Friday, March 30, 2012

Friday Randoms

1. Both girls have had this snotty disgusting runny nose for the last week.  I'm really hoping its just allergies and that there not getting sick.  They have no other symptoms just the runny nose.  I have been really lucky this year that the girls haven't been sick at all. (knock on wood) and I would like to keep it that way.

2.  We have no exciting plans for this weekend.  Its suppose to rain tomorrow.  BOOO.  I was suppose to go to Alyssa's Bachlorette party this weekend but I'm still not feeling 100% and don't want to risk actually getting sick by staying up really late and not resting.  I hope they have fun.  I cant believe their wedding is less than a month away.

3. I haven't even decorated the house for Easter or even done any Easter crafts with the girls.  So I'm thinking this weekend since we'll probably be doing nothing I'll do some crafts with the girls.  Hopefully I can decorate a little bit.  I'm excited for Easter this year, it should be a lot of fun with both the girls.  We're going to Jason's moms in the morning for breakfast and then to hunt for eggs.  Then later in the afternoon we're heading to Jason's grandmas house with all his aunts, uncles and cousins for dinner and another egg hunt.  So it should be a good time next weekend.  I'm just hoping the weather is nice!!!!!  Looking at the weather forecase its saying 71 but I'm not going to get to excited cause it's been changing everyday.  I might take the girls to go see the Easter bunny this weekend too.

4. We haven't had a showing in almost 2 weeks so I'm not sure what's going on.  It's good on our end cause the longer we get to stay in this house the better.  For those of you who don't know, we moved into my parents house when they moved to CO and they have since decided to sell it.   I guess no news is good news in our case.  It's been nice not having to clean up and show the house.

5. I ordered Kaylee's doll house for her birthday.  I'm also looking at water tables for her and for Keira too.  Since the pump on my parents pool broke and they don't want to fix it I wanted to mention to people for Kaylee's birthday about a water table so they have something they can get wet and have fun playing with.  They have some really cute water tables.  I found 2.

Have a great weekend
Sorry no pictures today

PS - Keira just did a summer sault all by herself!!!  I mean a real summer sault she didn't fall to the side she went straight over.  Such a big girl.  She has been watching Kaylee do them the past few days and then just did one a second ago. 

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Keira is 16 months old

Keira Alexis,

You are growing way to fast for mommy.  This month your little personality has really started to shine through more and you are a funny little girl.  The silly faces you make and the conversations you try to have.  Like last night you were sitting on my lap and you were just talking away.  I had no idea what you were saying but to you you were having a conversation with me.  It was so cute.  These 16 months with you have just seem to fly right on by and I am so glad that I've been able to spend every minute with you.  Your funny, smart, independant, sensitive and almost always have a smile on your face.  Thank you for being such a good and sometimes easy baby.  We love you baby girl.

SLEEPING: you only take one nap a day still from 12-3.  Sometimes you'll sleep till 4.  You take a nap in a different room than sissy so that you guys don't play.  You are usually asleep within 10 minutes.  At bedtime you are back in your room in your crib.  Bedtime usually takes you longer to fall asleep cause sissy likes to get out of bed and bug you.  Your definetly not ready to be moved to a big girl bed yet.  Sissy moved into a big girl bed at 18 months.  We'll see when we switch you over.

EATING:  OMG you can eat and eat and eat.  At times you eat more than mommy.  Where you put it all I'm not ever sure.  But you sure do LOVE your food.  You will eat anything and I mean anything!!  There isn't anything you wont eat, which makes it easy.

Weight: 23lbs (42%)
Height:32" (78%)
Clothes: 18-24 months
Shoe Size: 4
Diaper Size: 4
Teeth: 10 with 2 bottom molars on the way
Hair: Brown with curls in the back
Eyes: Dark Blue


* you are still loving your books.  You love carrying multiple books at a time and sitting in your chair to read them.  You've started looking at the books and talking like your making up your own stories.  You don't really like to have the books read to you, we try reading them and you snatch them and run off.  Silly girl!

