Thursday, March 29, 2012

Keira is 16 months old

Keira Alexis,

You are growing way to fast for mommy.  This month your little personality has really started to shine through more and you are a funny little girl.  The silly faces you make and the conversations you try to have.  Like last night you were sitting on my lap and you were just talking away.  I had no idea what you were saying but to you you were having a conversation with me.  It was so cute.  These 16 months with you have just seem to fly right on by and I am so glad that I've been able to spend every minute with you.  Your funny, smart, independant, sensitive and almost always have a smile on your face.  Thank you for being such a good and sometimes easy baby.  We love you baby girl.

SLEEPING: you only take one nap a day still from 12-3.  Sometimes you'll sleep till 4.  You take a nap in a different room than sissy so that you guys don't play.  You are usually asleep within 10 minutes.  At bedtime you are back in your room in your crib.  Bedtime usually takes you longer to fall asleep cause sissy likes to get out of bed and bug you.  Your definetly not ready to be moved to a big girl bed yet.  Sissy moved into a big girl bed at 18 months.  We'll see when we switch you over.

EATING:  OMG you can eat and eat and eat.  At times you eat more than mommy.  Where you put it all I'm not ever sure.  But you sure do LOVE your food.  You will eat anything and I mean anything!!  There isn't anything you wont eat, which makes it easy.

Weight: 23lbs (42%)
Height:32" (78%)
Clothes: 18-24 months
Shoe Size: 4
Diaper Size: 4
Teeth: 10 with 2 bottom molars on the way
Hair: Brown with curls in the back
Eyes: Dark Blue


* you are still loving your books.  You love carrying multiple books at a time and sitting in your chair to read them.  You've started looking at the books and talking like your making up your own stories.  You don't really like to have the books read to you, we try reading them and you snatch them and run off.  Silly girl!

* you can now climb onto the couch like a big girl and clap everytime you climb up.

* you enjoy playing with chalk on the big easel and when we go outside.  You make little "drawings" and get so excited.

* we are working on animal nosises the ones you know are: cow, dog, pink and cat

* we are also working on body parts the ones you know are: eyes, nose, mouth and hair

* some new words you've started saying this month: dance, airplane, aw man, ouch, there ya go, paz (spaz) and Lola

* you like to play with your shapes sorter blocks

* you've started standing on your tippy toes and walking around

* your crawled downwards down the hallway yesterday, which was quite funny to watch

* you are a chatter box and talk non stop

* you've hit that age where your not really interested in taking pictures or smiling for them anymore unless daddy is helping me and getting you to smile.

* you are learning to use your fork and spoon, which more of the food ends up in your lap than in your belly. 

* you give these really high pitch squeal when you don't get your way or when sissy takes something from you.  We are working really hard to break you of this habit cause it really hurts mommy's ears.

* you got your 1st goose egg on your forehead when you slipped and fell on the hard wood floor.  You didn't want to sit still at all to get ice put on it.

* when asked to put your toys away you will do it.


* you don't like to get your diaper changed when your in the middle of playing

* you hate to have your face wipped off

* you don't like when sissy takes things from you when your playing with it

* you get mad when mommy doesn't pick you up when you want me to

your a pretty easy going girl so there's not to much stuff that you don't like.  You are so much easier than your sister was.  She was more high maintenance and over dramatic (and still is) and you are calm and totally outgoing.  It fun to see how different the two of you are and it will be fun to continue to watch how you two differ.  But even though you fight at times you two are the best of friends.  You get sad on Friday's when sissy leaves to go to Grandmas, you will mope around the house calling for sissy.  You guys likes to play chase together and then wrestle around.  I love the bond that you and sissy have.

I love looking back and seeing how much you've changed and grown in such a short time.  You have grown out of that stage of looking like a baby into looking like a toddler (excuse me while mommy cries a little bit).  I still love that you have those chubby cheeks!



  1. Happy 16 Keira! Can you imagine celebrating her 16th birthday? Yikes! I'm sure those days will be here before we know it. I'm trying to enjoy every single day with Kyla because they go so fast. Keira is adorable :)

  2. she is Beautiful just like her mama!!!

    Happy 16 months Keira!!! I love the name... :)

    have a great day!!!

    ps. newest follower

  3. Oh just stop it with the tutu and leggings! Happy 16 month cutie!!!

  4. Love the leggings with the tutu! =) Happy 16 months!!!!! =)

  5. Happy 16 months, pretty girl!! :)

  6. Happy 16 months sweet girl!!!

  7. Precious girl - precious outfit!!!