Friday, March 9, 2012

Enjoying the Small Things

Each week I try to really enjoy the little things going on in our crazy life.

Sisterly Love:  I love when the living room is silent, little mouths are open and the girls are sitting right next to each other on the couch enjoying a movie together.  It makes me giddy with excitment.  Them sitting so close to each other and not fighting is bliss.  Ocassionally holding hands is just enough to melt my heart to its core.

Keira's 1st mini hair cut:  After 15 months of her hair growing, I decided it was time for Little Miss to get a little trim.  Her hair was getting to be a little crazy and it was so long in the front it would cover her eyes.  Mama was scared to cut the bangs cause I was afraid she'd move and I'd cut them all funky and she'd look silly.  Well I'd had enough, I sat her on the living room table and trimmed her bangs and trimmed the back just a little bit.  She can know run around and see what she's doing without having to have a clip holding her bangs back.  But now daddy is saying she looks like she has a mullet!!

Date Nights:  I find date nights be important, its that chance to get out of the house without the kids and talk.  Jason and I started doing date nights on Monday's when his mom took both girls we did really good about going out and then once December rolled around we stopped doing it cause Jason's worked had stopped.  But now that his work has picked back up again I would like to get back to doing date nights again.  We really enjoyed ourselves when we went out.

Messy Toddler Faces: oh the joys of teaching your kid how to eat with a fork or spoon.  Keira would rather use her hands.  Most of the time she eats and makes sure to get it all in her mouth and not waste any!  But last night while eating pasta and green beans she made a huge mess and I think more of it was in her lap then in her belly.

Embracing the Camera:  I've been trying really hard to get into pictures with the girls.  A lot of the pictures we take are usually of us making silly faces.  But I'm ok with that cause looking back at them they make me smile.  Being able to have both pictures of me with the girls and Jason with the girls makes me happy knowing that one day I can look back on them and see all the fun we had.

Have a great weekend
Tomorrow we are headed to Pixie Woods
Its a big park and has a few rides.  I use to go there in the summer with my brother and grandpa.  Some of my best summer memories were there!  So it should be fun to take the girls!


  1. oh my gosh, Keira's hair is so cute!!

  2. The first photo of your two girls is priceless! I love it! Enjoy your weekend!!! =)

  3. I think her bangs look cute! :-)

  4. Aww we need to embrace the camera more too! Such sweet pics! And I agree, dates nights are key.