* you can now climb onto the couch like a big girl and clap everytime you climb up.

* you enjoy playing with chalk on the big easel and when we go outside.  You make little "drawings" and get so excited.

* we are working on animal nosises the ones you know are: cow, dog, pink and cat

* we are also working on body parts the ones you know are: eyes, nose, mouth and hair

* some new words you've started saying this month: dance, airplane, aw man, ouch, there ya go, paz (spaz) and Lola

* you like to play with your shapes sorter blocks

* you've started standing on your tippy toes and walking around

* your crawled downwards down the hallway yesterday, which was quite funny to watch

* you are a chatter box and talk non stop

* you've hit that age where your not really interested in taking pictures or smiling for them anymore unless daddy is helping me and getting you to smile.

* you are learning to use your fork and spoon, which more of the food ends up in your lap than in your belly. 

* you give these really high pitch squeal when you don't get your way or when sissy takes something from you.  We are working really hard to break you of this habit cause it really hurts mommy's ears.

* you got your 1st goose egg on your forehead when you slipped and fell on the hard wood floor.  You didn't want to sit still at all to get ice put on it.

* when asked to put your toys away you will do it.


* you don't like to get your diaper changed when your in the middle of playing

* you hate to have your face wipped off

* you don't like when sissy takes things from you when your playing with it

* you get mad when mommy doesn't pick you up when you want me to

your a pretty easy going girl so there's not to much stuff that you don't like.  You are so much easier than your sister was.  She was more high maintenance and over dramatic (and still is) and you are calm and totally outgoing.  It fun to see how different the two of you are and it will be fun to continue to watch how you two differ.  But even though you fight at times you two are the best of friends.  You get sad on Friday's when sissy leaves to go to Grandmas, you will mope around the house calling for sissy.  You guys likes to play chase together and then wrestle around.  I love the bond that you and sissy have.

I love looking back and seeing how much you've changed and grown in such a short time.  You have grown out of that stage of looking like a baby into looking like a toddler (excuse me while mommy cries a little bit).  I still love that you have those chubby cheeks!


Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Bath time in the kitchen sink is FUN

I have found that giving the girls a bath in the kitchen sink has made my life so much easier.  The bath tub in the master bedroom has sliding doors and it makes it really hard to get the girls when they hide to one side cause they don't want their hair washed.  So having them take a bath in the kitchen sink is a win win for me and them.  They think it's the coolest thing!

Its still FUN for them because they can still both fit in the sink together, but barely!  When we have to move I'll either need to make sure that the new house has a huge kitchen sink or that the bathroom doesn't have doors.  Although giving them a bath in the sink often leads to a huge watery mess all over the kitchen floor, but they have such a good time that I don't even care!

* * * *

- On Monday while putting laundry away I decided to go through both the girls clothes and see what they each had as far as summer stuff.  Well Kaylee has pretty much nothing and Keira has like a whole new summer wardrobe thanks to Kaylee.  It's so nice that they are in the same size and that they can share the clothes.  It's nice to be able to save a little money and reuse the clothes that have only been worn by Kaylee twice if even that.

With Kaylee's birthday in the middle of May for her birthday we are going to tell people to get her summer clothes and sandals.  Cause that's what she really needs.  Whatever she doesn't get for her birthday we'll go out and get for her.

** Do you think it's wrong to put a little card inside with her invite that says she needs clothes and list her sizes.  Just as an idea for people.

* * * *

- I cant believe that Kaylee's 3rd birthday is just right around the corner.  All that I have left to do is get her 3 year pictures taken and pick out which pictures I'll use for her invitation.  All the decor and food is picked out.  I need to get on finishing up her birthday outfit.  I just need to finish her bib shirt and I've been searching every where for a template to make the bib shirt but I think I'm just going to have to try and make up my own and hope that it looks good.

I'm going to be ordering her doll house the first part of April so that I can make sure it's still in stock and that it gets here in time.  And I got an email from amazon this morning and the doll house were getting Kaylee is now on sale...SCORE!!

