Friday, December 30, 2011

Take a look back at our 2011

Where has the year gone!
Its hard to believe in just a few short days we'll be entering 2012
I think this year has been one of the best years so far.

Here's a little look back at our 2011

I was still getting use to being a mommy to 2 little girls.  We were working on getting into a routine and making sure that I spent enough time with Kaylee so she didn't get jealous of the new baby. 
I also celebrated my 27th birthday!

We celebrated Valentine's Day.
Keira also experienced her first trip to Pismo Beach.  It was our first family vacation as a family of 4.

Keira got to join sissy in her first playgroup at the Library
We celebrated Uncle Justin's birthday via skype
We celebrated St. Patrick's Day

We went to Monterey to watch Uncle Antheney graduate Park Ranger academy
We celebrated Easter

I celebrated my 1st Mother's Day with 2 kids
Kaylee celebrated her 2nd birthday!
My parents came down for a visit from CO
My brother & Jason's brother both graduated from High School

We celebrated Uncle Patrick's 18th birthday
We had some dr appt's

We celebrated the 4th of July with swimming & a BBQ
I got my new DSLR camera....YAY!
I got my newish Yukon XL (which looks different now than in the pic)
We celebrated Uncle Josh's 24th birthday

We celebrated Daddy's 27th birthday
More swimming
We went to New Malones for a fun day on the water
I took the girls to the zoo with Jason's mom

I sold some of the girls baby clothes
There was an air show crash in Reno, NV (Jason was suppose to be at that show)
The countdown started for Keira's birthday!
Lots of hanging out with friends every Wednesday

We took the girls to the pumpkin patch
We celebrated Halloween
We got family pictures taken
Party preperations were in full force for Keira's birthday

We celebrated Mimi's birthday via skype (November 3rd)
We celebrated Thanksgiving
We celebrated KEIRA'S 1st BIRTHDAY (November 29th)
Keira took her 1st steps (1 day after her birthday)
We decorated and set up for Christmas

We made Christmas crafts & gifts
We decorated more for Christmas
We started our 24 nights of advant books
We celebrated Christmas
We will celebrate Papa's birthday via skype (december 31st)
We took down all of our Christmas stuff to prepare for the girls new playroom!


It has been a GREAT 2011 and I'm really looking forward to what 2012 has in store for us.
There are a few exciting things coming up for us, that I cant wait to share

Have a happy & safe New Year

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Keira is 13 months old

Keira Alexis,

It seems like we were just  celebrating your 1st birthday and here we are already a month later and your 13 months old.  Time is just flying by and mommy doesn't like it at all!!

This has been a rough month for you, you are have been teething and you don't do well in the teething deparetment at all.  Mommy is going to try a little trick I heard from another blogger friend (thanks Mallorie).  I'm going to dip a wash cloth in apple juice and freeze it and give it to her to chew on and see if that helps with her teething, plus it will taste good.  Baby girl I think you are starting to feel better cause the happy smiles are returning and those 2 top teeth have finally broken through! YAY

After 13 long months you have FINALLY said "DADA" for the 1st time.  Daddy has been waiting so long for you to say it.  Yesterday while we were playing I took out my phone and wanted to try to record you and see if you would say dada and to my surprise I said say dada and you said it multiple times.  So I just had to send the video to daddy which totally made his day and you did say it again when daddy got home from work.   Your vocabulary has been growing and your saying a lot of words now.  WORDS YOUR SAYING: mama, baba, boo, sissy, whos this, baby, dada & woo woo
SIGN LANGUAGE: more, eat, all done & night night

SLEEPING:  This past month there have been a few days that you've played in your crib for an hour or more before finally falling asleep.  I think your sister makes it a little hard sometimes cause she gets out of bed to play with you.  But you go down for your nap at 12 and sleep till 3.  Since moving you into your own room with your sister you have slept so good.  Its been awesome.  You go to bed each night around 8-8:15 and wake up around 8 each morning.  There has only been one night this month that you woke up screaming due to your teeth.  I am so glad that your sleeping so good now and waking up each morning in such a great mood.  I love going into your room each morning to see that BRIGHT smile.


CLOTHES:  You are tall and skinny.  You are wearing 12-18 month clothing.  You fit better into 12 month stuff but since your so tall they fit you better but their too short, so 18 month stuff it is.  You are in size 3 shoes.  You are wearing size 4 diapers.  Mommy really enjoys shopping for you and your sister and pretty soon you and your sister might be wearing the same size soon.

EATING:  OMG you are such a good eater and that's all you want to do all day is eat!  You like to hold food in your hand and walk around the house, often times I think you just like to hold food.  Cause you will walk around holding and not even be eating it and when I take it away you throw a fit.  Dinner is your favorite cause you get to eat what we're eating for dinner.  Sometimes I think you eat more dinner than your sister.  Which is why I find it funny that you don't weigh more, with all the food that you eat.

