Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Kendall's 2 year photoshoot

With daddy home I knew I would enlist his help so that I could get some cute pictures of Miss Kendall.  I swear any time daddy is around the smiles are big and in full effect.  I have gotten some of the best pictures of Kendall while daddy was around.

In Kerrville about 40 minutes from where we live they have a really pretty lake, really tall trees and is just really pretty.  At the lake you can get in free on Tuesday and lucky me, we had to make a trip to Kerrville on a Tuesday while daddy was home from work.  So I brought all of her stuff with us, we ran our errand and then stopped by the lake.  It was so nice outside and there wasn't anyone around to distract our girl.  I love the way these pictures turned out and I want to print them all and decorate.

I broke up her photo shoot over a few days so she didn't overwhelmed and have her shoot be a big FAIL.  So thankful for all of daddy's help.  I will always cherish these pictures of our sweet girl.

 I guess mommy still has the touch a little bit to get those cute smiles too, although I did have some help from her baby that I was making play peek a boo from behind a post for these smiles.  Whatever works, right?!  I say these are my favorite but that would be a lie all of them are my favorite...haha


Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Kendall's Birthday Fun

Since moving to Texas, birthdays make me a little sad.  Sad because planning, coming up with a cute theme, the d├ęcor, the food, family, friends and all the fun that comes with a birthday party.  Back in CA birthdays were my favorite, seeing the joy on the faces of my kids when they walked in to see there party all set up made me so happy and I totally enjoyed doing it.

But since moving to TX, we don't have family here and we don't really have a whole lot of friends to throw a big birthday party like we would have in CA.  Plus with daddy's work schedule it makes it even harder cause he may or may not be here!

So on Kendall's birthday it was just the girls and I and I wanted to make her special day fun for her.  We let Kaylee stay home so she could join us on all the fun.  The night before I set up streamers, ribbon and a banner across her door and when she woke up she was so surprised and she loved it.  I asked her what she wanted for her birthday breakfast and she said donuts, so a donut tower for birthday breakfast was perfect for our "TWO" year old.  I placed 2 candles at the top and we called daddy so that we could all sing to her.  She loved it and I loved seeing the excitement in her eyes.

After breakfast the birthday girl had a little dance party and played with her sisters before we all got dressed, ran a few errands and then went to get some lunch.  We picked up sonic and headed to the park on the river.  We sat at a picnic table under a big tree and listened to the ducks quack and watched the squirrels run around, it was perfect.  After we all finished eating we took a few pictures and then headed to the park to play.  The girls ran around and had a great time before we had to head home cause miss Kendall went poop in her pull up and I didn't have a spare one in the car!  We got home, Kendall got changed and they are went down for a nap.  Miss Kendall was out in less than 5 minutes....

 Thank you Kaylee for stepping in as photographer and getting these pictures of Kendall and I

 LOL her face in this picture

While the girls napped I made and decorated cupcakes.
Once they all woke up we headed to the park in our community to play some more.
We were the only ones at the park until some other kids showed up and the girls had a blast playing with them.  We spent almost 2 hours at the park before coming home to make pizza (the birthday girls request).  We ate pizza and then after letting tummy's settle for a little bit we called daddy so that we could sing one more time. 
All in all Miss Kendall had a good day.  I had a lot of fun with my big TWO year old.
Man I still cant believe she's two, I'm gonna go cry now cause there are no more babies in the house!