* * * *

- I've been checking the weather everyday to see what they are saying the weather will be like on Easter sunday.  I got so excited when I checked on Monday because it said 82 degrees.  When I checked on Tuesday it said possible rain and 60.  It's still to far out so I'm going to wait and check it when it gets closer.  The weather seems to change everyday!  I'm really hoping that the weather is nice and we don't get rain.  The girls are really looking foward to egg hunting!!

* * * *

- I am finally starting to feel better which I am so happy about.  But now I think the girls may be coming down with a little something.  They both have been kinda cranky and they both have disgusting runny noses.  Although Keira was in such a great mood yesterday despite runny nose and sick looking eyes.  Keira has still been waking up at night cause of her 2 bottom molars which I'm hoping they come in soon, cause this mommy is tired.  So tired that some days I've been taking a nap when they take a nap!! Keira has been such the snuggle bug lately and I love it!

Monday, March 26, 2012

Weekend Recap via Instagram

Friday we didn't really do a whole lot of anything.  The girls played semi nicely together, which is always nice.  We watched some cartoons, read lots of books and took naps.  Kaylee woke up from her nap before Keira so I put Toy Story on for her cause she wanted to watch it before going to Grandma's for the night.  4:45 rolled around and there was a knock at the door, both girls went running to the door screaming GRANDMA!!!!  Keira always gets really upset when Kaylee gets to go to grandmas on Friday's and she has to stay here.  So Kaylee left and it was just Keira and I while we waited for daddy to get home from work.  When Kaylee leaves on fridays Keira always becomes super clingy and wants to be right next to me.  So we snuggled up on the couch and watch some TV.  Keira wanted to go to bed right at 8.  She always seems to sleep so good on Friday nights when Kaylee is gone!  haha

Saturday it was suppose to rain all day.  Daddy wanted to go to the mall to look for new shoes and I needed to get the girls their shoes for the wedding.  Daddy went and ran some errands in the morning and I put the girls down for their nap around 11.  When they woke up we all got ready and waited for daddy to get back from the dumps and then we left for the mall.  Daddy didn't find any shoes but I found the girls shoes.  In the morning before daddy left he told Kaylee if she was a good girl that she could get a toy when we went to the mall.  Lets just say she was extra good!  After looking for shoes that daddy didn't find we headed to payless where the girls got their shoes.  We walked past this furniture place and Jason asked if I wanted to go in and look. I said sure lets get the girls their toy and we'll look on our way out.  So we walked into Target, Kaylee picked out a CARS car to go with the other 2 she has.  Sissy picked out a touch and feel book.  We checked out and walked back to the furniture store.  Right away we saw this grey soft couch and I just had to sit on it.  OMG lets just say it didn't want to get off this couch.  It was so soft and oh so comfortable.  It was a down couch.  Lets just say when we move in a couple months we are going back to buy our first piece of furniture.  I cant wait!  Even the throw pillows were down.  Can you say I'm never leaving the couch again....haha jk.  After getting all the info on the couch and having the manager follow us around the store while we looked we left and hope to return soon.  We stopped to look at the Easter bunny from afar (not cause the girls were scared) cause their were kids everywhere.  We went into this new store that had a bunch of different animals (lizards, turtles and snakes).  The girls loved it.  We then walked down to Barnes and Noble looked at some books and then headed home.  Remember it was suppose to rain all day on Saturday so I was worried that it would be pouring when it was time to leave, NOPE no rain.

