Friday, December 16, 2011

Good bye Mr. Binks

I've been waiting for the right moment to decide when we'd get rid of Kaylee's beloved Mr. Binks!
I decided that TODAY was the day that we would get rid of it.  She only used her binks at nap and bedtime but I thought she was old enough to be able to go to bed without it.

So this morning when she walked into our room to tell me to get sissy up, she had the binks in her mouth.  I asked her "can we throw Mr. Binks away" and surprisingly she said "yes, we throw it away in a bag".   We had a plastic bag in our room that she picked up put her binks in and went to the garbage to "throw it away".  I let her walk away and I took it back out.  I'm going to hang on to it for a little bit.

After "throwing away" her binks we carried on with our day.  When I was brushing her hair which she hates and cries every time, today she was crying that she missed her binks.  She is such a silly kid.  We ran out errands and came back, ate lunch and then I just hoped that we would be able to make it through nap time without a freak out!

We walked upstairs she carried her buzz, bullseye & rex....I layed Keira down with no problem and then Kaylee climbed into her bed and put her blanket on her and then a blanket on her toys and said good night.  There was NO crying or asking for the binks which was shocking.  I walked downstairs to tell daddy.  I ate lunch while he was upstairs on the phone and he came back downstairs to tell me that he thinks the girls are playing around in their room.

So I go upstairs and Kaylee was out of bed searching for her binks and Keira was just sitting there.  I told Kaylee to get back into bed and take her nap.  She climbed back into bed and was whining that she wanted her binks.  I told her that she threw her binks away and it went to a new baby.  She said "no I want it to come back to me".  I told her that she didn't need it and sissy didn't have one so she didn't need one either!  She whinned a little bit more and then stopped crying and went to bed.  I knew she could do it.  I knew she didn't need a binks anymore, she's a big girl!

So we'll see how bedtime goes.  Fingers crossed for us!

Don't the girls looks super cute today?!!!!

Keira got this dress for her birthday but it's way to big for her so Kaylee is getting some use out of it.
It's a sweater dress, I love it on her!

I am loving these knee high socks that Keira got for her birthday
They are Gwen Stefani's line at Target!

* * * * * * * * *

On another note one of my blogger friends Amy at Mrs. Mommy is having a cool giveaway
Go check it out, she's giveaway a Thirty-One bag.

How cute are these?!


  1. Good for you!! Our Binkie transition was horrible! 5 solid nights of my daughter crying herself to sleep. It's been 4 months and the best thing I have ever done!

  2. Too cute!! I hope you got through the rest of the day without any issues :) And the girls DO look super cute!

  3. yay Kaylee!

    And I love the s weater dress---what brand?


  4. Your girls are adorable! :-)

  5. Hi! I just stumbled across your blog! Your girls are absolutely beautiful!!! You are one lucky mama!

    Hope you and your family have a wonderful week!


  6. My daughter loves her binkie too. I'm not sure when were going to pull it. Good luck with the transition!


    I dont miss those 'taking away the binki' days. lol. Peyton never would take one so I avoided it all together with her, thankfully. lol. Good luck! :)