Monday, April 30, 2012

Keira 17 months old

Keira Alexis,

You turned 17 months old yesterday and are now only a month away from being a year in half.  Do you know what the means, it means there's 7 months until you turn 2. (instert mommy crying histerically) You are growing so fast and learning so much on a daily basis.  You have such a funny little personality but can also be so loving when you want to be.  Being your mommy has been such a joy and I am so thankful that god chose me to be your mommy.   Thank you for being such a great baby or should I say toddler (insert more crying cause your not my little baby anymore). 

Weight: 23lbs (34%) (guessing)
Height: 32.5" (80%)
Clothes: 18-24 months
Shoes: 4
Diaper: size 4
Teeth: 12
Hair: light brown with curls in the back
Eyes: blue

SLEEPING:  you are such a good sleeper.  you take one 3-3.5 hour nap a day and your always such a happy girl when you wake up.  You go to bed each night between 8 & 8:15 there are some nights that you wake up when you cant find your binks but usually put yourself right back to sleep.  You wake up around 7-7:30 each morning and then go down for your nap at 12.
EATING:  OMG kid I have no idea whenre you put all the food you eat.  You LOVE to eat thats for sure.  I have ONE thing that your will not eat....ONIONS, you don't like onions.  But other than that you will eat anything.  I wish your sister was the same way. You eat breakfast, 2 hours later you eat a small snack, then eat lunch, take a nap and eat a small snack when you wake up and then eat dinner.  I think there are times when you eat more than mommy.

You love bath time.  When you go to Grandma's on Mondays, you and sissy take a bath with Grandma.  The rest of the week you take one on Wednesday and Friday nights with sissy.  You guys have a great time splashing in the tub together or sometimes the sink.  Sissy likes to pour water on your head over and over which sometimes pisses you off, but I will give it to you for trying to do it back to sissy.  LOL.  You have a few bath toys but you and sissy only seem to play with the 2 cups that I use to rinse your hair with.

* New words that you've learned this month: MMM THAT GOOD, WHATS THIS, BUG, BUBBLES, TOP IT (stop it), GET DOWN, WA WA (water), ALL DONE, HI JUSTIN, I DONT KNOW, UH OH.  This month you've seem to just take off with new words and talking.  You still talk in your jibberish and when you get mad at sissy its yelling jibberish. 
* You are totally fearless.  You will try anything and not care whether you get hurt or not.  We went out on the boat last weekend and we let you play in the water and you would just run out into the water not caring if your face went under or not.  Daddy was right there with you but you kept going back for me.  You want to copy everything that sissy does and I mean everything.

* You are still obsessed with dancing.  You dance to any kind of music and baby has got some skills.  You can shack what your mama gave you, you have rythum.  Dance classes are in your future for sure.

* When the CARS movie come on you become like in a trance and don't move.  It's so funny to watch.  I have to walk up to you and block the TV so you listen to me.  Crazy kid.

* You HATE when Kaylee leaves on Fridays and you have to stay here!  It usually ends up with you screaming and crying calling for Grandma saying "me me me".  It's sad, usually you will stop crying once grandma says bye.  Usually you will blow kisses and wave but there are some Fridays when you so pissed you don't want to do either.  But grandma said after sissy's birthday party she is going to start taking just you!  Which I know you will love!

* You LOVE to walk around with your babies all the time.  We have like 5 different babies that you like to walk around with and pretend to give them some of your juice or your food.  It is the cutest thing to watch.

* You like to color on the easel with the chalk.  You are starting to like coloring with crayons.  I do have to watch you cause you like to eat the crayons sometimes.

* You got a Dancing Dog for your birthday and you've haven't played with it at all until a couple days ago.  You and sissy have become slightly obsessed with this dog and dancing along with it.  Its so cute to watch the two of you play nicely together, cause sometimes it doesn't happen much!

* You attended your very first wedding.  Daddy's brother Antheney was getting married.  So now your first auntie!!  YAY! You did really well at the wedding for being there from 2:45-9:30.  Mommy is proud of how good you were!

* You've started testing your boundries a little bit this month to see how far you can go before getting told NO.  You are a good listener for a 17 month old but there are times when you like to ignore mommy and run off thinking it's funny.

* You have been doing so good with your signing as well.  You can sign: ALL DONE, MORE, EAT, MILK, NIGHT NIGHT, GRUMPY AND EXCITED

* We are learning animal noises and the animals you know are: MONKEY, PIG, COW, DUCK, CAT, DOG, SNACK AND BEE.

