Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas Light Disappointment

So last night we decided to check another thing off of our Family Bucketlist for this Winter.
So we decided to go drive around and look at Christmas lights.
In our town there is one housing development where almost everyone decorates their house, they even take donations when you go in...its just that cool.

Its been quite a few years since I've driven around looking at Christmas lights.
This year we decided to go look at Christmas lights cause Kaylee really likes them.
So we loaded the girls into the car and headed out to look at all the cool lights.
We headed for that housing development where everyone decorates.
Well we were royally disappointed when we drove in there to see barly any houses decorated.
It was sad and totally disappointing!
Kaylee kept asking "where are the Christmas lights?"
We drove by some houses that only had a few strands of lights or no lights at all.
I swear there was only one house in there that was totally decked out.

So we left that development and drove through a few other developments
and they were all the same, barly any houses decorated.
It made me sad, I remember going to look at Christmas lights with my family and being so excited and happy looking at all the houses decorated.

I even brought my camera to take some picture documenting our first time as a family going to look at Christmas Lights together.  Maybe next year we'll head out of town about 20 minutes away to look at some cool light displays that they do every year.

So while yes we got another thing checked off our Family Bucketlist
It didn't feel like people were in the Christmas spirit this year as far as decorating
Oh well maybe next year we'll get lucky and see some better Christmas Lights!

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