Monday, March 19, 2012

No motivation

I don't know what is going on but I'm in a slump
I have nothing to write about
We didn't do anything all last week cause it rained A LOT!
I haven't taken out my camera in well over a week which isn't like me.
We spent last week and this weekend cuddled on the couch watching movies and playing a few games.
I still am not really feeling that hot!

So I'm hoping to change that this week and maybe have something to write about
We're suppose to go to Jason's moms house tonight for St. Patty's Day dinner.
So it will be nice to get out of the house.
It isn't suppose to rain anymore this week, so maybe if the weather gets a little nicer we can make our way to the park.
At least the girls will get out of the house later to go play with grandma for a little while before we meet them at grandmas.

I am happy to say that the girls have been good.
Except for on Saturday when daddy was trying to play with Kaylee and was putting her tent over her head and she wasn't having it and she kept screaming at him "no daddy I don't want the tent".  He kept doing it and she kept getting madder at him.  Well he tried to get in the tent with her and she said "no get out of my tent and stop"  he was trying to tickle her and she was getting even more mad and then said "leave me alone, I don't like you"  Daddy didn't like her saying that at all.  He sent her to time out for being mean.  When she get's mad she's said that to me a few times.  It usually goes something like "I'm mad at you, I don't like you and your not my best friend anymore".  I usually just ignore her.

I hate being in a slump and not being motivated to really do anything.
I don't know if it's this crappy weather, because I don't feel good or what it is.
But I'm hoping to be more with it this week.

I am happy to say that showings on the house are finally over!
The selling realator is going to review the offers with my parents and then do what ever else goes with selling a house.  We haven't started looking for a rental yet cause the selling realator still thinks we have a good 2 months here.  I'm glad that the showings are over and I don't have anymore random people walking through our house.

Have a great Monday and hopefully I'll have something more exciting to write about this week
Here are a few pictures taken from this week/weekend with my iphone!


  1. We all get into those slumps sometimes and it's not fun. I tend to get like that a lot in the winter, when the weather is cold and we can't get outside. Some days I don't even feel like doing anything in the house, laundry, dishes everything. Keep your chin up it will get better. You have two beautiful little girls =) And I love the photo of them standing back to next to the tub! It's adorable! It's a good bathroom picture to frame! =) I hope you have a better week =)

  2. Sounds like you need to ship everyone off somewhere and have a weekend to yourself too! haha. I was feeling that same way before my weekend off. Luckily the weather here has been unseasonably nice, but I know the cold and rain are coming soon. I think it's supposed to storm most of tomorrow...ugh.

  3. I definitely have those days, especially when the weather isn't nice. At least you can get out and dont have to cook tonight~!!

  4. oh girl tell me about it! sometimes i think my life must be so insanely boring compared to others. i dont always have things to say and they always they do things every single day LOL
    I have a routine 99% of the time LOL and the weekends are usually randomness :)
    i can tell you this, we love seeing all your pics :)