Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Midweek Randoms

1.  While doing my daily morning routine, get the girls their breakfast and turn on the cartoons.  While they eat I sit on the couch and do my blog reading for the day.  RAVEN had a video posted with the most perfect song attached with it.  The song got me thinking, that in the blink of an eye my kids have grown up so fast and I miss them being so small.  I really want to enjoy every minute of every day with them!  You should go watch her video, it might make you cry.  ahhh my littlest beauty will be turning 3 in just 18 short days.

2.  I just got Kaylee's birthday invitations so I'm addressing and hoping to get them out tomorrow.  I'll probably be posting her 3 year pictures next Monday so keep a look out for that!  Her party is in 25 days and I think I have pretty much everything made that I wanted and I just need to get a few little things like the table cloths.  I made these cute little "Kaylee's Birthday Wish List" on cute little labels and made them in picmonkey.  They turned out cute.  I also just finished her monthly banner.  For Kaylee's birthday we are getting her a twin bed with this super cute bedding, were actually going to be getting Keira the same bed and bedding (its reversable) for when its time to transfer her to a big girl bed.  The bedding is cute and bright.  Kaylee is excited about it.  Right now Kaylee sleeps on a queen size mattress that sits on the ground so it will be nice for her to have a "real" bed.  I cant wait to start getting their room together.

3.  I think we found our new rental!  Which is such a relief, I'm sending over our applications today.  I talked to the guy this morning and no one else has turned in an app so hopefully they will review ours and approve it.  Once that happens let the fun of packing begin!  The house has a HUGE front yard with big shady trees and a good size backyard for the girls to play in.  There is a park near by which is always nice.  It has 3 BIG bedrooms.  We will rent this house for a year and hopefully by this time next year we will be buying our first house and wont have to move for a LONG time!!

4. The weather can be so weird sometimes.  This weekend we had beautiful 85 degree weather, yesterday the weather was cooler and windy and now today it's raining!!!  But tomorrow its suppose to warm back up and then just keep getting warmer from there.  So weird!  At least it will be nice for the wedding this weekend!

5.  Since the wedding is this weekend I really didn't want to pay $35 for a spray tan so last night while getting a few things at WalMart I picked up some tanning stuff.  It's in a spray can.  I'm gonna try it in a little spot on me first to make sure it comes out ok before spraying it over my whole body...haha  Have any of you tried this product before?

6.  I am totally obsessed with this song!  I'm not sure why but I could listen to this song on repeat all day long!  Love me some Carly Rae Jepsen


  1. I'm addressing Raya's invites today too! Can't believe they're almost 3! :-)

  2. We are totally so much alike! I have that song on repeat all day too!! :) Love it!

  3. I can't believe Kaylee is going to be 3!!! I just love the pics of your girls above too....its so hard to believe how fast they go from being just a little baby to being a little person!!! We are getting totally crazy weather here too...I just hope for a nice weekend...good luck on the new house - it sounds perfect:)

  4. I CAN'T WAIT to see Kaylee's pics!! So excited from the little sneak peek. Yay on finding a nice to know where you're going next!

  5. They totally grow up so fast! I think you should make a video for her bday too! :) Maybe you've already got that in the works.

    How'd the tanning spray go? We are going on vacation in a few weeks and I'd love to have some sort of base coat!

  6. I'm excited to see Kaylee's pics! And I agree that babies grow up too fast =(