Weight: 20lbs
Height: 31"
Hair: brown & curls in the back
Eye: dark blue
Teeth: 6 (4 top / 2 bottom)

FAVORITE TOYS: dancing dog, little animal farm, phone & mini books
FAVORITE FOOD: graham crackers, chicken nuggets, cheese, brocolli & rice
FAVORITE ACTIVITIES: walking around and reading books
NEW WORDS: woo woo & dada
MILESTONES: taking her 1st steps one day after her 1st birthday, walking faster now & talking more


* you took your first steps the day after your 1st birthday. 11/30/11 We were so excited and now you are walking every where!
* when you pick up one of sissy's dinosaures you growl
* you started mimicing sounds everyone makes.  If sissy pretends to cough you do the same or if sissy roars like a dino you do too, its so funny!
* you give high fives
* 2 top teeth 12/19/11
* when sissy takes a toy you will scream at her and then come over to me and tattle!
* you are eating more new foods and loving everything
* saying vroom vroom when you play with your cars


Although this month has been rough for you with teething you still have a bright smile that just makes those rough days all but forgotten.  I love that you are such a mommy's girl and that you come up to me and lay your head on my leg and love to have me play with your hair.  Mommy enjoys each day that I get to spend with you. I love you so much and am so glad to be your mama.

Love, Mommy

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas 2011 {Part 2}

Christmas Day was more hectic than Christmas Eve.
We woke up Christmas Day to the sounds of laughter coming from our little girls room!
I let the girls play in their room for a little bit while I got ready, I was happy to see the girls in good moods and happy cause it was going to be a long day.  I think my biggest worry of the day was I really hope the girls take a nap, if not we're gonna have some cranky kids on our hands come later on.

I got the girls dressed in thier new clothes they had gotten
(skirt made by: Mimi - my mom)

Kaylee had recieved some really cute clothes made by my mom, I'll be posting pictures of those soon.  She made her a Tinkerbell robe, a skirt and a cute dress.

Once the girls were dressed we loaded the car with some presents and headed to Jason's aunt Rhonda's house for Christmas with the Jess family. 

Kaylee with her Great Great Grandma

 We enjoyed a great breakfast before gathering around to open presents.  Kaylee was excited to open more presents, she was so much fun to watch at Christmas this year.

I wasn't able to get much pictures of the girls opening their presents cause they were all over the place.  Keira wasn't really interested in opening presents, so I opened them for her and she enjoyed the gifts after.

Kaylee got: a big wooden easel for painting, drawing & chalk from Great Grandma, a leap pad and woody doll from Jason's dad, a savings bond from Great Great Grandma  & a cute outfit from her secret santa.

Keira got: a savings bond from Great Great Grandma, a mini recliner (like Kaylee's) & jingle the husky pup from Great Grandma,  mega blocks table from Jason's dad.

The girls made Great Grandma & Grandpa this cute canvas painting.
They are cattle ranchers, so I thought this would be the perfect gift for them

We had to leave Keira's chair behind cause after opening it daddy noticed that there a huge gash in the box, when he looked closer, the place where she got it from must have cut right through the box and when doing so cut right into the chair.  So Great Grandma has to return it and get her another one.  Keira loves Kaylee's chair and they fight over who will sit in it, so I'm glad they each have their own now.

We left way past nap time and headed home to put the girls down before going to Jason's step dad's parents house for our last Christmas stop.  We relax and set up all the girls toys while they slept.  The girls took a good 2 hour nap before we woke them up to head to Grandma Alice's house.

Keira was a crab for about an hour before calming down and wanting to walk around and play with everyone.  Kaylee really enjoyed playing with her cousin Elli.  They are 3 months apart (Elli is older)

Keira didn't travel to far from me.  I think all the kids being noisy and running around frightened her.  So she stuck close to grandma and I.  Before dinner was ready we gather all the adults and all the kids for a huge family photo and then a picture with all the grandkids.

We ate dinner and then cleaned up a little bit before passing out presents and getting down to business.

Keira got: a cute outfit from Jason's aunt Elizabeth, a baby Cinderella doll from Aunt Richelle.
Kaylee got: a cute outfit from Aunt Elizabeth, a bigger Cinderella doll from Aunt Richelle, a mini wooden kitchen from Grandma Alice & Papa Dennis & a mini mouse music set from Aunt Jennifer

I think she's the best present I could ask for (along with her sister)

We finished opening presents and eating dessert and I looked down at my phone and realized it was 9:15, that would explain why Keira had been a little was way past best time.  By the time we went around to everyone and said our good byes and thank you's we finally made it home and in bed around 10.

We had a great Christmas and the girls got totally SPOILED!!
We will be taking our tree down this weekend to make room for the girls new play room.  We are converting the room when you walk into our house into a playroom for the girls.  Now that they have all these toys they need somewhere to put them all.  So I'm excited for that, we have toys everywhere!!!!

* * * * * *

Here's is the present that the girls made for Jason's mom
I love the way it turned out and I got the idea from Pinterest.
I made a similar one for my mom too!

Kaylee's handprint & Keira's footprint