After leaving the mall we make a quick stop by the store to get a few things to go with dinner.  We had pizza, salad and mozzurela sticks.  We then had a little family reading time and then put the girls to bed.  Around 9:00 I went to head upstairs to check on the girls and as soon as I got to the bottom of the stairs I saw that their light was on.  Kaylee then got scolded for turning the light on and playing while they needed to be going to sleep.  I then told Kaylee if she got out of the bed or turned on the light again that she would be sleeping in the baby bed in the other room (the pack n play).  She went right to sleep!! (it finally started raining at 10pm)

Sunday was pretty uneventful.  The girls played surprisingly really nice together.  After eating breakfast Jason and I sat down at the kitchen table and made our menu and grocery list for the next 10 days.  We then headed to the grocery store.  We like to go to the grocery store early to beat the crowds.  We like to get in and out.  When we returned home we walked into the kitchen to find that my brother had washed all the dishes in the sink by hand.  (there was a lot of dishes, I had been lazy this weekend and they were stacking up).  I was greatful for him doing them for me.  So I helped him dry them and put them all away.  YAY for no dishes in the sink.  The girls had a snack while I put all the groceries away and then went to take a nap.  While they were napping I tried to take a little nap myself, but just couldn't fall asleep even though I really wanted to.  So I decided to make a little strawberry and whip cream snack.  I was flipping through the TV channels and noticed that Dirty Dancing was coming on, of course I had to watch it, its my all time favorite movie!  Kaylee woke up a little bit after the movie started and my brother even sat in the living room to watch it too.  Daddy was over at a friends house looking at his motor.  Daddy returned just as the movie was ending and then Keira woke up from her nap.  We had breakfast for dinner and the best part was that I didn't have to cook at all!!!  Jason and my brother made dinner.  It was good.

After dinner the girls played a little bit making a HUGE mess in the playroom that is still a HUGE mess this morning.  Which I'm probably going to leave until nap time and then I'll clean it up.  I got the girls in their jammies and put them to bed.  Keira usually goes to bed so easily and I don't hear a peep out of her.  But last night she cried for a good hour an 15 minutes before she finally fell asleep.  Both Jason and I went in to check on her to make sure she had her paci and to lay her back down.  Not sure why she was so cranky, I'm thinking maybe it was due to both her bottom molars trying to pop through.  She finally fell asleep and both girls woke up this morning around 7:30.  Kaylee woke me up by saying "mommy I pooped in my pants"  which she didn't, thank god.

Both of the girls and I all have a stuffy/runny nose.  Not sure if its allergies or if we're getting sick.  We are just hanging out around the house today, it is way to cold to go outside and it looks like its going to rain.  BOO.  The girls will both go to Grandma and Grandpas later.

Happy Monday....what did you do this weekend?!

Friday, March 23, 2012

Friday Randoms

1. I'm very sad to say we will be spendin another weekend hanging indoors due to A LOT of rain heading our way.  During the day on Saturday its suppose to rain 0.75" and at night its suppose to rain 1.22" thats a lot of rain and then Sunday its suppose to rain 0.52".  But after this weekend it shows no more rain! YAY.  I'm hoping that it will be semi nice out for Easter weekend.

2. My best friend Steph and her fiance are coming into town this weekend from Vegas doing wedding stuff and we're going to hang out and do dinner one of the nights that their here.  It's been 2 months since I've last seen her on my birthday.  I also enjoy seeing her.  Even if its been 6 months or more since I've seen her we pick up right where we left off and it's like it hasn't been that long since we last saw eachother.  Her and her fiance are moving to Texas the first weekend in April so this will be our last visit until we see them in Sept. for their wedding.

3. I thought I was starting to feel better and now I'm starting to feel like crap again.  I'm thinking it might be my allergies.  Watery eyes, stuffy nose, scratchy throat.  I felt the worst yesterday and decided that I was going to take a nap when the girls took their nap, well Kaylee had other plans and decided that she didn't want to take a nap.  She came down stairs and we fell asleep on the couch together for about 30 mins.

4.  Keira woke up crying 3 different times last night.  It's a good thing I went to bed early last night cause she was awake at 12:15 then again at 1:30 and then for the final time at 4:40.  It was kinda nice the girls let me sleep until 8 before Kaylee and Spaz (my brothers dog) came into my room.  Kaylee watched cartoons and then we headed downstairs to watch Toy Story.  Keira finally woke up at 9.  I have no idea why Keira is waking up at night.  She's been waking up for the past 2 nights now.  Sometimes I can give her her paci and she'll go back to sleep and then if she doesn't want her paci she'll sign to be "drink".  Hopefully this isnt a reaccuring thing.