* You don't like to get your diaper changed.  She knows when it's time, when I open the closet door she takes off running and tries to hide.  You also do this sometimes when it's time to get dressed.

* You still take binks only at nap and bedtime.  There are a few times when you get other than that.  Like when your molars were coming in, the binks helped sooth you.  But other than sleeping time you don't get it.  I'm not sure when we'll take it away but probably after you turn 2 we'll wean you off it.  That's when we weaned sissy.

* You love to watch cartoons in the morning.  Some of your favorites are: SPONGEBOB, BUBBLE GUPPIES, MIKE THE KNIGHT AND YO GABBA GABBA
* We want to transition you to a big girl bed soon.  We moved sissy to a big girl bed at 19 months but we might wait a little longer for Little Miss cause right now she's not ready.  We tried one night playing around, put Keira in bed with Kaylee turned the light off and went out the door to see what she would do, she got right up and wanted to play.

* You sissy are off and on.  One minute you guys are nice as can be to eachother and then the next minute you guys are fighting and screaming at eachother.  Oh it drives mommy crazy when you guys fight and don't get along!  Lately we've had more not getting along than getting along.  Mommy is hoping that once we move that that will change!  Fingers crossed.

* You are a total mama's girl and sometimes wont even go to daddy even when mommy needs a much needed break!  Mommy cant walk out of your sight without you calling for me and going to look where I am.  You do get really excited everyday when daddy gets home from work.  Its so cute.

* Your hair is getting so long and I love the curls in the back.  I have to trim the front of your hair quit often cause it grows so quickly!  Right now it looks like a baby mullet when your not wearing anything in your hair.

* You still LOVE your books.  You might be my little book worm in the family.  You like to carry your little books to your chair and will read them.

 the girls @ 17 months old
What do you think, do they look alike?

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Antheney and Alyssa's Wedding (Part 1)

Yesterday we celebrated a special day for Jason's brother and his new wife.
We had the pleasure of being in their wedding and sharing their special day with them.
Kaylee did an awesome job as the flower girl.
Being in the wedding party I didn't take as many pictures as I wanted to but I did get a few.
I cant wait to see all the pictures that the photographer took.  She was awesome!
The venue and the whole set up was beautiful.
The bride looked gorgeous and the groom looked handsome.
Not to mention how HOT my hubby looked in his tux (I've never seen him one- sexy sexy)
It was a beautiful day with a slight breeze, couldn't have asked for a better day.

I am so happy for the couple and now I can finally say "I have a sister."  YAY
The couple are headed to Hawaii for their honeymoon for 10 days.
Here are a few of the pictures I took until I all the photographer's pictures come back.

On a cool note:  the photographer is suppose to be featured in a bridal magazine with a 6 page spread and Antheney & Alyssa's wedding might be featured in it.  How cool is that!!!!

The beautiful couple doing the "not seeing eachother" pictures before walking down the isle!
They are so cute.

A picture of the beautiful gazebo where they said their I DO's! and their unity tree

The girls had an awesome time dancing the night away.  We didn't end up leaving the wedding until 9:30 and they did great the whole day!

Keira and I almost won the boquet toss.
Next up the garder toss, her garders were so pretty!
Some of the groomsmen by this point were waisted!

One last picture with the bride and groom before we left.
It was way past the girls bed time and they were ready to go.
They did an awesome job.

Thank you Antheney and Alyssa for including us on your special day
Congratualations again!
Have fun in Hawaii, I wish I was going! LOL

* * * * * *
Today we will be hanging out in our pajamas and relaxing!
I am happy to say that yesterday afternoon we signed contracts for our new rental house.
I am so glad we were able to find a house, so now we can slowly start moving stuff in.
We get the keys today and the carpets are getting cleaned Monday or Tuesday.
Now its packing time!!!!!
Have a great rest of the weekend
Check back tomorrow for Keira's 17 month post!

Friday, April 27, 2012

Answers to your questions

So here are all the answers to your questions you had for me.
Thank you ladies for all your questions!

Tatiana from Living life and loving it asked...
1. If you could go anywhere and eat anything where and what would it be?
If I could go anywhere I would love to go to Australia.  That is on mine and hubby's bucket list.  A kid less vacation.  If I could eat anything it would have to be mexican food.  I love mexican food and could eat it all the time.

