Thursday, April 19, 2012

2 parks in one day

With the awesome forecast that we are suppose to have this week I decided that we are not going to sit and play inside were going to get out and have some fun.  Yesterday I had to run to the store to get a few things, I told the girls if they were good while at the store that we would go to the park when we were done.  My plan one to go to just one park before nap time and let them play.

We got to the park and NO one was there, just the way we like it sometimes.
The girls were running around playing when someone showed up with their little one.
The girls mainly wanted to swing, so they were running by the rock climbing thing and then we were headed to the swings and the lady swooped in.  Of course Kaylee got upset when I told her we would swing when the little boy was done.  She didn't like that, but in the end they played on the play area and then a lot more people showed up, we decided to leave and go to a different park so that the girls could swing.

So I loaded the girls up into the truck and went down the street to the other park or the BARN PARK as Kaylee calls it.  There were a few people there but no one was on the swings...WINNING!

So I unloaded the girls and Kaylee made a mad dash for the swings.
The girls swang super high before wanting to get out to play on the mini kid area.
We only played on the mini play area for about 10 minutes before Keira slipped and busted her bottom lip open.  We had to hurry and leave cause she was bleeding everywhere!

After a long nap the girls woke up happy and we played the rest of the day at home while we waited for daddy to get home from work.

All in all expect for the little accident with Keira I had a great day spent with the girls!



  1. Your parks are so nice! The ones I've been to here aren't very good. I'm jealous! Sorry to hear that Keira got hurt. Poor baby girl. :(

  2. I agree, your parks are really nice! Ours are about half the size as yours. We tried the park this morning, but they were wet from last night's rain and then it rained ALL day today. Come on summer!

  3. What a fun day!!! Two parks?! You're such a good Mommy :-) I LOVE The barn park! That is adorable! I'm so glad Kiera is okay, poor baby :-(

  4. Emma would love the Barn park! How cute!! Looks like they had fun, and your pictures came out really good!

  5. Those parks look awesome! I wish we had good ones around here. As always, you girls look like you're having a blast! :)

  6. Cute pics! *I* want to play at the barn park LOL...looks fun! :-)

  7. So sweet! That barn playground is adorable. My boys are crazy about the swings too. Jealous of your beautiful weather!

  8. So jealous of your nice weather! And two parks in one day?! My girls would have been in heaven!!! The pictures of the girls are adorable! They are both getting so big!

  9. SO much fun! Those parks look great, I LOVE the barn one! Your girls are look precious as usual! I love Kaylee sporting the shades!!

    Have a great weekend!

  10. I love going to the Park!! let me just say that you have some awesome parks to go to lol!!!

    Enjoy your weekend :)

  11. Cute pics and oh my gosh, that barn park is adorable!

  12. These are such cute pics! I like that "barn park" theme they've got working!