Thursday, September 15, 2016

Toddler Fashion: Chunky Scarves

We got the biggest tease of fall like weather last week.  It was so amazing to be able to open the windows and have the cool breeze flowing throughout the house, not having to run the AC was amazing.  The cooler weather had me dreaming of fall and all the fun that comes with it.  You know, chunky scarves, boots, all things pumpkin spice, Halloween, the leaves changing and hot cocoa.  But right now lets chat about these incredibly soft chunky scarves from Hobsonville Co These scarves will definitely be a huge staple in our fall wardrobe.  I mean these bad boys are crocheted with love, the amount of love going into these scarves is amazing, the black edging around the scarf is another adorable added little touch.  If you love scarves on your little one then you definitely need to go follow this awesome shop and score some tomorrow 9/16 when she releases her fall line.  Lots of fun colors to choose from, the quality is amazing and they are so soft.

Monday, September 12, 2016

Backyard Makeover - Phase 2

Phase 2 of our backyard makeover is under way, phase 2 consisted of pouring our new concrete and putting up our arbor. We got our new concrete poured in April and it turned out pretty good.  We let the concrete cure and settle before we started on the arbor.

We gathered friends together to come help us, it just so happened to be a super hot Saturday.  We started bright and early, I keep saying we but really I just sat back and watched my husband and our friends do it all.  I was the hostess making sure everyone had water & food at lunch time! We got the arbor built that day and put the wood on top for the roof, we still need to put the shingles on it and then it will be totally done.  It provides amazing shade though which is awesome because our dinning room use to get so dang hot and now it stays cool.  WINNING!  I guess we also still need to seal it and paint it white.  Our backyard is a slow process but were doing it as we get extra money.
 Phase 3 will consist of taking down the crappy shed, the old gross hot tub.  Leveling out the yard a little bit, adding sprinklers in for the new grass and getting ready to start the process of our building our pool.  The girls are super excited about the pool and it should be done and ready before next summer.  I'm just excited to have our backyard done so we can go out there as a family and enjoy it together.

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Lemons Make Lemonade

"When life hands you lemons, use the opportunity to add a little zest to your life"
Summer is slowly coming to an end, I'm a little sad about it but I'm really excited for fall.
This outfit is just perfection, yellow is one of my favorite colors on my little Portuguese girl.
We got teased last week here in CA with cooler temps in the low to mid 80s, it was just perfect.  This week though were are back into the mid 90s.  I loved being able to have the windows & doors open, letting that cool air in.  It was just screaming fall, but then it said just kidding summer is still here. So here's to enjoying the last little bit of summer before fall arrives.