Monday, October 8, 2012

Park Fun, an ER visit and I'm 1cm dialated

This weekend was pretty eventful, to say the least...
FRIDAY:  Kaylee missed school cause we all slept in till 8:35am which never happens.  Kaylee came into our room around 7am and she always watches cartoons before we get up around 7:45 to eat and get ready for school. Keira usually hangs out in her crib and plays or she's still sleeping when Kaylee comes in.  Kaylee and I must have dosed off cause when we I woke up it was 8:35 and I knew we wouldn't have enough time to go eat breakfast and make it to school on time.  So she got to stay home.  We did a little art project for a Christmas gift and I think they turned out adorable!  The girls went down for a nap at 12 and I relaxed.  I've been feeling off this past week and just not myself.  I've been feeling nausea and haven't felt like wanting to eat anything. Kaylee woke up from taking a 2 hour nap and we watched cartoons and Keira woke up around 4.  I got Kaylee ready to go to grandma's for the night.  She had to look presentable and not in grungy clothes cause they were going to pick up cousin Audri to take her to Barnes and Noble and to Michael's to pick out birthday stuff.  After Kaylee left daddy got home and we headed over to a friends house to hang out and have dinner.  We left around 9 to come home and put Keira to put (she slept in Kaylee's bed and is still doing great).
* * * * *
SATURDAY:  Daddy got up and headed to brentwood to go help a friend in the morning and would be back before the girls got up from their naps.  So it was just Keira and I hanging out.  We watched some TV, played dollhouse, read books and did puzzles.  Kaylee got home around 10:45.  She brought home some yummy fruit from the Farmers Market (raspberries, strawberries & grapes).  Once grandma left I cut up some of the fruit to make a little fruit salad and we all had some, it was so good.  The girls then went down for a nap around 12 and I again relaxed and maybe even took a nap!  The girls woke up with more energy then ever, so I told Jason lets load them up and take them to the park to let out some of the energy they had.  We had a great family time at the park, even the dog came.  We were at the park for about an hour in a half before heading home to make french toast for dinner, which was a big hit with the girls!

