Friday, December 9, 2011

Our Christmas Card

This year I did 2 different photoshoots with the girls for our Christmas cards.
Well I loved how the second photo session turned out way better than the first

While reading my daily blogs I came across Ashley's blog and she was having a giveaway for a FREE Christmas card design.  So I entered it.  Not thinking I'd win cause I usually dont.  I was surprised to see an email in my inbox that read WINNER.  So I opened it and it was from Ashley telling me that I won!  YAY

So after finally taking the pictures of the girls and making the hard decision on which ones to use.
Kelly who has an awesome etsy shop designing cards made our card and I love the way it turned out
Etsy shop found here...Your Life Long Memories

* * * * * * *

We've been having a great time as a family reading our advant books.
Kaylee knows around 7:30 each night we grab our book to sit down to read
I think Keira is still a little to young, she makes it through 2-3 pages before she's over it!
I think when we do this again next year it will be a lot more fun cause they'll be a little older
We've also decided to get Elf on the shelf and save him for next year.
I think the girls are still a little to young to really understand it and next year they'll be 3 in a half and 2.
Here are Days 6-8


* * * * * * *
I cant believe Christmas is in
16 days
or 15 days if you celebrate on Christmas Eve.
We celebrate on Christmas Eve, we always have.  Since both Jason and I have big families we celebrate both days.  This year on Christmas Eve we will be spending the morning with his mom, the afternoon at home just us and the evening with my dad.
Christmas Day the morning will be spent at Jason's aunts house with his side of the family and then the evening will be spent at his Grandma's (his step dads parents).  I'm sad cause this will be the 1st ever Christmas that I've spent without my parents.  This Dec 18th will be 1 year since they moved to CO.  It has been a hard adjustment for me cause my mom and I were best friends and did pretty much everything together and since she's left its been difficult.  It's hard not having friends with kids.  But this Christmas will be fun with the girls this year!

* * * * * * *

Keira had her 12 month check up today.
For having been poked some many times she did really well.
It started with a prick in her finger to check and make sure she wasn't anemic (she isn't)
We then went to a different room where she got 3 shots and her flu shot
I always feel soooooo bad when she gets shots
We then left and went and had her blood drawn for a lead test.
So my poor baby has been pocked 6 times today
12 month check up's are NOT FUN!
I gave her some tylenol when we got home and she fell right asleep

She did really well waiting in the room for the dr.  Kaylee got a little antsy and wanted to go home and watch Toy Story.  On the way to the dr's I told her if she was a good girl we'd go to the park on the way home.  But the dr took way longer than I thought and it was an hour in a half past nap time so we didn't get to go to the park, maybe tomorrow.

Kaylee showing Keira support before she gets her shots!

This is what you look like after your 12 month check up!


  1. aww her little arm bandage! :( your card looks cute! hope she gets to feeling better after all those shots!

  2. aw poor baby. :( i bet that was rough.

    i LOVE the christmas cards!

  3. Love the Christmas cards! And Keira's pigtails...OMG! Adorable!

    I'm not looking forward to Kyla's 12 month checkup. I didn't know they did all that. Poor girls :(

  4. Your Christmas card is just perfect with those sweet little faces! I LOVE it...thanks for sharing:)

  5. Oh that totally sucks! Poor baby!
    I love your new header and the christmas card pics. So cute!

  6. Love your blog!! I have 3 little girls so I know how fun/hard/awesome it is! Can't wait to follow along:)

    Stop by and visit me at

  7. I just hate doctor visits that end in shots too! I took Lydia for her 6 month appt. (granted she was almost 8 months) but she weighed 19 lbs. and was 29 8 months old is the same size as your 1 yr.old. :o That is funny! Everyone says she is big, but I guess until I put it into perspective it doesn't seem that way. She is just right for me! I love the Christmas card but must say that with all of your blog designs I thought you could probably make cards in a jiffy! I always love visiting and seeing your new look and all of your adorable pics of the girls! Happy weekend! :) Lana

  8. your christmas card is so cute!!! and poor keira and her shots :( she's one tough cookie!