Thursday, March 8, 2012

Thursday Randoms

1. I would like to announce that our dog Kona had her babies yesterday.  When I got the call from the breeder in the morning it made me nervous cause she usually doesn't call us unless there's a problem.  Our way of communicating is email.  So I was really nervous calling her back only for her to have some good news for us.  She was calling to tell us that Kona started having her babies.  She had a total of 8 puppies (her biggest of 4 liters).  But unfortunatlly one of the puppies had to be put down cause its insides were on the outside :( the breeder said when she held the puppy up to Kona she turned her head and wanted nothing to do with it.  I'm excited to see our fur babies, the breeder said they are CHUNKY!!  She texted me a pic but its kinda hard to see and its blurry.  She's suppose to text more pics later today!
Here's the run down of what she had and the colors
2 black males
2 red males
2 red females
1 black female

2. Yesterday I attempted to make a St. Patrick's Day craft with the girls.  Which was a total bust and the girls could really care less about doing it.  I printed out a shamrock for them to color and then I had these animal noodles, I picked out all the green ones.  I put the shamrock on and then had Kaylee thread all the animal noodles on.  BUST again, she didn't want to do it she wanted me to do it.  Fine I did both her's and Keiras and then put them on them, Keira wasn't having it at all!  Kaylee wore her long enough for me to take a picture of her and then undid the bow and all the noodles fell to the floor breaking them all over!

3. We have decided to put house hunting on hold for another year.  We really wanted to buy right now but it's just not the right time for us.  So we're going to rent for another year, save up money and have Jason's job employment look good.  He just started back working for his dad again last year so he wants it to look good with having him work at this job a long time.  Plus we want to be able to buy a house we really like and not settle on a house cause we could only afford that one.  We will have to move, right now were living in my parents house but they decided to sell this house.  I'll tell you what I'm not looking foward to moving with 2 toddlers, we might have to get Grandma to watch the girls while we move!

4. The weather is suppose to be in the low 70s this weekend so I'm hoping to get out of the house and take the girls to the park or go do something fun.  We need to get out as a family and have some fun.  Maybe we'll pick an activity from our bucket list jar.

5. Instagram photo dump. I think it's safe to say I am addicted to instagram.  I did the February photo a day challange and completed it.  I am now doing the one for March. I use it to take a lot of pictures of the girls.  (and yes that picture in the last row in the middle is the girls Easter baskets done and ready for them a month before Easter, that's how I roll) you can follow me @joeyleeelizabeth

6. I have been on the search for Preschools for Kaylee.  She'll be turning 3 in May and I think she would love to get out the house for a couple hours everyday to learn and make some friends.  She asks me everyday if she can go to school and get friends and read books.  So I'm trying to find a school that doesn't have a waiting list or that doesn't have a restriction on family size and income.  We really wanted her to go to Montessori school.  If I cant get her into any other preschool program we might just end up biting the bullet and sending her to Montessori.

7. I am having a serious problem right now with Kaylee and going potty.  After she turned 2 she was fully potty trained day and night going both pee and poop on the potty.  Then we started having #2 problems, so after trying different high in fiber foods to help her to go and finding that that wasn't working I took her to the dr's.   We got a Rx for a medicine that will make her go.  Ever since her problem she doesn't and I mean DOESN'T want to go poop on the potty.  She'll go in her undies and when I give her the medicine she's a diaper on cause sometimes she cant control is she goes or not.  Well I've cut her medicine back a lot cause she's been going every other day but it's like she's totally back at the very beginning of potty training.  She'll go hide when she has to poop and sometimes when she has to pee she wont say anything either and she'll just pee her pants.  It's starting to drive me nuts!  I decided to try a potty chart, she loves stickers.  So I'm going to make a chart and said if she gets stickers all week long then she'll get some candy.  But if she doesn't then I take a toy away.  Is that to harsh to take a toy away?  I just don't know what to do with her anymore.  ANY ADVICE would be much appriciated!


  1. I think your chart is a great idea!! I used to work at a daycare and taught preschool also and those positive reinforcements really work well! And no, taking away a toy isn't too harsh. If it is something she wants, she will know she needs to use the potty then. Good luck!
    You are so ahead of the game already having easter baskets done-I need to get on that!

  2. UGHHH I sooo feel your pain with the pooping! Lidia is fully potty trained... she doesnt even wear a pull-up/diaper to bed. But the pooping? When she has to go, she just says, "Mommy I need to poop" and hands me a diaper!I have no clue how to get her to go. I need all the advice i can get too.

  3. Yay for puppies!

    *Technically* I wouldn't suggest taking a toy away in that situation. Certainly I wouldn't say it's harsh or permanently damaging or anything, but with something like that we always suggest keeping it very focused on the positive. When she goes in her panties don't make a huge deal about it---just say something like "I'm disappointed because you know to go potty like a big girl" or something like that....but then just let it go. When she does go potty in the toilet then make a big deal about how proud you are, celebrate, etc. But if you take a toy away, etc. when she goes in her pants it very well could make her scared to go #2 (which would make the constipation worse) and it could reinforce her hiding when she goes in her pants, because she's scared to lose a toy. If she was a lot older and still doing this then maybe losing a toy would be appropriate, but at this age and considering the circumstances I would focus on the positives :-)

  4. Love the fun St. Patrick's day activities. I am definitely pulling a copy cat!

    Instagram is so fun! I have an Android phone, so I don't get to play. :(

    As far as a chart for going potty, I'm not sure taking something away is the best option. I've tried it. I failed. For sweet Addison, NOT getting a heart on her behavior chart is enough to upset her! Good luck!

  5. Thats too bad about the last puppy, but I am glad the others are doing well!

    I think that is great you are looking at preschools, Cullen started in Jan and it has made such a difference. He loves it and is learning so much. I try to teach him at home, but it is just not the same you know? I hope you find a good school!

    We had the potty problem with C a few weeks ago and I got so frustrated with him, I made him wear one of Bennetts diapers. Probably not the most PC solution, but he hated wearing it so much, it fixed the problem right away. We do still make a BIG (clapping, Im so happy for you ect) deal when he does go though so it is all reinforced. Good luck!!

    (Complete side note, I noticed your font changes between this and the capitol letter, just my humble opinion, this is much easier to read!)

  6. I'm jealous you have your girls Easter baskets done! I have also been wanting to do a St Patricks Day craft with Emma, but haven't found the time yet. =)

  7. Okay love all of the pictures :-) And I did the same thing as Kaylee when I was younger!!! I got really constipated and it hurt to poop one time and after that I refused to go! HA! I'll ask my mom what she did and let you know ;-)

  8. Poor Kaylee, I don't have any advice because we are sooo not there yet! That sucks about the house hunt, but you are completely right to wait if it doesn't feel right and you shouldn't settle.