* * * * * *

Johannah from The Sirois Family asked...
1. What did you do before staying home? 
I use to work at an Endocrinologist office as the receptionist.  I worked there for about a year and a half before I found out I was pregnant with Kaylee and then got laid off.  Which was a scary time for us.  I went on unemployment for a little bit and then a little bit after having Kaylee I decided to start school.  I did all my schooling online to get my certificate in Early Childhood Development

2. Do you plan on having more kids?
I would love to have one more and have it be a BOY.  But I guess we'll have to see what the future holds.  We had talked about no more after having our girls but maybe I can talk the hubby into just one more!  LOL

* * * * * *

Kate from Daffodils asked...
1. How did you and Jason meet?
Jason and I met our senior year in High School.  A mutual friend introduced us.  His friend really liked me but I had eyes for Jason.  My friend and I hung out with Jason and his friend one night and he dropped off both of them and then dropped me off.  He asked me for my phone number and then called me once he got home and we talked on the phone for 3 hours.  Which to think about now I'm like what the heck did we talk about for so long!!  haha  After we both graduated he went off to Chico and while he was there we took a short break but still talking to each other almost everyday.  Once he got back from Chico we got back together a short time later and the rest is history.  In January of this year we celebrated 10 years together!!

2. Did you work before mommyhood?
see answer above from Johannah

* * * * * *

Ashley from The Childers Family asked...
1. What did you do before becoming a SAHM?
see above answer from Johanna

2. How did you learn to sew?
This year for my birthday I decided I wanted a sewing machine.  I use to have my mom sew all the girls things, but when she moved to CO it wasn't as easy.  So I talked to her about a good beginer sewing machine and in January of this year I got my sewing machine and pretty much taught myself how to sew.  I looked at a lot of tutorials and watched videos.  I love sewing now and it's getting easier.  My next attempt is going to be a bubble romper for Keira.  I've tried making Keira 2 pairs of ruffle pants and have FAILED on both (there were both too small)

* * * * * *

Shawna from Girls Just Wanna Have Fun asked...
1. If you could take a child free vacation where would you go?
We would love to go to Australia, Hawaii or some fun in Monterey CA
2. What family vacations are on your wish list, including the kids?
We have a family vacation planned in June to spend the week at the beach with Jason's parents.  I would like to take the girls to Disneyland when they get a little bigger.  I want to take the girls to the aquarium and maybe do some camping some where fun.

* * * * * *

Hanna an anyonmous writer asked...
1. Are you planning on having more kids?
see above answer from Johanna

2. How do you find the time to stay in shape?
I try to work out about 15-20 minutes a day 2-3 times a week while the girls take a nap.  I have a boot camp video that is broken down into 4 different 10 minute videos and I usually do that and then mix so pilates in there so that I don't get bored.

3. Where do you get your kids adorable clothes?
I get a lot of their clothes from Target, Carters or The Children's Place.  I usually like to shop for them when I have a coupon and can get more stuff for less money.  I like to shop the clearance rack.  It makes it nice that my youngest has been able to wear almost all of her older sister's clothes.

4. Are you planning to take the kids to Disneyworld?
I believe Disneyworld is in FL and I'm not sure if we'll be taking them anytime soon.  Maybe when their older.  I don't like rollercoasters at all so I don't know how much fun I would have.  We do want to take them to Disneyland when they get a little bit bigger.

* * * * * *

Annie from Santiago Twin Girls asked...
1. Can you share how to sew an applique?
What I do is cut out the pieces I want to use.  I like to use adhesive paper and stick down my applique so it's a little easier to sew.  After ironing it and I just sew it with a zig zag stich and I'm done.
2. Why doesn't Kaylee have earrings in?
Kaylee likes to take her earrings out often.  She has sensitive ears to fake jewlery so she can only wear sterling silver or gold.  I have to invest in more backs to her earrings cause she rips them out and then loses the backs.  Her ears are still pierced, I put the earrings in the holes to make sure there still open.  Hopefully she'll have her earrings back in soon

3. Are you planning to go back to work soon?
I do plan to go back to work I'm not sure when yet.  I was planning to go when both girls started school.  Kaylee should be starting school soon and Keira still has a little ways before school.  So we'll see what the future holds and when and if I'll ever go back to work.

