Friday, March 23, 2012

Friday Randoms

1. I'm very sad to say we will be spendin another weekend hanging indoors due to A LOT of rain heading our way.  During the day on Saturday its suppose to rain 0.75" and at night its suppose to rain 1.22" thats a lot of rain and then Sunday its suppose to rain 0.52".  But after this weekend it shows no more rain! YAY.  I'm hoping that it will be semi nice out for Easter weekend.

2. My best friend Steph and her fiance are coming into town this weekend from Vegas doing wedding stuff and we're going to hang out and do dinner one of the nights that their here.  It's been 2 months since I've last seen her on my birthday.  I also enjoy seeing her.  Even if its been 6 months or more since I've seen her we pick up right where we left off and it's like it hasn't been that long since we last saw eachother.  Her and her fiance are moving to Texas the first weekend in April so this will be our last visit until we see them in Sept. for their wedding.

3. I thought I was starting to feel better and now I'm starting to feel like crap again.  I'm thinking it might be my allergies.  Watery eyes, stuffy nose, scratchy throat.  I felt the worst yesterday and decided that I was going to take a nap when the girls took their nap, well Kaylee had other plans and decided that she didn't want to take a nap.  She came down stairs and we fell asleep on the couch together for about 30 mins.

4.  Keira woke up crying 3 different times last night.  It's a good thing I went to bed early last night cause she was awake at 12:15 then again at 1:30 and then for the final time at 4:40.  It was kinda nice the girls let me sleep until 8 before Kaylee and Spaz (my brothers dog) came into my room.  Kaylee watched cartoons and then we headed downstairs to watch Toy Story.  Keira finally woke up at 9.  I have no idea why Keira is waking up at night.  She's been waking up for the past 2 nights now.  Sometimes I can give her her paci and she'll go back to sleep and then if she doesn't want her paci she'll sign to be "drink".  Hopefully this isnt a reaccuring thing.

5. Kona's puppies turned 2 weeks old this past Wednesday.  I talk to the breeder every few days to check in on Kona and puppies, she says their getting fat and big.  I cant wait to see them.  We usually go visit Kona when the puppies are around 4 weeks but last time we went to visit her around 6 weeks and the breeder said we could take Kona home, well her teets thought other wise.  She still had a lot of milk and we had to milk her to relieve some of the pain and then after doing that for almost 2 weeks we could rub this cream on her teets to dry them out.  It was horrible.  So we have decided that we're going to wait until the breeder says you can come get Kona.  So hopefully we'll get her back in about 5 weeks.  That just seems so long.

6. I cant believe that in 6 days my baby is going to be 16 months!  Yes you heard that right 16 months she's almost a year in a half!  She's growing up to fast and on top of that Kaylee's 3rd birthday is about a month in a half away.  My girls are getting so big.  Keira's 16 month post is coming next week!!

Have a great weekend!


  1. It's rainy and dreary here today too. I miss the nice weather already!

  2. I hope you are feeling better soon! There is nothing worse than being sick and having to take care of the family. It's hard. I hope your weather starts getting nicer as well. It's been so nice here the last few days, in the 80's and today it's kinda windy and back in the 60's. Hopefully our weather will head your way soon! Have a good weekend! =)

  3. I hope you start feeling better!! Carleigh has allergies and she has been pretty down the past couple of days. Spring is definitely in the air!

  4. Sorry to hear that you have been sick and Keira hasn't been sleeping! I know that's not a fun combination!