Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas 2011 {Part 2}

Christmas Day was more hectic than Christmas Eve.
We woke up Christmas Day to the sounds of laughter coming from our little girls room!
I let the girls play in their room for a little bit while I got ready, I was happy to see the girls in good moods and happy cause it was going to be a long day.  I think my biggest worry of the day was I really hope the girls take a nap, if not we're gonna have some cranky kids on our hands come later on.

I got the girls dressed in thier new clothes they had gotten
(skirt made by: Mimi - my mom)

Kaylee had recieved some really cute clothes made by my mom, I'll be posting pictures of those soon.  She made her a Tinkerbell robe, a skirt and a cute dress.

Once the girls were dressed we loaded the car with some presents and headed to Jason's aunt Rhonda's house for Christmas with the Jess family. 

Kaylee with her Great Great Grandma

 We enjoyed a great breakfast before gathering around to open presents.  Kaylee was excited to open more presents, she was so much fun to watch at Christmas this year.

I wasn't able to get much pictures of the girls opening their presents cause they were all over the place.  Keira wasn't really interested in opening presents, so I opened them for her and she enjoyed the gifts after.

Kaylee got: a big wooden easel for painting, drawing & chalk from Great Grandma, a leap pad and woody doll from Jason's dad, a savings bond from Great Great Grandma  & a cute outfit from her secret santa.

Keira got: a savings bond from Great Great Grandma, a mini recliner (like Kaylee's) & jingle the husky pup from Great Grandma,  mega blocks table from Jason's dad.

The girls made Great Grandma & Grandpa this cute canvas painting.
They are cattle ranchers, so I thought this would be the perfect gift for them

We had to leave Keira's chair behind cause after opening it daddy noticed that there a huge gash in the box, when he looked closer, the place where she got it from must have cut right through the box and when doing so cut right into the chair.  So Great Grandma has to return it and get her another one.  Keira loves Kaylee's chair and they fight over who will sit in it, so I'm glad they each have their own now.

We left way past nap time and headed home to put the girls down before going to Jason's step dad's parents house for our last Christmas stop.  We relax and set up all the girls toys while they slept.  The girls took a good 2 hour nap before we woke them up to head to Grandma Alice's house.

Keira was a crab for about an hour before calming down and wanting to walk around and play with everyone.  Kaylee really enjoyed playing with her cousin Elli.  They are 3 months apart (Elli is older)

Keira didn't travel to far from me.  I think all the kids being noisy and running around frightened her.  So she stuck close to grandma and I.  Before dinner was ready we gather all the adults and all the kids for a huge family photo and then a picture with all the grandkids.

We ate dinner and then cleaned up a little bit before passing out presents and getting down to business.

Keira got: a cute outfit from Jason's aunt Elizabeth, a baby Cinderella doll from Aunt Richelle.
Kaylee got: a cute outfit from Aunt Elizabeth, a bigger Cinderella doll from Aunt Richelle, a mini wooden kitchen from Grandma Alice & Papa Dennis & a mini mouse music set from Aunt Jennifer

I think she's the best present I could ask for (along with her sister)

We finished opening presents and eating dessert and I looked down at my phone and realized it was 9:15, that would explain why Keira had been a little was way past best time.  By the time we went around to everyone and said our good byes and thank you's we finally made it home and in bed around 10.

We had a great Christmas and the girls got totally SPOILED!!
We will be taking our tree down this weekend to make room for the girls new play room.  We are converting the room when you walk into our house into a playroom for the girls.  Now that they have all these toys they need somewhere to put them all.  So I'm excited for that, we have toys everywhere!!!!

* * * * * *

Here's is the present that the girls made for Jason's mom
I love the way it turned out and I got the idea from Pinterest.
I made a similar one for my mom too!

Kaylee's handprint & Keira's footprint


  1. I love all your handmade presents--very cute! I also love the colors/fabric of the skirt your mom made for Kaylee. Can't wait to see what their new playroom looks like when it's done! I'm working all day today on organizing my girls''s a mess! :-)


  2. great pictures, love the outfits, and that handmade present at the end is just soo cool! i'm going to have to make that for one of the christmases!!

  3. Hi, I randomly found your blog and so glad I did, I am your newest follower, I love following other mommy blogs! Your girls are precious and I'm loving their homemade skirts. Also, the "grand kid" sign is too cute! What grand parent wouldn't love that!

  4. It looks like you all had a great Christmas! Wow on the handmade gifts...I'm impressed. Great job:)

  5. Love all your Christmas pictures!! And that sign you made is adorable, I love Pinterest and I'm glad to see others putting the ideas on there to work!! Glad you had a great Christmas :)

  6. I pinned that Grandkids thing too but didnt get around to making it! YOURS IS SO CUTE!!! For the letters did you just buy stickers or did you paint that on yourself??
    Seriously, i love it!!! Wish we liveed closer so we could have DIY parties :)