* * * * * *

Melisa from Coffee Cream & the Caffine asked...
1. Yours girls are adorable, are they twins?
Thank you, no my girls are not twins.  They are 18.5 months apart.  My youngest is almost the same size as her sister so I can see why people might think their twins.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Midweek Randoms

1.  While doing my daily morning routine, get the girls their breakfast and turn on the cartoons.  While they eat I sit on the couch and do my blog reading for the day.  RAVEN had a video posted with the most perfect song attached with it.  The song got me thinking, that in the blink of an eye my kids have grown up so fast and I miss them being so small.  I really want to enjoy every minute of every day with them!  You should go watch her video, it might make you cry.  ahhh my littlest beauty will be turning 3 in just 18 short days.

2.  I just got Kaylee's birthday invitations so I'm addressing and hoping to get them out tomorrow.  I'll probably be posting her 3 year pictures next Monday so keep a look out for that!  Her party is in 25 days and I think I have pretty much everything made that I wanted and I just need to get a few little things like the table cloths.  I made these cute little "Kaylee's Birthday Wish List" on cute little labels and made them in picmonkey.  They turned out cute.  I also just finished her monthly banner.  For Kaylee's birthday we are getting her a twin bed with this super cute bedding, were actually going to be getting Keira the same bed and bedding (its reversable) for when its time to transfer her to a big girl bed.  The bedding is cute and bright.  Kaylee is excited about it.  Right now Kaylee sleeps on a queen size mattress that sits on the ground so it will be nice for her to have a "real" bed.  I cant wait to start getting their room together.

3.  I think we found our new rental!  Which is such a relief, I'm sending over our applications today.  I talked to the guy this morning and no one else has turned in an app so hopefully they will review ours and approve it.  Once that happens let the fun of packing begin!  The house has a HUGE front yard with big shady trees and a good size backyard for the girls to play in.  There is a park near by which is always nice.  It has 3 BIG bedrooms.  We will rent this house for a year and hopefully by this time next year we will be buying our first house and wont have to move for a LONG time!!

4. The weather can be so weird sometimes.  This weekend we had beautiful 85 degree weather, yesterday the weather was cooler and windy and now today it's raining!!!  But tomorrow its suppose to warm back up and then just keep getting warmer from there.  So weird!  At least it will be nice for the wedding this weekend!

5.  Since the wedding is this weekend I really didn't want to pay $35 for a spray tan so last night while getting a few things at WalMart I picked up some tanning stuff.  It's in a spray can.  I'm gonna try it in a little spot on me first to make sure it comes out ok before spraying it over my whole body...haha  Have any of you tried this product before?

6.  I am totally obsessed with this song!  I'm not sure why but I could listen to this song on repeat all day long!  Love me some Carly Rae Jepsen

Monday, April 23, 2012

Weekend Review

We had an awesome weekend
The weather was perfect and all the time I got to spend with my family was awesome!

Saturday morning for whatever reason the hubs woke up at 6:45 to early for the weekend.  I tried to go back to sleep but Miss Keira woke up about 20 minutes later.  So I brought her into our bed and we had a little snuggle time and then followed by a little wrestling with daddy.  I got ready for the day while daddy played with Keira.  I then got her clothes and we headed downstairs, we ate breakfast and then I got her ready.  We had 2 houses to go look at that day and the first house appt was at 10.

We looked out the house, which isn't going to work at all for us.  The house was pretty small and in the add it said 3 bedroom but really it was 2 bedrooms with a den (the den had NO doors or closet doors).  The backyard was trashed and the girls would probably not ever be able to play out there!  So we kindly said thank you and left and all agreed NO on that house.  We left there and were headed to the mall so that my brother could get some new sandals.  I got a call from Jason's mom saying that Kaylee was ready to come home.  So we turned around and met them at the church. (They all went to a 1st communion for someone that Jason's parents know).  Sid said Kaylee got excited seeing all the girls in their pretty white dresses and was excited to wear her pretty dress in the wedding on Saturday.

We then left and said our good byes and headed to the mall.  My brother found some sandals and then we walked down to Target and the girls got some matching sandals.  We then left and headed home to eat some lunch before heading to look at the next house at 1pm.  I got a call from the guy saying that we could come look at the house early, so we loaded up and went to the house.  This house was much nicer and actually had 3 bedrooms, the rooms were actually really big.  It had a nice big kitchen area and backyard.  We're waiting to hear back from this property management place on this house that we really want, but the lady isn't returning my calls.  So if we don't hear from the place by tomorrow then were going to try for the 2nd house we saw.  I'm just hoping we can find a house soon cause were slowly running out of time!  After we got back looking at the house the put the girls down for their nap and then jason and my brother left to go take the boat out and test some stuff out that got changed before he loaded the girls on it for our Sunday boating adventure.


