they induced me. I regretted letting them because I knew the baby was ok and I didn't need it. She'll come when she's ready and it sounds like she's sooo close! Good luck and can't wait to see the pics and hear how the birth went!

  7. EEEEEKKKKKK!!! This is getting so exciting. I bet the anticipation is killing you. She will be here any minute now!!

  8. I'm so glad Kendall is doing well - and hope she'll be here soon, for your sake! At my last appointment (last Thursday, 38w2d) I was 3cm and 60% effaced. I've had a bunch of contraction over the past few days and thought we were really on our way this morning when they started coming every 5-10 minutes. Buuuut, then they stopped. Boo. Trying to be patient. :-)

  9. The anticipation is killing me!!! I can't wait:) Thanks for your nice comment earlier. We are home again thank goodness but now have to have appointments and ultrasounds twice a week until delivery along with bedrest! Whatever keeps her cooking is fine by me. It's funny how you are SO ready to meet your little girl and all I want is for my little girl to cook a little longer! Months from now this will all be a distant memory and we can just oooh and awww over these sweet girls!

  10. So excited for Miss Kendall to make her arrival. Thinking about you and hope all goes smoothly!