Monday, March 12, 2012

Miscellany Monday!

{ONE} Our Weekend: Saturday was pretty low key, we hung around the house cause the weather was gloomy and cold.  Jason was suppose to work the first part of the day but the play ordered the wrong part.  So he headed back home.  We were suppose to have a showing on my parents house but the people cancelled at the last minute.  Keira and I hung out and played while we waited for Kaylee to get home from Grandma's.  At around 10 I heard a knock on the door and through the door I could hear Kaylee saying "close your eyes mommy, I have a surprise for you"  so I opened the door with my eyes closed and she yelled "SURPRISE MOMMY, look!"  My sweet girl went to the flower shop with grandma before coming home and got me a beautiful gerber daisy (my fav).

After daddy got home we got ready and headed to meet up with some friends for a little bit and to get out of the house.  We only stayed for an hour before heading home cause it was past the girls nap time and it was time for lunch.  It was so windy and cold where we were.  We just hung out the rest of the day watching movies.

Sunday we got up at 8 and didn't notice the time change until I looked at my phone.  We were going to head to Stockton and take the girls to this cool park and zoo but it was way to cold outside and looked like it was going to rain.  So we got up, I got the girls ready and headed to go get some donuts.  Kaylee loved that she got to pick out her first donut.

After finishing up breakfast we started working on building a fort or as Kaylee calls it a "tree house".  Kaylee's been asking all week for us to build her a tree house and since the weather was crappy why not right!  The girls loved it and played in it for the rest of the morning until nap time.  Kaylee was very mad and upset when she woke up to find that the "the house" had been cleaned up.  I had to clean it up cause there were 3 differnet people coming to look at the house.

{TWO} Sisterly LOVE:  I love that Kaylee and Keira will sit so nicely together on the couch and watch cartoons or movies together.  Sometimes Keira will even let Kaylee hold her hand or put her hand on her knee.  I like that lately they have been playing really good together and I love how Kaylee can make Keira laugh.


{THREE} Lost Tooth:  my mom sent me a picture text last night saying "what's missing?"  I knew right away before even opening the picture that my little brother must have lost his first tooth.  He was so proud.  It had been lose for awhile and my mom gave it a little tug and out it came.  She said he didn't even cry he just said "OUCH".  He's such a big boy.  He lost his 1st tooth 4 days before his 8th birthday.  I cant believe on the 15th he's going to be 8.

{FOUR} Weather:  So I knew it was to good to be true.  All this beautiful weather we've been having is now gone and we will be getting rain all week long!  BOO.  I thought with all this beautiful 70+ degree weather we were having that spring was close by but I guess not quite yet.

{FIVE} House Showings:  So my parents but their house on the market and we're still living in the house.  Since we told the selling realator that we want to be here when people walk through cause all of stuff is in the house and we don't want random people walking through being able to take anything.  So all the calls are coming to me to set up appts.  The first day I got 10 phone calls!  OMG!  Am I getting paid for this, cause I should be!!  I guess it's a good thing we are here cause a famiy that came yesterday with two young kids let their kids down and the kids were trying to play with the girls toys...EWW.  I nicely asked the people if they could not let their kids touch their toys.  Then I could hear them running around upstiars.....oh boy  I'm ready to move and be done with this that's for sure!

{SIX} Staying with Gradnma:  In July Jason and my brother will be going to Atlanta for 11 days for some work stuff.  Last year it was Colorado and the year before that was Atlanta.  The first year he did it my brother stayed back and last year when they went to CO I went and stayed 8 days with Jason's mom.  I don't like to stay at the house at night by myself and with the girls, it freaks me out.  So this year when Jason leaves we'll be staying with his mom again.  We always have a great time when we stay with his mom.

{SEVEN} Beach Trip:  We were suppose to be going on a beach trip with Jason's mom in July around the same time of his trip.  So his mom changed the beach trip from July to June.  Every year we go a on week long trip somewhere with his mom.  It use to be to the snow and since we've had the girls it been warmer.  We stayed at a lake house for a week when Kaylee was a month old and this year were going to Capitola (near Santa Cruz CA).  We love it there.  There's the beach and the cutest little shops.  So I am really looking foward to this trip, it should be a lot of fun.  It will be Keira's first time to the beach.

{EIGHT} Under the weather:  For the past 2 days I've felt like crap.  On Saturday I made a sandwhich for Jason & I.  Well yesterday I was going to make another sandwhich using the same meat and noticed it said Feb 26th on the label.  So I'm not sure if that it was it making me feel sick or if it's allergies.  This time change isn't helping either.  It's got the girls all screwed.  They went to bed at 8:30 last night and woke up at 9:30 this morning, which never happens, especially for Kaylee!!


  1. Cute pics!

    I can't imagine staying there for all the showings! We always packed the kids up and went to play somewhere--I thought it was much less stressful that way and multiple groups could come through while we were gone and I never had to worry about what might have occured in our absence lol. There were always realtors along with the buyers coming to look so I never worried about them taking anything. I'd highly suggest leaving if you have many more showings--save yourself the headache! :-)

  2. How sweet she brought you that flower-that is so precious! :)
    I can't wait to do fun things like go get donuts & build forts w/ Callyn :) So much fun.

  3. I love that Kaylee brought you flowers!!! So sweet!

    I'm with you on not liking to stay alone at night! I really really *dislike* it! Although I have to do it quite often, since my hubby works nights. Every single little noise I hear it freaks me out! haha =)