After the girls woke up from their nap we headed outside to enjoy the beautiful weather and they ran around for about an hour before I looked at my phone and realized that it was 6 and the boys weren't home and it was time for dinner.  I called to see where they were and they were still out, so the girls and I headed to In N Out for dinner!  We ate dinner, watched a movie and then the girls went to bed.

 Sunday we all slept in till about 7:30 and this is what Kaylee looked like when she got up.  On Saturday I noticed that by her eye it was red and under her eye kinda looked like she got punched.  On Sunday she woke up with it all swollen and when she came into our room, I noticed it right away.

I called Jason's mom and asked her if Kaylee had rolled around on her grass, her skin doesn't like her makes her itch and break out in little bumps.  She said that they ate pizza outside on Friday night and played some baseball but she didn't roll around in the grass.  After being outside they came in and took a bath.  She said she noticed on Saturday morning that she had 2 little bumps under her eye when she woke up like from a spider bite.  After talking to her we put some ice on it and just watched it.  The girls went down for a nap early and Jason and I headed to the store to get some snacks and drinks for when we went out on the boat.  We then went over to Target so that I could get some sunscreen and benadryl.

Once the girls woke up we loaded everything thing up and went to pick up the boat.  We loaded up in the boat and headed out for some fun on the water.  We all had a great time and cant wait to go out more this summer!  We boated for about 3 hours before heading back in.  We dropped the boat back off and then headed home, we ordered pizza for dinner.  We ate and then put the girls down for the night.  I curled up on the couch and actually fell asleep early at like 9:30...haha

We had an awesome weekend and next weekend should be just as fun!
Happy Monday!

* * * * *

Don't forget only a few more days to ask me anything!
You can ask your questions HERE
I'll be answering all your questions on Friday!

Sunday, April 22, 2012


The wonderful Becky over at From Mrs. to Mama is having an awesome giveaway for Mother's Day.  Her giveaway is centered around stuff for your little ones.  So check it out!!

* * * * * *

Check back tomorrow for an update on the wonderful weekend we had!
Happy Sunday!
I'll leave you with this adorable picture of my little beauties

Friday, April 20, 2012

Friday Randoms

1. Yesterday Daddy had the day off, so we had planned on Saturday to get Kaylee all ready and go take her 3 year pictures.  Since daddy had the day off and the weather was beautiful (a little windy) but still beautiful.  I did her hair and got her dressed and we headed out to where we took our family pictures to take some pictures there and then went to his dad's house to take some pictures there.  Her pictures turned out so GOOD, her best ones yet.  I cant wait to print a bunch of them out and hang them up once we move.  I had up her invitation and should have them sent out soon.  So you'll have to wait till I send out the invitations before you can see pictures.  30 days till her party.  We booked her bounce house yesterday and we have it for the whole day!!  She's excited.  Here is the only sneak peek I'll give you, this was Kaylee before we left to take her pictures!  I am so proud of her outfit, this was the first time that I made both the fabric tutu and the bib shirt and I love the way both of them came out!

2. Since Picnik closed yesterday I needed to find a new photo editing, while on Pinterest someone posted about a site that was almost just like Picnik but better, so I had to check it out.  It's called  It has some good effects and better stickers, they don't have there collages set up yet but I love it already.  Its really easy to use, the only problem I had was the you couldn't upload a tone of photos at one time and then edit upload your photos one at a time and then edit and then save them.  I still like it though!!  You don't have to pay any money to use any of the touch up stuff, which I like.

3. The house hunting process isn't going as well as I'd hoped.  We've found a few that we like but when we call they are either rented or you have to turn in an application before even seeing the house.  We have 2 that we really like and one of them we're going to look at tomorrow morning.  The other one we really want we are waiting to get a phone call back to set up a time to go see inside, we really want that one.  Its really nice.  So keep your fingers crossed that we find something soon.  We have to be out of this house by the end of May.

4. We are off to find a new park to play at today.  Its suppose to be 86 today so we're going to go to the park early before it gets to hot.  At 7am this morning it was already 61 degrees.  The weather has been nice and we are enjoying all the time we get to spend outside!  Tonight Kaylee is headed to grandmas and tomorrow she is going to go to a 1st communion and lunch with grandma and we're going to get things together for our boat fun on Sunday.  We'll be looking at a house tomorrow morning and then Sunday we'll be out on the water with some friends most of the day.  Should be a fun weekend!  Hope everyone has a great one!

