Wednesday, March 21, 2012


* I am LOVING how incredibly sweet Kaylee was being to Keira after Keira slipped on the hardwood floors and smacked her forehead on the ground =ing a BIG goose egg and instant bruise.  Kaylee was very concerned if she was ok and was rubbing her back telling her "don't worry sissy, I'm here it'll be ok"  So sweet right?! (if your looking her goose egg is on the left)

* I'm LOVING that yesterday while Keira napped Kaylee played by herself for well over an hour while I got stuff done around the house.  It was nice to not have her under my feet asking me for something to eat every 5 minutes.  First she had a picnic with Woody and Jessie and then she wanted to color.  She colored for well over 45 minutes which is a record for her.  I was amazed.

* I'm LOVING that we'll be having nice weather the rest of this week which means we can finally get outside to play.  Last week we were home bound all week/weekend cause of rain.  This week has been better and I've slowly gotten out of my rut I was in.  It is suppose to possibly rain this weekend.  We will play on our swing set today before nap time and then after nap time when it's the warmest we'll head to the park.

* I'm LOVING that I've gotten back to my sewing machine. Oh how I've missed her.  Before making Keira's birdie shirt I hadn't sewn in almost a month.  I made Keira this cute little birdie shirt to match her pink twirl skirt for Easter.  I'm hoping that the weather is nice enough for her to wear it.  Right now I'm working on Kaylee's bib shirt for her birthday outfit. 

* I'm LOVING these Pinterest finds for the girls.  I like to get sewing inspiration and clothes to buy for the girls as well. You can follow me HERE.  All these are found on my board "for the girls"

* I'm LOVING that I'm finally starting to feel better.  I think I got a little stomach bug and I'm so glad to be feeling better.  I hate getting sick and I'm so glad that I don't get sick very often!  I'm even happier that my girls don't get sick (knock on wood).

* I'm LOVING that I'm able to spread the word today.  It's World Down Syndrome Awareness Day. Lets celebrating all those with an extra chromosome today, and so thankful for my little brother and all the others with DS.  I love you Justin Michael!! 


  1. Cutest things for the girls! You must have so much fun dressing them! YAY for Down Syndrome Awareness Day!!

  2. Awww...her forehead really did bruise up didn't it?! Poor thing.

    Raya and Sawyer were playing by themselves all morning---it was awesome! Until I overheard Raya saying "Sawyer lick this potty---it tastes like poop" ....and Sawyer and her pretending to eat out of a doll potty training chair LOL.

  3. That is super sweet! What a good big sister! Poor Kiera, hate that she got hurt!!

  4. Awww poor Keira. Emma has done that a couple of times. I always hate seeing my baby hurt.

    I *LOVE* this post. It's perfect!

  5. Aww, what a great big sister! She's so cute sitting there coloring!

    We find out what we're having on April 9th. I can't wait!!!

  6. LOVE those Salt sandals, LOVE the photos of the girls... And LOVE that photo of your little brother! ADORABLE :) Happy WDS Day!