After dinner we put on a movie in hopes that the girls would relax a little bit before bed.  They were kinda watching the movie while playing around too.  Keira's stuffed animal was laying next to our brick fireplace and Kaylee was pretending to be a dog, crawling on her hands and knees.  She bent her face down to pick up the stuffed animal in her mouth and her arms gave out and she smacked her forehead on the fireplace.  I heard the smack and jumped up real quick to make sure she was ok and when we sat up, I freaked!  There was blood rushing down her face, a huge goose egg and a big gash.  I picked her up and ran her into the kitchen and Jason came to help.  He got a wet paper towel to stick on the gash and then a dry paper towel in hopes to put some neosporn on it to stop the bleeding.  We put a bandaid on it and then Jason ran to the store to get more bandaids.  While he was doing that he sent a picture text to his mom and his friend to see what they would do.  They both said we should take her to the ER.  Hearing that I was going to have to take my baby to the ER for the first time ever in her little life freaked me out, I felt like I was going to get sick.  We dropped Keira off at Jason's moms cause we weren't sure how long we were going to be at the ER and it was 8:30 when we left the house.  We got to the ER and checked in and surprisingly we only waited about 10 minutes before getting called back.  The nurse took all her vitals and she then took us back to our room where we waited for the Dr.  We waited about 10 minutes before the Dr came in, he cleaned her gash and she was so brave. I was so proud of her, she didn't even cry when he cleaned it and squeezed it.  He then said we have two options I can place one tiny stitch or glue it.  Jason said really quickly glue it.  LOL.  So the Dr left to go get the stuff and then returned and cleaned it again and dried it and then glued it.  I am so proud of her, she did such a great job.  For it being our 1st trip to the ER we were there for an hour total.  For Kaylee being so brave we stopped off at McDonalds on the way home and everyone got hot fudge sundaes, which she enjoyed fully.  She ended up finally going to bed around 10. (Jason's friend joked that now we should put Kaylee in a helmet).  After leaving the hospital we checked in with Jasons mom and she told us to come over for breakfast on Sunday morning and we could get Keira.
I don't know if it was cause of everything that happened with Kaylee that night but Jason & I went to bed around 11 and I slept for 2 hours and then I was wide awake for like 3 hours.  I was tired but I just couldn't for the life of me fall back asleep.  It sucked really bad.
* * * * *
SUNDAY:  Kaylee came into our room around 7:30 and we were suppose to be at Jason's mom for breakfast between 8:00-8:30.  So we slowly made our way out of bed and we all got ready and headed to his moms.  She made us eggs and bacon..YUM.  I was so tired and super cranky from the lack of sleep.  We hung out at Jason's mom for a little bit before leaving to let grandma get some gardening done.  But first Kaylee wanted to help grandma unload and put the flowers where they were going to get planted.  She also helped grandma plant worm eggs.
After that we left to come home, I fed the girls some lunch and then put them down for a nap.  I then ate some lunch and went down for a nap myself.  That 3 hour nap was really nice!  The rest of the day I layed around the couch while Jason attended to the girls and he even made dinner, such a great guy!  Love him to pieces.
After dinner we all snuggled on the couch and watched some Halloween show before putting the girls to bed for the night.  Jason then offered to rub my feet, which I wont turn down. So he rubbed my feet while we watched Halloween those people can really carve up some cool pumpkins.  We then headed to bed around 10:30. 
* * * * *
MONDAY:  I slept much better, I did wake up to pee twice.
Kaylee came into our room around 7:40 this morning and we got up around 8.  They both ate breakfast and then we got ready for school and waited for grandma to arrive.  We talked with grandma for a little bit before they left.  I then got ready cause I had a Dr appt at 9:30.  I made a quick stop by Starbucks and then headed to my appt.  I told the nurse that I had felt some pressure, cramping and some naseua over the weekend with some BH.  So he decided to check me. 
at 36 weeks 3 days
I am dialated 1CM
wow, am I really 1cm.
The dr said the pressure and naseua means that the baby is moving down.
So when I call Jason to tell him how my appt went he freaked out.
He freaked out cause Jason's parents are leaving Thursday - Monday for FL.  I told him not to freak out that I could be this way for a week or more.  I called his mom when I got home to fill her in.  She has the girls all day today so that I can rest with my feet up.  She's also going to take the girls tomorrow night after dinner and have then spend the night and then drop K off at school.  It just gives me another break and a good nights sleep.  She's also going to get some dinner stuff for us.  I am so thankful for his mom.  So this week you will find me on the couch doing a whole lot of nothing cause we don't want any change until after grandma gets back!
36 week 3 day stats:
Weight: 144lbs (gained 1lbs in 2 weeks for a total of 27lbs gained)
Bp: 134/77 (to me it seemed high, but dr said it was ok)
Urine: good
Heartbeat: good (she was moving all over the place while he was trying to listen)
Measuring: small 31-32 weeks (she hides really well when I lay down)


  1. Poor Kaylee---ouch!

    I think I was 1-2cm with Raya for 3 weeks or more! Hopefully baby stays put a little longer for ya!

  2. Wow. You're getting close to the end!

  3. Oh my word - you really did have an eventful weekend! Poor Kaylee! Glad she is okay!

    And, goodness, that baby girl of yours could be here before you know it. :)

    What did you get at Starbucks? I made my first trip there last weekend, and now I was thinking of swinging by this afternoon when we are out for LB's apt.

    1. Yes very eventful, thank you I'm glad it wasn't worse.
      I cant believe I'm already 1cm. With Keira I was 2cm at 38w 4d.
      I love Starbucks and I get a Decaf White Mocha

  4. Poor Kaylee =(

    I can't wait to read your post when you announce you've had the baby!!! =)

  5. I had a friend who was dilated to 3cm for three weeks! So I wouldn't worry about being 1cm. Glad Kaylee was OK and only an hour at the ER is awesome!

  6. Oh my - that's more than anyone needs to fill a weekend! We have a stone hearth on our fireplace and I'm just waiting for our 1st trip to the ER - seems inevitable...

    So glad your little one was such a brave trooper!

  7. Poor kaylee! But how exciting to be dilated!

  8. So glad Kaylee is okay and that it wasn't as serious as it could have been! How scary!

    Yay for a good checkup. At my last visit, I was also a cm dilated. I know people can walk around at 1cm for weeks but it's crazy to me because it means that I will actually be a mom of three soon! I'm sure you feel the same way.

    Also, sweet pictures! :)