Friday, March 30, 2012

Friday Randoms

1. Both girls have had this snotty disgusting runny nose for the last week.  I'm really hoping its just allergies and that there not getting sick.  They have no other symptoms just the runny nose.  I have been really lucky this year that the girls haven't been sick at all. (knock on wood) and I would like to keep it that way.

2.  We have no exciting plans for this weekend.  Its suppose to rain tomorrow.  BOOO.  I was suppose to go to Alyssa's Bachlorette party this weekend but I'm still not feeling 100% and don't want to risk actually getting sick by staying up really late and not resting.  I hope they have fun.  I cant believe their wedding is less than a month away.

3. I haven't even decorated the house for Easter or even done any Easter crafts with the girls.  So I'm thinking this weekend since we'll probably be doing nothing I'll do some crafts with the girls.  Hopefully I can decorate a little bit.  I'm excited for Easter this year, it should be a lot of fun with both the girls.  We're going to Jason's moms in the morning for breakfast and then to hunt for eggs.  Then later in the afternoon we're heading to Jason's grandmas house with all his aunts, uncles and cousins for dinner and another egg hunt.  So it should be a good time next weekend.  I'm just hoping the weather is nice!!!!!  Looking at the weather forecase its saying 71 but I'm not going to get to excited cause it's been changing everyday.  I might take the girls to go see the Easter bunny this weekend too.

4. We haven't had a showing in almost 2 weeks so I'm not sure what's going on.  It's good on our end cause the longer we get to stay in this house the better.  For those of you who don't know, we moved into my parents house when they moved to CO and they have since decided to sell it.   I guess no news is good news in our case.  It's been nice not having to clean up and show the house.

5. I ordered Kaylee's doll house for her birthday.  I'm also looking at water tables for her and for Keira too.  Since the pump on my parents pool broke and they don't want to fix it I wanted to mention to people for Kaylee's birthday about a water table so they have something they can get wet and have fun playing with.  They have some really cute water tables.  I found 2.

Have a great weekend
Sorry no pictures today

PS - Keira just did a summer sault all by herself!!!  I mean a real summer sault she didn't fall to the side she went straight over.  Such a big girl.  She has been watching Kaylee do them the past few days and then just did one a second ago. 


  1. That pirate ship water table is really cute! We have a little tikes water table too---they make really nice ones. Ours has held up really well.

  2. yay Keira, how cute! Gracie got a water and sand table for her birthday that we might put together this weekend too, but other than that we don't have any exciting plans either. Hope you're feeling 100% before too long!

  3. That pirate ship water table is SUPER cute!!!!

    I hear ya on the cleaning house thing for showings! I was cleaning it every time we would leave just in case we got a short notice call. I am so glad to be out, even though our house is sitting empty now. At least I don't have to keep cleaning. Now to get over and start getting settled in our new place!

    Have a great weekend!