5. I have been so lazy when it comes to house cleaning this week.  I just haven't felt like doing it at all.  I have a sink full of dishes, 2 loads of laundry to put away and our master bedroom along with the girls room is a disaster.  So that's what I'll be doing today....HOUSE CLEANING....BOO!  But it needs to be done.  When its this nice I would rather be outside playing with the girls than cleaning up.

6.  Next week is going to be a pretty busy week.  Wednesday we have dinner at Jason's moms to go over Kaylee's party and stuff for their trip (they are going to Eurpoe for 2 weeks May 1st), Thursday we have the rehersal and rehersal dinner and then Saturday is the WEDDING!  I cant believe Ant & Alyssa's wedding is here already.  I remember when they first asked all of us to be in their wedding, which seemed like so long ago.  I'm excited it should be really fun.  I cant wait to see the girls in their cute dresses.

7.  I am almost done with Kaylee's 2nd year book.  I want to get it done and ordered so that I can have it at her party and have people sign it.  I love all the pictures that are in it, they are some of my favorites.  I still need to make her first 12 months and then her 1st year.  And then finish up Keira's first 12 month book.  I'm almost finished with Keira's.  I just got a coupon code in the mail for 25% off from mixbook.

Have a great weekend!  I'm off to clean and hope that while I'm doing that the girls play nicely together.  Its been off and on so far this morning, they'll be playing nicely and then all of a sudden start fighting!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

2 parks in one day

With the awesome forecast that we are suppose to have this week I decided that we are not going to sit and play inside were going to get out and have some fun.  Yesterday I had to run to the store to get a few things, I told the girls if they were good while at the store that we would go to the park when we were done.  My plan one to go to just one park before nap time and let them play.

We got to the park and NO one was there, just the way we like it sometimes.
The girls were running around playing when someone showed up with their little one.
The girls mainly wanted to swing, so they were running by the rock climbing thing and then we were headed to the swings and the lady swooped in.  Of course Kaylee got upset when I told her we would swing when the little boy was done.  She didn't like that, but in the end they played on the play area and then a lot more people showed up, we decided to leave and go to a different park so that the girls could swing.

So I loaded the girls up into the truck and went down the street to the other park or the BARN PARK as Kaylee calls it.  There were a few people there but no one was on the swings...WINNING!

So I unloaded the girls and Kaylee made a mad dash for the swings.
The girls swang super high before wanting to get out to play on the mini kid area.
We only played on the mini play area for about 10 minutes before Keira slipped and busted her bottom lip open.  We had to hurry and leave cause she was bleeding everywhere!

After a long nap the girls woke up happy and we played the rest of the day at home while we waited for daddy to get home from work.

All in all expect for the little accident with Keira I had a great day spent with the girls!


Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Do you have any questions for me?

It's been awhile since I've done an ask me anything post.
Since I've gained some new followers, I thought it would be fun for you guys to ask me anything & get to know me a little better.

I will answer any questions you may have. 
So go ahead ask away!
I'll answer all your questions next week

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

On a different note:  we have started our search for a new place to live.
We were informed that someone placed and offer on my parents house, which means we have 6-8 weeks to be out!
I am NOT looking forward to packing and moving but we have no other choice.
We have found a few houses in a good neighborhood, which is high on our list.
Our next step is to set up appts to go see the inside the houses.
We will rent for a year and by this time next year we are hoping to be home owners!

So pray for us that we find a house and that the move goes smoothly with 2 little kids!
There's so much going on in the next 2 weeks and May is just going to be BUSY

Next week on Thursday April 26th we have the rehersal dinner for Jason's brothers wedding and then on Saturday April 28th is the day of the wedding.  Hopefully the weather is nice.

Then in May we will be busy with packing, family birthdays, Mother's Day/Kaylee's birthday and Kaylee's birthday party and then to move!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

I am absolutely loving the weather we'll be having this week/weekend

Tuesday = 73
Wednesday = 75
Thursday = 81
Friday = 84
Saturday = 88
Sunday = 82

Since the weather is suppose to be so nice we will be making trips to the park during the week so the girls can run around and play and get some much needed energy out.  So today after nap time we'll head out to the park.  A new park that was under construction just opened around the corner from our house, so maybe we'll check that one out.  I want to take the girls to a new park everyday this week.

On Saturday we're going to take a friends boat out and have some fun on the water and I'm hoping on Sunday I can convince the hubby to take the girls to this little zoo near our house.  I want to plan a better trip to a bigger zoo in either Oakland or SF. 

Have a great week