5. Kona's puppies turned 2 weeks old this past Wednesday.  I talk to the breeder every few days to check in on Kona and puppies, she says their getting fat and big.  I cant wait to see them.  We usually go visit Kona when the puppies are around 4 weeks but last time we went to visit her around 6 weeks and the breeder said we could take Kona home, well her teets thought other wise.  She still had a lot of milk and we had to milk her to relieve some of the pain and then after doing that for almost 2 weeks we could rub this cream on her teets to dry them out.  It was horrible.  So we have decided that we're going to wait until the breeder says you can come get Kona.  So hopefully we'll get her back in about 5 weeks.  That just seems so long.

6. I cant believe that in 6 days my baby is going to be 16 months!  Yes you heard that right 16 months she's almost a year in a half!  She's growing up to fast and on top of that Kaylee's 3rd birthday is about a month in a half away.  My girls are getting so big.  Keira's 16 month post is coming next week!!

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Enjoying our day outside

The girls woke up too early for me yesterday morning at 6:30 even before hearing the hubby's alarm go off.  They stayed in their room and played for an hour before I rolled out of bed and got them up to come downstairs.  We ate some breakfast and the girls played.  I was waiting for it to warm up outside a little bit before heading to the backyard to play on the swing set.  But by 10:30am Keira had become really cranky, rubbing her eyes and giving me the "night night" sign.  So I put her down for a nap and Kaylee put her coat and shoes on to head outside while sissy slept.

Where the swing set is set up it doesn't get much sun light so it was still pretty cold.  Kaylee swang on the swings before wanting to get off and go run around and chase the dog, draw with chalk and pretend to be a frog.  This kid cracks me up sometimes.  She came into my room this morning wearing one of Keira's sun hats and said "mom look at me I look like a dorks".  I we both enjoyed our time together just us.  We came inside and then went to check the mail before coming inside to relax and eat some lunch before Kaylee went down for a nap.  Maybe I can get a nap in too!

Both girls woke up around 2.  I didn't get my nap in that I wanted but I did get a lot of house cleaning done!  I brought the girls downstairs and I worked on sign language cards with Keira.  She can now say "airplane" and her new sign she can do is "grumpy".  After working on the cards the girls ate a little snack and then played in the playroom nicely together.  It's always so nice when they play together without fighting.

Side Note: I spoke to soon.  Kaylee just pushed Keira down!  AAAHHHHHHHH

** For other moms out there with more than one kid.  What do you do when one of your kids doesn't want to share?  Kaylee is driving me nuts with NOT wanting to share and she can get mean about it.  She'll yell and throw things and just get mad.  I've talked to her firmly and she's sat in time out a lot but none of that seems to be working.  Any advise??????

After the fight calmed down they went back to kinda playing nicely while I started dinner {lasagna}.  We had a house showing between 4-5.  I thought we were done with the showings according to the selling realator but she called over the weekend and said they didn't get any good offers and were going to keep showing it.  AWESOME!  They don't do showings until after 3:30 everyday and on the weekends its by appointments only.  I guess the longer it takes the longer we get to stay here and save money!

For the most part we had a really good day yesterday and I always enjoy my alone time with each of the girls.  Keira will get her alone time with mommy on Friday when Kaylee goes to spend the night at grandmas.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012


* I am LOVING how incredibly sweet Kaylee was being to Keira after Keira slipped on the hardwood floors and smacked her forehead on the ground =ing a BIG goose egg and instant bruise.  Kaylee was very concerned if she was ok and was rubbing her back telling her "don't worry sissy, I'm here it'll be ok"  So sweet right?! (if your looking her goose egg is on the left)

* I'm LOVING that yesterday while Keira napped Kaylee played by herself for well over an hour while I got stuff done around the house.  It was nice to not have her under my feet asking me for something to eat every 5 minutes.  First she had a picnic with Woody and Jessie and then she wanted to color.  She colored for well over 45 minutes which is a record for her.  I was amazed.

