Friday, December 2, 2011

Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas

The day after Keira's party (Sunday Nov 27th) while the girls napped I ripped down all my hard work I had done for Keira's party to get ready for all the Christmas decor.  Jason headed out to the shed to get all of our boxes labeled "christmas stuff" to bring inside.  We have a fake tree, so Jason & I opened the box and set up the tree.  It was fun to set up the tree and open all the branches and get it ready.  We decided to wait to decorate the tree until the girls woke up so that we could decorate it together as a family.

The girls woke up and daddy went up to get them and Kaylee got so excited when she saw the bright lights twinkling! While Mommy & Kaylee put some bulbs on, Keira sat and watched (I was really surprised that she didn't want to rip all the ornaments off the tree or anything).  Daddy & Uncle Josh set up the train that goes around the tree and the girls LOVED it.

This Christmas is going to be so much fun with the girls now that they are getting older and starting to understand a little more. We started our tradition of reading 1 christmas book a night till Christmas tonight.  We have our books wrapped and Kaylee is excited to open them and read them as a family.

Keira enjoyed dumping out all of the ornaments on the floor and playing with them instead of decorating.  Kaylee did enjoy the decorating process, the train was her favorite and wanted to put her Toy Story friends in the train.  It was so cute!

The stockings that are hanging on the stairs we are going to decorate and put all of our names on them.
Daddy is going to be putting some lights up outside this weekend.  We still have some Christmas shopping to do but I'm happy that the girls are done.  We're gonna take the girls down this weekend to sit on Santa's lap which Kaylee talks about doing all the time.  She says "I want to sit on Santa's lap and tell him I want a big Buzz for Christmas"

I am so happy to be spending our 2nd Christmas as a family of 4.
We even have some presents under the tree
I am going to be going to Michael's this weekend, I'm going to get a wooden letter J and then glitter it up and make that our tree topper!

December 1st, 2011
Last night we started our tradition of reading one book a night till Christmas.
I wrapped all 24 books and they are sitting under our tree, paiently waiting for the girls to open them each night.  I dated each of the books.  Kaylee enjoyed opening the "present"...the girls sat nicely and listened while I read them the book before they went to bed.

I love doing this, this is a fun thing to do as a family.
I'm now trying to talk daddy into getting Elf on a shelf, I might have him almost convinced to let me get it.
I think Kaylee would love it!

I also made a Winter Bucket List
I've seen a lot of Winter List's floating around but where we live in CA we don't get snow.  So I had to make one that would fit with our family and where we live.  We've actually checked off quite a few things on our list.

Here's what we've checked off
* Christmas book advant calander
* make ornaments
* listen to holiday music (I've been listening to it before Thanksgiving)
* put up decorations (we are still making Christmas crafts and hanging them)


  1. Love the book idea and the wish list! Everything looks great and cozy :)

  2. Love all the xmas pics! That thing to hang your stockings on is cool--that's what I needed before we had a fireplace!


  3. All of your decorations are ADORABLE!!! I'm hoping to get our house done this weekend:) I LOVE the handprint ornaments - those are adorable and the christmas book a day seriously should be mom of the year:)

  4. Those pictures of her decorating the tree with daddy are so sweet! What a great bucket list you have! I was going to do the 1 Christmas book a day til Christmas, but never got around to getting that many books! Maybe next year...

  5. Ok seriously, you always make me want to be more creative with all your ideas! Love the decorations, ornaments, and crafts! And and and... Do you do your own blog design? I'm jealous and if u do, I need your help with mine!! :)

  6. What a cute idea with the books!! I might have to keep that idea for down the road. My sister got an Elf on the Shelf from my aunt for her baby shower so she can start that tradition with her baby :) I hope you can get one! Love your tree and decorations!

  7. I just stumbled upon your blog tonight, and I wish I had found it before Christmas!! I love the idea of the handprint Christmas ball ornaments! This will be a must for next year for our family! =) Your photos are beautiful...I do have a question. What did you have your camera on for settings when you took the photo of your Christmas tree? I love it! =)