Monday, December 12, 2011

Our visit with Santa

Christmas wouldn't be complete without a picture with good ol' Santa
So I got the girls ready in their matching outfits, yes matching (this is the only time)
and we headed out to Bass Pro Shop, yes I get my kids picture taken with Santa as Bass Pro Shop...I'll tell you why.  Cause it's FREE.  I refuse to pay $25.00 for a picture with Santa in the mall.  So when you go to Bass Pro you get a FREE 4x6.  We've gone there the last 3 years to get the girls pictures taken.

So this morning we got there and there was no one in line....SCORE!
Kaylee was so excited, calling Santa Santa Santa.  It was so cute.
So its our turn and she goes running up to him yelling Santa, she lets Santa pick her up and I hand Keira to him.  At first I thought Keira might cry cause she started to whine.  Kaylee was getting ready to tell Santa what she wanted when the people who take your picture call them and start shaking the these bells, well it scared Kaylee and she FROZE.  Which is why she looks like she does in the picture. 

So as Jason is going to take her off Santa's lap cause she wont talk no matter what Santa does, she unfreezes and yells "I want a BIG BUZZ for Christmas"....Santa laughed and said "its a good thing you told me what you wanted I was going to bring you marbles".  LOL

So after giving Santa a high five we walked around and looked at all the little games they had and played a few before getting our girfts cards and heading back home.

So I guess our visit with Santa was a success, we didn't have any crying at least!

Our before we left the house picture


  1. We've don't the bass pro Santa twice as well as the Santa in the mall! I love the bass pro Santa here he looks soooooo good, like your Santa:)

  2. We have no bass pro's anywhere near us--wish we did! I love the giant elk (?) in the background too wonder Kaylee looks terrified...she's about to be trampeled to death! :-)


  3. I love it! I LOVE both of their looks!!!:) We have a Bass Pro near us, I just havent made it that way yet, Jordan's dad always has a santa at his house on Christmas Eve so I usually just get the picture then!!:) Works out well...Jordan is dressing up as Santa for our playgroups party next week...should be interesting!:)

  4. oh my goodness....too cute!!!! And YAY for no crying...Addie was a mess;)

  5. i love 2 things about this picture: their matching outfits and the deer :) too funny! their matching outfits are adorable. i'd totally dress my girls alike!

  6. Awe! Such a cute pitcute. The look on Kaylees face is just priceless. Peyton was a little iffy with Santa but okay at first, but as soon as the ladies started ringing those bells, it was over... lol. waterworks for her. haha. those darn bells! glad she got to tell him what she wanted. :)

  7. OMG, the girls are adorable! I wish I knew of somewhere around here that I could get a picture for free. I haven't taken Kyla yet because I know she'll freak out and it's $21. But I feel like a bad mom if I don't take her. So I might have to bite the bullet and pay it. Ugh!