Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Kendall's 2 year photoshoot

With daddy home I knew I would enlist his help so that I could get some cute pictures of Miss Kendall.  I swear any time daddy is around the smiles are big and in full effect.  I have gotten some of the best pictures of Kendall while daddy was around.

In Kerrville about 40 minutes from where we live they have a really pretty lake, really tall trees and is just really pretty.  At the lake you can get in free on Tuesday and lucky me, we had to make a trip to Kerrville on a Tuesday while daddy was home from work.  So I brought all of her stuff with us, we ran our errand and then stopped by the lake.  It was so nice outside and there wasn't anyone around to distract our girl.  I love the way these pictures turned out and I want to print them all and decorate.

I broke up her photo shoot over a few days so she didn't overwhelmed and have her shoot be a big FAIL.  So thankful for all of daddy's help.  I will always cherish these pictures of our sweet girl.

 I guess mommy still has the touch a little bit to get those cute smiles too, although I did have some help from her baby that I was making play peek a boo from behind a post for these smiles.  Whatever works, right?!  I say these are my favorite but that would be a lie all of them are my favorite...haha



  1. Such cute photos!! You are doing really with the photography thing! Are you shooting all in manual now??