Monday, December 5, 2011

Advant Book Calander & more decorating

This weekend was pretty low key.
I did more Christmas decorating...
just when I think I'm done I find more projects to do and more things to set up
I think I'm *almost* done decorating but if I keep looking at Pinterest, I'll never be done!

We have been enjoying doing the advant book calander each night as a family.
I love that at 7:30 each night we get our book and all sit on the couch as a family and read the book.
The girls sit on the couch so nicely and listen.  I love it!

Friday night we weren't able to read our book because Kaylee decided to spend the night at Grandma's and we didn't want to read a book without her.  So we waited....

Saturday daddy was gone most of the day so the girls and I just hung out around the house.  Mommy decorated and did some crafts while they played and watched Toy Story 3 for the millionth time!  Once daddy got home we opened and read 2 books. 

Sunday was pretty much the same as Saturday.  Daddy had to go help his dad for the first part of the day.  He got home while the girls were taking a nap.  Once the girls woke up we watched like 4 different kids movies...Madagascar, Robots, Ice Age 1 - 2 & 3.  We had a nice time watching these movies together.  What would have made it even more nice would have been a fire going.  If only we had a fireplace, that is the one thing I miss, my parents don't have a fireplace.  I know thing for sure, when we buy our house it will most definetly have a fireplace!!!

Today is the same as most days
Wake a nap...snack...go to Grandma's!
The only difference is that we will be going to Grandma's house too.  We are going over there for dinner and to celebrate Jason's step dads birthday.  He is a football coach for our local football team so the girls made him a football related gift.  It turned out so cute (picture to come later) and a homemade card from the girls.

After nap time if we have enough time we're headed to Michale's to get so stuff!
Only 20 more days till Christmas
We just got our Christmas cards in and they are so cute!  You don't get to see till after I send them out!

Happy Monday!


  1. love this idea!!! can i steal?! so fun!!!

  2. Everytime I visit you have a new look here on your blog. It makes me so jealous!! :) I love the idea of a book each night and actually meant to do that this year, but haven't...yet! Hope your visit with Santa goes well. I can't believe it is almost Christmas!

  3. So fun! I can't wait to do it with Kyla next year! Your decorations look great!