* I'm LOVING that we'll be having nice weather the rest of this week which means we can finally get outside to play.  Last week we were home bound all week/weekend cause of rain.  This week has been better and I've slowly gotten out of my rut I was in.  It is suppose to possibly rain this weekend.  We will play on our swing set today before nap time and then after nap time when it's the warmest we'll head to the park.

* I'm LOVING that I've gotten back to my sewing machine. Oh how I've missed her.  Before making Keira's birdie shirt I hadn't sewn in almost a month.  I made Keira this cute little birdie shirt to match her pink twirl skirt for Easter.  I'm hoping that the weather is nice enough for her to wear it.  Right now I'm working on Kaylee's bib shirt for her birthday outfit. 

* I'm LOVING these Pinterest finds for the girls.  I like to get sewing inspiration and clothes to buy for the girls as well. You can follow me HERE.  All these are found on my board "for the girls"

* I'm LOVING that I'm finally starting to feel better.  I think I got a little stomach bug and I'm so glad to be feeling better.  I hate getting sick and I'm so glad that I don't get sick very often!  I'm even happier that my girls don't get sick (knock on wood).

* I'm LOVING that I'm able to spread the word today.  It's World Down Syndrome Awareness Day. Lets celebrating all those with an extra chromosome today, and so thankful for my little brother and all the others with DS.  I love you Justin Michael!! 

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Little Miss really likes her smoothies

Yesterday afternoon before nap time I decided to make some smoothies.
Last time we went shopping I got the premade smoothies packages.
All you have to do is add milk and then blend it.

Since the smoothies are so thick they cant be put into the girls sippy cups.
So I put them in regular cups.  Kaylee does ok drinking out of a cup and doesn't make to much of a mess.
But Little Miss also gets a cup and I usually hold it for her and she drinks it.
Yesterday we had a little bit left in there and I decided to stop doing it for her and let her do it.
I knew by letting her do this that she could potentially make a huge mess, which usually I'm against.
But I said what the heck, just go with it and let her do it.
She would hold it up to her mouth but wouldn't lean her back so she wasn't getting anything.
Then she went to take a drink leaning her head back and it spilt, it got on her and all over the table.
Usually after this happens I would get upset at myself for letting her do and the mess that I would have to clean up.  But yesterday I was trying to be in the moment and have fun with it.  She played in it for a few minutes before my OCD kicked in and I had to go clean her off.

* * * * * * * * *

On a different note:  I've decided to start watermarking all my pictures I put on here.
After reading a story Becky at From Mrs. to Mama posted about someone taking her pictures of her sweet daughter and trying to pass her off as her's and taking some of her other pictures.  After reading this it makes you think.  Someone could be taking and using my pictures and I would have no clue.  I had a problem with this on a different website.  Someone informed me that someone had taken my picture and was using a picture of my Kaylee to try and pass her off as theres.    So instead of wondering all the time if someone is using pictures of my girls to try and pass them off as there's.  So I think to keep the safety of my pictures I'm going to watermark them.  I would rather be safe then sorry.

* * * * * * * * *

Yesterday after Jason got home from work he showered and changed and we headed to his mom's for St. Patrick's Day dinner.  The girls were excited to see Grandma and Grandpa since it had been a week.  We helped out making dinner while the girls watched a movie.
After we ate dinner (corn beef and cabbage with corn bread muffins).  All the older cousins and Jason's moms friends kids were all outside running around and the girls wanted to go play too.

So we went outside to play for a little bit.
The girls had a good time running around.  We didn't stay outside long cause it was cold.
The girls enjoyed some dessert and then we made our rounds saying good bye to everyone.
We got home I put the girls to bed and I watched Dancing with the Stars.