Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Kaylee is 34 months old

Kaylee Elizabeth,

Where do I begin, I cant believe that in 2 short months your going to be 3 years old.  Seriously time has just flown by in the blink of an eye.

This month has been a little trying with you cause of your sassy attitude, your back talking and your not wanting to listen to daddy or I.  It can be really challenging and we're working hard to help you at being a good girl.  As your getting older your attitude is growing right along with you.  But when your attitude is not coming through you can be such a sweet girl.  I love when you come up to me and ask if we can take silly pictures together.  I'll never turn down a silly photoshoot with you.

Your such a funny girl that's for sure.  Maybe you get your funnyness from your dad, cause mommy doesn't think she's to funny.  Or maybe I am and just don't know it cause I seem to make you and your sister laugh.  Some of the things that come out of your mouth often leaves me wondering "where do you come up with this stuff" and has your dad and I laughing.

POTTY TRAINING:  you are fully potty trained and have been since a little after turning 2 but for some reason this month we've hit a bump in the road and your regresing back to the beginning.  So mommy has made a potty chart for you to see if it would help.  You like the idea of putting stickers on your chart so I'm hoping this helps.

SLEEPING:  you are still taking one nap and you still need to take that nap cause if you don't your a grump come 5:00.  Usually you'll go down for a nap wearing underwear and you'll come down stairs wearing nothing, which leads me think you peed.  But you like to be naked!  When I go into your room to check on you before I go to bed I can always find you totally naked!  I don't know why you like to do this but you do.

EATING:  throughout the day all you want to do is snack.  you'll eat breakfast and then 10 minutes later want more to eat!  You pretty much just snack all day long.  But when it's time to eat dinner you usually tell me ewww I don't like this!  But you end up eating it cause you don't get to get down from the table unless you eat all your dinner.

It's still hard for mommy to wrap her head around you turning 3 and hearing all these stories from other mommies that age 3 is WORSE than age 2.  Oh boy, if that's the case I might have a soon to be 3 year old for sale to good home! LOL just kidding. And then I think man can it really get worse then the way you act right now!

A few things you've been up to this month:

* you still don't really like to share with sissy.  If she is playing nicely with something you will just walk right over to her and take it away.  Then when you have to return it to her, it usually ends with you falling to the ground crying like she took the toy from you first.

* you have the best little imagination.  Listening to you while you play just puts a smile on my face.  Sometimes you'll wrap a blanket around your torso and walk around saying your a beautiful princess or you pretend to be Mater and either daddy or I are Lighting McQueen or Toy Story characters.

* you love your one on one time with Grandma every Friday.  She picks you up at 5 and you spend the night.  You guys have your ritual of making pizza and playing trains with grandpa, you watch a movie and in the morning you have waffles and eggs.  I love when you come home to tell me about all the fun you had.

* you like to play catch.  when daddy throws you ball you can catch it.  You've just started throwing the ball up in the air and are able to catch it.  When you catch it, you are so proud of yourself.

* you always want to take pictures with mommy whether there nice smily pictures or where we make silly faces.  I love doing it with you.  You usually wake up from your nap before sissy so we get our mommy / Kaylee time and this is when we take our pictures together.

* even though you like taking silly pictures with mommy you are still 100% a daddy's girl.  At some point during the day you'll tell me "I miss my daddy" and you want to call him and talk to him.  You are so excited to see him when he gets home.

* at nap and bed time you like to put your blanket on all by yourself.  If I put it on you I get yelled at by you saying "mommy I can do it myself, I'm big girl".  Fair enough!

* your like Bubble Guppies and Team Umizoomi.  I often catch you playing along with the games they play or when they want you to make animal noises.  You like to get up and dance to the music.

* you like to have pretend tea parties.  Grandma got you a glass tea seat for Christmas and you love to play with it.  You'll set it all up and set up your toy story friends around it and have a tea party, sometimes mommy is invited!

* your new thing when were outside is you like to run around half of the court.  You start out at our house with daddy and I meet you on the opposite side.

* you would drink milk all day if you could

* you don't eat sweets that often only when you go #2 in the potty, then you get a cookie

* In your almost 3 years of life you've only been sick 2 times.  I know that will all change once you start school!  (I better watch what I say, I might jinx myself!)

Even though at times we totally butt heads you can be a really sweet girl.  I love the one on one times we get together.  You are growing up into such a smart girl.  Hopefully this month we can work on going potty in the potty like a big girl and to have as much fun as possible!
We love you to the moon and back
Mommy, Daddy & Sissy


  1. So sweet. LOVE your monthly posts to the girls!

    Kaylee and Lidia keep acting more and more alike! Its so crazy to me! I tell my family all the time, "I dont know where she comes up with the stuff she says!" oh and she could milk all day long too.

    Love the pics of you two together, you guys are like best friends! love it!

  2. Cute! Love the picture of her toes by the chalk :-)

  3. What a happy girl! She is is stunning! I love the last picture with the chalk I'm totally going to try that!

  4. Our kids have so much in common! I think the imagination development has been my favorite part of this year with C. And I know I say this everytime, but I am so jealous that you have grandma so close, what a lucky girl!

  5. She's so beautiful! I'm going to pull the sidewalk chalk out for Kyla's 14 month picture today. All the snow is finally melted so we can do it :) I love the silly faces pictures with Mommy!