Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Project: Snowman Ornament

Each of the grandparents got one of these ornaments from the girls to hang on their tree.
I love making personal gifts for family.
Kaylee did a really good job doing these
Keira on the other hand, was to hard to do, she kept moving her hand and you couldn't tell what it was.  It was nice to know that baby wipes could take off the paint!  Finally while she was distracted with eating I was able to get her handprints on them.

Step 1: choose your ornaments, paint and paint brush
Step 2: paint your kids hand
Step 3: place the ornament in their palm and then tell them to close their hand
Step 4: set somewhere safe to dry

I let the ornaments dry for about an hour before getting out my mini sharpies and drawing cute little faces on each snowman.  I had Kaylee help me with deciding what face she wanted them to make.

I love the way they turned out. 
 I love how they turned out so much, that I made some for our Christmas tree
I hope to make more ornaments with the girls as they get bigger.
I think as a new tradition we will do a handprint snowman and decorate them.  As the girls get bigger they will get to draw the faces and hats on them.  It would be fun to see how the snowmen change over the years.


  1. They turned out awesome! I love all of the different hats and fun! :)

  2. I LOVE THESE!! They turned out so cute!!!

  3. Very cute! Handprint crafts stress me out because both of my girls struggle to hold still enough to get a good print!


  4. So cute! I thought about doing this with Kyla, but realized it would be a huge waste of time. I'll save it for another year. They turned out great!

  5. Oh my goodness SO CUTE!!! I can't wait until Emma Claire is a little older and we can do stuff like this with her little hand!!