Thursday, December 29, 2011

Keira is 13 months old

Keira Alexis,

It seems like we were just  celebrating your 1st birthday and here we are already a month later and your 13 months old.  Time is just flying by and mommy doesn't like it at all!!

This has been a rough month for you, you are have been teething and you don't do well in the teething deparetment at all.  Mommy is going to try a little trick I heard from another blogger friend (thanks Mallorie).  I'm going to dip a wash cloth in apple juice and freeze it and give it to her to chew on and see if that helps with her teething, plus it will taste good.  Baby girl I think you are starting to feel better cause the happy smiles are returning and those 2 top teeth have finally broken through! YAY

After 13 long months you have FINALLY said "DADA" for the 1st time.  Daddy has been waiting so long for you to say it.  Yesterday while we were playing I took out my phone and wanted to try to record you and see if you would say dada and to my surprise I said say dada and you said it multiple times.  So I just had to send the video to daddy which totally made his day and you did say it again when daddy got home from work.   Your vocabulary has been growing and your saying a lot of words now.  WORDS YOUR SAYING: mama, baba, boo, sissy, whos this, baby, dada & woo woo
SIGN LANGUAGE: more, eat, all done & night night

SLEEPING:  This past month there have been a few days that you've played in your crib for an hour or more before finally falling asleep.  I think your sister makes it a little hard sometimes cause she gets out of bed to play with you.  But you go down for your nap at 12 and sleep till 3.  Since moving you into your own room with your sister you have slept so good.  Its been awesome.  You go to bed each night around 8-8:15 and wake up around 8 each morning.  There has only been one night this month that you woke up screaming due to your teeth.  I am so glad that your sleeping so good now and waking up each morning in such a great mood.  I love going into your room each morning to see that BRIGHT smile.


CLOTHES:  You are tall and skinny.  You are wearing 12-18 month clothing.  You fit better into 12 month stuff but since your so tall they fit you better but their too short, so 18 month stuff it is.  You are in size 3 shoes.  You are wearing size 4 diapers.  Mommy really enjoys shopping for you and your sister and pretty soon you and your sister might be wearing the same size soon.

EATING:  OMG you are such a good eater and that's all you want to do all day is eat!  You like to hold food in your hand and walk around the house, often times I think you just like to hold food.  Cause you will walk around holding and not even be eating it and when I take it away you throw a fit.  Dinner is your favorite cause you get to eat what we're eating for dinner.  Sometimes I think you eat more dinner than your sister.  Which is why I find it funny that you don't weigh more, with all the food that you eat.

Weight: 20lbs
Height: 31"
Hair: brown & curls in the back
Eye: dark blue
Teeth: 6 (4 top / 2 bottom)

FAVORITE TOYS: dancing dog, little animal farm, phone & mini books
FAVORITE FOOD: graham crackers, chicken nuggets, cheese, brocolli & rice
FAVORITE ACTIVITIES: walking around and reading books
NEW WORDS: woo woo & dada
MILESTONES: taking her 1st steps one day after her 1st birthday, walking faster now & talking more


* you took your first steps the day after your 1st birthday. 11/30/11 We were so excited and now you are walking every where!
* when you pick up one of sissy's dinosaures you growl
* you started mimicing sounds everyone makes.  If sissy pretends to cough you do the same or if sissy roars like a dino you do too, its so funny!
* you give high fives
* 2 top teeth 12/19/11
* when sissy takes a toy you will scream at her and then come over to me and tattle!
* you are eating more new foods and loving everything
* saying vroom vroom when you play with your cars


Although this month has been rough for you with teething you still have a bright smile that just makes those rough days all but forgotten.  I love that you are such a mommy's girl and that you come up to me and lay your head on my leg and love to have me play with your hair.  Mommy enjoys each day that I get to spend with you. I love you so much and am so glad to be your mama.

Love, Mommy


  1. She is sooo adorable!! I can relate that the teething department is No fun! I am loving all her outfits. It made me smile when you were talking about her saying dada! Have a great day! ~Andrea @ Life in Dawleywood

  2. Happy 13 months! Love all the pics of her in her little chair :-)

  3. wow!! I've been gone for sooooo long. I can't believe how big Keira is. Avery turned a year in September but i didn't update her birthday until now. I'm so horrible. But life has gotten so much busier now that she is moving.
    So happy to hear that Keira is sleeping well. I smiled really big reading her paragraph on sleeping. Isn't it so great when they sleep. :)
    You do such a terrific job on your blog! Keep it up!